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Nov 11

Syrup Silliness


That one singular picture of Log Cabin syrup in the pancake recipe has provoked more outrage, criticism and “fail”s than probably anything I’ve ever done.  And that’s pretty funny.  I guess I just never realized that maple syrup had fanboys.



As the recipe makes its rounds on the internet I get sporadic influxes of comments and emails etc. and I’ve gotten so much flack for that syrup that I figured I’d go ahead and put this out there:  I don’t care what kind of syrup you use.  I don’t care if you use syrup at all.  Whether you want to slather your pancakes with honey mustard or tap the finest, mapleiest syrup straight out of a tree, I don’t care.  As long you think it tastes good, that’s all that matters.  And I happen to like “fake” syrup (and its price tag).  It’s what I grew up with.  So why do you care?  I get that you don’t like it and that’s fine.  But, I’ve never said that anyone has to use exactly the same brand of ingredients that I do.  That would be ridiculous.  It never once mentions “Log Cabin” in text anywhere on the recipe.  It’s just in that one picture because it’s what I personally used.  I’m not trying to sell it.  So when someone writes “God, I can’t believe he used Log Cabin.  FAIL”  it comes off, to me, like a desperate grab for some false sense of superiority.  Like, “haha look how dumb and uninformed that guy is compared to me and my real syrup.”  Come on.  Syrup?  Really?  That’s going to be your measuring stick for the character of a person?  The only thing pettier than that is a singer named Tom.


Now, I make jokes about chili packets or bisquik, but I’ve used both before and a lot.  I don’t have anything against them.  Not really.  People can’t always afford to buy tons of ingredients or shop at a local organic grocery store.  I understand that very well because I am one of those people.  My last trip to the local Whole Foods cost me more than double what it would at a regular store.  I just can’t do that all the time and I’m never going to expect you to.  Make no mistake, I don’t do fine dining or cuisine.  I’m not a chef and my recipes will NEVER require anything that you cannot find at an average American grocery store (because that’s what I have access to).  You’re going to see me use low-rent ingredients and it’ll be on you to upgrade if you so choose.  But, even at the base level I will never make a comic from a recipe that I don’t stand by.  And I stand by my pancakes.  I think they’re delicious no matter what kind of syrup you use.  So, do me and everyone around you a kindness:  Grow up, realize that other people like things that you don’t, and get over it.


To the rest of you:  Thank you so much for the kind comments and actual constructive criticism.  I love you.


New recipe is forthcoming.




58 Responses to “Syrup Silliness”

  1. Az Says:

    Psh. Glad to know you are not letting them affect you. Do want you want with what you can. Your recipes are the best and I’m sure everyone here love your pancakes too 😛 Looking forward to the new recipe ^.^

  2. Vega Says:

    Don’t listen to them. Keep up the good work! And those pancakes were delicious!

  3. Alonna Says:

    I think you’re pancakes are sexy no matter what syrup you use. Plus, being a college student does not allow me to buy fancy syrup anyway, I would probably get store-brand syrup.

  4. MasterPrime Says:

    get with the penny arcade guys.
    get advertising dollars.
    weekly fucking comics dude.

  5. Susan Says:

    I’m really glad you posted this. Being a college student I really appreciate that you don’t use expensive ingredients. I enjoy making your recipes and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

  6. Derek Says:

    Awesome way to stand up against the internet generating Troll machine man!

  7. Jake Says:

    Hey man, see that label “no HFCS?” That’s my standard for quality. Granted it just has regular corn syrup, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  8. Lisa Says:

    Haters gotta hate – this website is called Cooking Comically, if they wanted highfalutin’ gastronomics, they came to the wrong place.

    Thank you for your hard work, I look forward to your next posts, keep it up!

  9. Corey_S Says:

    Good to see you stand by your recipes. And I am happy you stick with easy to find ingredients. It makes it easier to follow.

    And really? Syrup? Guess it is a good thing you didn’t mention a specific type of bacon. 😉

  10. Will Says:

    You preach it and thanks for that pancake recipe. What is funny is people showed it to me because the person you drew reminds them of me.

    I will be sure to add more dancing to the mix when I make these for my 3rd anniversary. 😀

  11. Anna Banana Says:

    “God I can’t believe they FAILED CookingComically. FAIL”. Or some other witty comment. Seriously, what kind of a moron doesn’t get that it’s not important about the brand, but rather the ingredient? It’s like SPF lotions. Sure you could spend 80 bucks on SPF 1000 which prevents 99% of rays, but you could also get SPF 30 that blocks 95%. (Touch of exageration was used in the latter sentence.)It’s still bloody good. Your rant is fair.

