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Oct 11



Dear Readers,


I know you don’t come here to listen to me yap so I’ll try to keep this short.  You come here for the recipe comics and there hasn’t been a new one posted in a while.  I know this sucks, but I do have reasons.  Some of those reasons are boring and I won’t bother you with them.  Some of them are rather exciting and I will bother you with them.


So, here’s the skinny.  A little while after I started making these I was contacted by a literary agent.  Said agent has represented successful comic books and cook books in past.  After shooting emails back and forth and a couple of phone conversations and a little reference checking on my part, I have the retainer paperwork in hand and I have begun work on a book proposal which will be pitched to editors and publishers.  So, to all the folks who have been asking for/suggesting that I do a book:  I’m well on top of it.


This does NOT mean I will discontinue the blog.  On the contrary, I will have to keep it up in a more regular fashion.  Bring on that fiber.  However, if a book deal happens I will have to double my efforts and at least half of what I do will have to be saved for print.


So, yes, there has been a delay in my posting.  But, no, this is not over.  Not by a long shot.


Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to you all.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  It’s been a wild ride so far and it is only getting better.




41 Responses to “Whereabouts/News”

  1. Blind Says:

    Only recently came across your page and became a fan. Pushed it upon many friends who thanked me for it. I had been wondering when the next update would come. This update probably amuses me more than a new recipe. Congrats, sir. Best of luck in it.

  2. Jon K Says:

    Hey Tyler, thanks for the update. Looking forward to more news about the book and definitely more comics!

  3. John Says:

    Congrats! You already sold one.

  4. Adrian Says:

    GREAT! I will buy your book!

    If you could put a sidenote in the book for us international readers (we don’t have all the American brands in store) so we can make the food, using some similar products 🙂

    Best regards,
    Norwegian food lover

  5. Adrian Says:

    That is AWESOME. We then await the possibility of the book.

    Good luck.

  6. Blase Says:

    I think I just got the idea what I want for Xmas… 🙂

  7. Az Says:

    This really is great news! Go you 😛

  8. Paladin Says:


  9. Timmah! Says:

    Hey, man, I’m really happy for you… now post another recipe! 😉

  10. Aaron Says:

    Nice! I’ll definitely have a copy of that book on reserve when it does come out.

  11. Hermínio Says:

    Congratulations!!! Fantastic news

  12. Lucas Says:

    Awesome! Forgive me if I, personally, was harsh in the last comments. I wish you best of luck (as said above). Keep up the amazing work you’ve been doing!

  13. Eric Says:

    Please consider organizing the book by starting from easy and make the recipes gradually more difficult. Your target audience for the book probably isn’t the type that is going to make demi-glace from scratch, though we enjoy reading your comics none the less. 🙂 — That will make it prime for gifts to college agers learning to cook.

    And good luck!

  14. Luis Oliveira Says:

    Congrats mate! You have a lot of fans in Portugal, so I hope that your book travels to here too!! Keep going the fantastic job!!

  15. Fan Says:

    Awesome news! Keep going forward and good luck!

  16. Alice Jale Says:

    The is SO great! Congrats 🙂
    I am really happy to read this and I definitely will get your book 😉
    Best of luck!

  17. shardaun Says:

    fantastic! I am truly so happy for you! getting paid to do something you love, now THATS living!!

  18. Boss Says:


  19. henrique Says:

    hey, keep doing your job! 🙂

  20. Pedro Says:

    What pisses me off is that, most certainly, the book wont be for sale in my country!!! -.-

    In the other hand…the blog is awsome 😀
    Real manly way to cook 😀

    Congratulations for your work, and keep it up!

  21. Adam Says:

    Congrats! I’m excited to wait patiently for new posts and an eventual book.

  22. nick Says:

    A couple months ago I discovered your site and it is great! I will definitely invest in a book and am eagerly awaiting more interesting recipes. Good luck!!

  23. Leslie Says:

    CONGRATS! I would totally buy your book 🙂 You better sell it in Australia xD

  24. Gatewalker Says:

    Nice. Need to get my nephew something for when he moves out on his own…and I figure a cook book that he’d actually READ is just the thing.

  25. Josh Says:

    Dude, I have been a big fan since you taught me how to make chili. I look forward to your future book!

  26. Fred Says:

    Sweet dude!! Congrats! Hope it all goes well for you.

  27. Pieter Says:

    Another copy will be sold here. Hope I will be abel to order it online !
    Greetz from a college student from Belgium.

  28. Rick Says:

    I would like to buy your book and try your recipes out.

  29. gogg Says:


  30. Emma Says:

    I want your book! I’m definitely going to buy one. And congrats dude 🙂 you are awesome.

  31. Jonathan Says:

    Hey congrats, been a fan since I saw this on Reddit! Don’t forgot to thank the community for their support!

  32. Mod Says:

    I will definitely be buying this book.

  33. Zizkamaus Says:

    That’s fantastic news! I’ll be buying one as soon as it hits shelves!

  34. Kid Says:

    I watch tons of food/cooking shows but this blog is the reason I got up and actually cook. Will be waiting on that book, anxiously…

    Take your time with new recipes, by all means. The wait will be worth it.

  35. Lionheart4G Says:

    Came to the site from reddit. Share every one of your recipes with everyone I can. I was wondering, is the book going to be similar to the recipes or is it something else altogether?

  36. Steph Says:

    THAT IS SO AWESOME! Congrats man, you deserve it!

  37. Joleen Says:

    I LOVE this site! I can’t wait for your book! As soon as I hear that it’s up on shelves, I will be buying it!
    I just discovered your site . . . ingenious! You rock!

  38. S1m Says:

    Will buy book as soon as its available!

  39. Tony Says:

    Tell your future publisher that I will be buying a few copies as well. Congrats!

  40. Mal Says:

    I will be buying one if ever published. Hope that you can start posting more recipes soon. 🙂

  41. Michael Says:

    Tyler, I am so glad to see you back online, man! Your book is, quite possibly, the most used book in my house! It’s more dogeared than my copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and that’s saying something!

    This will be a year long remembered, it has seen the return of Homestar Runner and Star Wars…soon it will see the return of delicious food in my kitchen thanks to Cooking Comically!

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