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Jan 12

If you do anything today…


Hi folks,


As some of you may have noticed, yesterday Cooking Comically went dark with the thousands (or more) of other sites taking part in the January 18th blackout in protest of SOPA/PIPA.  Hopefully a strong enough message was sent, but speaking honestly it probably isn’t enough.  If you do anything today, make it this:









Make no mistake, this is monumentally important to the future of a free internet (and this site in particular).  And bills like these will keep coming until the world protests loudly enough.




5 Responses to “If you do anything today…”

  1. Jim Says:

    I’m going to show this to all my friends so they know how evil PIPA/SOPA is.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I don’t know what I would do if they blocked images of Skyrim from you recipes. Those are essential.

  3. Scott Says:

    Thumbs up!

  4. costanza Says:

    What’s the deal with bald Tom Hanks?

  5. Sarah Mitchell Says:

    This was a great video…but I’m just commenting so that I could tell you that I love the crap out of your blog…and I *ahem* want you to marry my best friend. The blog I listed under website is hers. Awk.ward.? Maybe. Ok, you don’t have to MARRY her…But at very least you two could geek out over eachother’s recipes. I feel like you are kindred spirits. Keep it up!! Your comics and recipes are fantastic!

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