  12. Chris M Says:

    People up here in VT get real excited about maple syrup and I happen to like it more than the fake stuff. Your right $50 a gallon is pretty steep but I find it better for most things. I guess its whatever you grew up with. Here it is real syrup because it is out heritage. Hell, the state sued McD’s for using the words “maple syrup” to advertise there fruit and maple oatmeal and won! a little overboard if you ask me and I’m a maple syrup lover. Anyway keep up the good work!

  13. llorelei Says:

    Honey mustard pancakes? Hmmmm……

  14. Pope Says:

    Sir, I have long been a fan of this site and all the fairly delicious recipes therein, and I must say I’m proud that you don’t let idiots bother you. Honestly, if people are going to complain about the brand of syrup you use, why don’t they just buy their own and shut up about it? Then they can feel smugly superior or whatever and we don’t have to hear about it. Everybody wins. No fails.

  15. Heather Says:

    LMFAO… sadly, you are going to get cynical gamers and nerds out there that would rather nitpick everything rather than just take it upon themselves to go out on a limb an just replace one ingredient with another. I love the site and look forward to many, many more posts!

  16. Boss Says:

    Bayaan mo na sila pare (“Let them be, Mate.” That’s tagalog, random hahaha). They’re just a bunch of people who can’t appreciate the stuff that must be appreciated. Haters gonna hate after all. Psh, that must be a sad guy to cry over syrup. Hahahahaha

  17. Zwergner Says:

    I fucking love Log Cabin. It’s what Bob Evans uses.

  18. llorelei Says:

    Seriously though, I like your site because it makes cooking seem more accessible to everyone. (And is funny as hell!) People who will insist that only the 25 dollar a bottle maple syrup is any good at all are just perpetuating the misconception that you have to be rich to enjoy good homemade food. For some reason people really believe the television and magazine chefs and can’t understand that it doesn’t take a $200 set of cookware or spices imported from places you’ve never heard of to make really delicious food for yourself. And its really disappointing that people do keep perpetuating that in order to make themselves feel like they are special and “in the know” about cuisine. It makes less wealthy people afraid to even try cooking, which makes me sad, and it is far less healthy for them to eat prepackaged food. Believe me when I tell you, I was a professional pastry chef for 10 years, and whether I made a chocolate cake with Valrhona or Hershey’s cocoa powder, it was still a chocolate cake that made everyone smile.

  19. Brian Says:

    People are idiots. This is one of the coolest sites i’ve stumbled upon in a while. People need to chill out period, more less with whatever pancake syrup one choses to use. I just love when people take advantage of a free service such as this site and have the nerve to complain about and point out whatever they consider faults. Never mind the haters. Keep up the good work.

  20. Carlos Says:

    Just find your page, and I like it very much. There are a lot of people on the internet that like to feel superior in the comfort of their mom basement 😉 Thank you for all the work you put on this website. And keep calm and chive on!

  21. Jinny Marie Says:

    The only thing pettier than that is a singer named Tom.— Thank you for my new favorite catchphrase 🙂 So much love

  22. Adrian Says:

    Man, Since i discovered your site, i marked it as one of those sites that will become a phenomenon. It’s great to see you combining cooking with drawing, and i like the witty texts. I’m from Romania, and I make due with what i can find in my local supermarket. I’ve tried your recipes and I can say they are great, and fun to make.

    Keep up the good work and let the haters hate :).
    I’ve got a lot of friends around the world that like your site.


  23. Rob Says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, love your site. I love cooking from scratch too, so I love your recipes and the over all character on here.

    As far as maple syrup goes, you’re right, everyone is entitled to use what they like. But I grew up in Vermont, and like Chris said in another comment, it’s a thing up there. Yeah it’s expensive, but my family used to tap our own maple trees and boil that shit down from sap to syrup… Add “from scratch” syrup to “from scratch” pancakes… OMG! And growing up on the real stuff, I just personally can’t stand the other stuff.

    Keep the awesome coming.

  24. Elise Says:

    I love fake syrup too! I’ve tried “real” syrup so many times, but I just like my fake stuff better!
    Yay you for being the bigger person. Keep on doing your thing. We love you for it. 😀

  25. Trena Says:

    I just stumbled upon this website, and this particular post, and I say right on! My fiance and I were laughing hard over how petty people can be. This is a very eloquent post. I, as being a college grad, also appreciate that you do not use expensive, impossible to find ingredients. And to Chris M, please, please tell your Vermont politicians to put an emphasis on English grammar in schools. It’s obviously needed.

  26. mALiSa Says:

    Hey there … I’ve bookmarked, tweeted, FB’ed, Google+ed etc your site because it’s sooo much fun to read your recipes. *(^_^)/*
    I really hope you don’t give up due of those ‘haters’ & ‘complainers’. They just do that cuz they are jealous, simple fact! And, some people have blinds left and right and can’t think a way around. (@_@)
    So, who cares what kind of brand you use!!! I am big on organic, GMO-free food and wouldn’t judge you just because of that 😉 … even though I see a lot of organic items in your cupboard!
    Please cook it the way you started, spice it up with your funny comments and deliver it tangy or sweet or sour (*_*).
    I am looking forward to your cooking book 😀

  27. brian Says:

    i agree with your post, i totally love your comics, i find it funny and at the same time more interesting to do what your doing because it is so easy to do step by step. keep it up!

  28. sheryl Says:

    Agree. My ex was one of these snobby maple syrup fanboys, not that all maple syrup fans are snobs.

  29. David Says:

    Tyler, You rock. Those that don’t agree are stuck in the mindset that happiness requires a subscription fee. Don’t let them ruin your mojo. Here’s a recipe idea. Inspired by meme’s worldwide. Make a recipe of generic proportions. Ala Generic Supreme…etc etc. That should enrage the frothing at the mouth pimply adolescents of the world right nicely! 😀

  30. Phil Says:

    Dude, i just wanna say you’re the man. I’m a kid in college at University of South Carolina and I check daily hoping for a new recipe to try. Those culinary comics make my day. Living on a college budget isn’t eay. So ignore the haters and keep the good stuff coming. You know, “haters gonna hate.” Love what you do, keep the good stuff coming.

  31. Connor Says:

    I agree with you, I have a bottle of log cabin in my fridge haha. Your recipes are great and thats what matters, let the haters hate. I didn’t even know people had opinions about syrup. Anyway thanks for all the work you put into these, they are great!

  32. Alex Says:

    Haters gonna hate.

    Your recipes have been very entertaining and I’m hoping to find some time soon to give them a try! 🙂

  33. Kayla @ Sheriff of the Kitchen Says:

    hahah some people have too much time on their hands so they get there knickers in a knot over maple syrup. Do your thing with the log cabin!

  34. Megan Says:

    Consuming syrup such as Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima is like eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger when I could be eating a cheeseburger with real beef, real cheese, and a crusty bun. But considering the fact that McDonald’s is basically the biggest food chain around the world I understand your argument. What got me wasn’t the fact that you used it, it was that you discredited Bisquick while using fake syrup and I found it hypocritical… but then again, it’s not like all the maple syrup lovers make it from scratch.

  35. Tadd McCullough Says:

    I’m with you man. I love to cook, and my husband just sent me a link to your blog. This syrup post is the first thing I read – I try never to look at comment threads or even too-involved facebook postings, because people just tend to be hateful. I don’t know why, if it’s the anonymity that online life provides, or if they’re just hateful (see recent presidential debate audience behaviour). Just do what you do and love it; that’s all you can do. Let them eat their hateful syrup. Even though I love real maple syrup – I grew up with my Grandma and my Dad making syrup out of sugar and water! Haha

  36. MizDi Says:

    Hey, I grew up on Log Cabin, too, and I *love* it … only once in a while will I use Mrs. Butterworth.

    But I will never suggest or request Log Cabin Lite … not mapley enough, and doesn’t taste right … but then, I guess I’m a Log Cabin purist.

    (BTW, my daughter found your website through StumbleUpon, and you’ve now got a new fan!)

  37. Davida Says:


  38. Dawn P Says:

    Dude, I don’t care what ingredients you use. I’ve made several of your recipes and they are all D-freakin-lish. Keep up the good work, the excellent talent and EAT MORE LOG CABIN! lol

  39. NC Says:

    Much as I prefer the more authentic stuff, I grew up on the Log Cabin too – and it’s always more important to eat what tastes good, as long as what tastes good isn’t antifreeze or mercury or something.

  40. Shelbs Says:

    Eff those people, this shit is awesome! Thanks for doing this dude! I love it!

  41. Evil_Muffin Says:

    I sincerely hope you publish a cookbook some day. These recipes and the little narrator are fantastic and are something I would be happy to fork over cash for. Also thank you for cooking with stuff I’ve heard of. Maybe you should visit epic meal time and build a breakfast fortress to keep the haters out ^.^

  42. James Says:

    I’m a Canadian and grew up with the “real” stuff and to be honest… it’s ok. Nothing to get wet about. The “fake” syrup (how does changing the base ingredient make something fake? Is rice wine fake because it doesn’t use grapes? wut.jpg) is just fine.

    It never really occurred to me either that maple syrup had fanboys. Now I fear for my safety when walking at night. I could get mugged due to my syrup preferences or lack thereof.

  43. Kelly Says:

    WHO HAS THE TIME TO CRITICIZE PANCAKE SYRUP?!!! In all seriousness, I had just read the sexy pancake recipe when I flipped back to the home page to see what my favorite stick figure was cooking up next. I had to go back and search the comic for the offending syrup. I prefer Aunt Jemima, but to each their own. I’m super excited about your potential book deal and I will be buying at least five copies when it comes out. Hear that publishers? Five copies, already sold.

  44. Steph Says:

    BAH! That is so funny! I can’t believe people were getting huffy about syrup of all things! Don’t worry bro I love Log Cabin too bahahahaha!

  45. Greg Says:

    Well said, good sir!

  46. James Says:

    Long live the log cabin!

  47. shannon Says:

    I just read this for the first time and I felt that it perfectly encapsulated my distaste for the arrogance and bigotry that come out of internet anonymity. even if it was just about syrup, which doesn’t matter… this kind of thing happens with more serious topics too and i’m glad to see you refute it intelligently. Also i will totally be buying your book because of this.

  48. Stephanie Says:

    Haha, this is fantastic! I’m sorry I caught it so late. Fantastic in a ‘people should really find something better to do with their time’ sort of way.
    When I read through the recipe, I admit the syrup in the photo jumped out at me. I grew up with the ‘real’ maple syrup and I am quite a dedicated fan. I think the cheap stuff tastes terrible, but in fact keep both kinds at home- the real syrup for me, and the ‘fake’ syrup for the majority of my friends who prefer it. I won’t touch the stuff unless I’m desperate, but the fact that people took the time to whine about it?

    When it comes to things like syrup, I have two cliches to offer:
    Live and let live, and each to his own. Plus, the more of my friends that like Uncle Jemima’s or Cog Labin, the more grade A for me.

    People who think you can only take recipes by the letter sadden me, and are doomed to a life of ‘usually tasty’. It’s why I’m always very reluctant to write down my own recipes for other people.

    Cheers and happy cooking with whatever ingredients you fancy.

  49. Heather Says:

    So I just like 2 min ago saw your pancake comic on, and I just wanna say I loved it, I’m super excited to find this site and your work is legit epic. Also I honestly didn’t even notice syrup was in any of the photos because I was looking at the hilarious drawings and drooling over how delicious the photos looked. You have a awesome talent and I really hope you keep making these, I can’t wait to read the other recipies. Also your banter is top notch, well written and interesting (waay better than this comment too ahahaha)…you defintely have my vote as a new fav site. I hope you have a book, cuz I would totally buy it! cheers to you for being awesome ^_^

  50. Gary Says:

    LOG CABIN!?? Are you frackin’ NUTS??

    Vermont Maid! Frack that foreign Crap….

  51. MaxPatlick Says:

    Log Cabin is the best tasting syrup, fake or real.

  52. Bryn Says:

    I prefer the fake syrup too!
    I tried the real stuff once and I was thinking, what’s so great about this…? I haven’t touched the overpriced bottle since! Everyone has their own preferences and that’s fine!

  53. Kassi Says:

    i love you.

  54. Hyuri Says:

    I’ve been using this generic-as-FUCK cinnamon-maple stuff I got for like $2 for a while because it actually tastes like maple (an actual ingredient) rather than “maple flavoring”. But I’ve used maple-flavored syrups, and fruit syrups, and honey, and “pancake/waffle syrup-flavored” syrups, and jam/jelly/preserves, and actual maple syrup, and chocolate syrup, and THEY WERE ALL GOOD.

    Except this stuff that came in packets in boot camp that tasted like it was like 237% sugar somehow. That shit managed to make my teeth hurt. So I used jelly instead.

  55. Clay Says:

    Hey, I just stumbled across your site randomly when I saw your burrito recipe on pinterest… yes… I use pinterest… ANYWAY, I think your blog is hilarious. I haven’t tried any of your recipes yet, but I plan to VERY soon! As for the haters who don’t like your Log Cabin maple syrup, they are bitches. Kudos to you on your witty response to all the people that just HAD to chime in. Nothing wrong with the fake syrup in my opinion either. I’ve had the real stuff, yes, and it is AH-MAZE-ING… but is it worth it for like $15-$20 a bottle? HELL to the no! Anyways, thanks again for the comically written recipes. Can’t WAIT to try some of them!

  56. TheGirl Says:

    No joke, that syrup is actually the fucking best. I used to stand by Aunt Jemima’s but OH GOD LOG CABIN. What fucktard doesn’t think that’s real syrup? Get the fuck out of here.

  57. JCoop Says:

    hahaha! This is one of the best rebukes to haters I have read, you do a great job of being right (obviously) while not being an a**. Personally I will put anything, or nothing, on a great pancake; a great pancake is just that, great no matter what. Love your blog by the way!

  58. Nirbles Says:

    I think “fake” syrup actually makes the pancakes sexier.
    It’s like hearing “Me love you long time!” when you know they’re really not going to, but you feed them pancakes anyway.

    That special.

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