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Feb 12

Everything’s under control. Situation Normal.


A few hours ago a reader (thank you Ryan) emailed me to let me know that Google has placed a “This site may be compromised” warning beneath the site’s name when it comes up in search results.  Turns out they were right.  I discovered that someone, unbeknownst to be, was able to slip three .php files into the site’s main directory a few days ago.  It looked to me like these files were supposed to add sketchy drug advertisements onto the frontpage.  Thankfully they didn’t work, but Google still picked up on them and flagged the site.  I’ve removed these files and changed passwords and all that jazz.  So that’s the end of Hack Attempt #1.  Everything’s back to the usual and I’ve submitted a revision request to Google to get them to remove the warning.  Hopefully that’ll go through in the next few days.


So as you may have picked up on I know enough about HTML, CSS and WordPress to make a very basic site function, but it is not my forté.  So, I’m probably going to look into bringing an extra person on board temporarily (there’s no way I could afford an actual employee right now) to help me get the site up to the standards that it should be at.


Anyway, sorry for the brief downtime today while I sorted that mess out.  New foods are coming soon.




8 Responses to “Everything’s under control. Situation Normal.”

  1. Seandroid Says:

    Good! I love this blog and that had me a little nervous for ya- I’m glad you weren’t actually hacked.

  2. Gary Says:

    Very happy to know that and very much looking forward to your upcoming efforts.

  3. Joe E Says:

    I’ve been coming up with a few kick ass culinary creations of my own. You should showcase some if you’d like to obviously. My favorites right now are Grilled Cheese Pizzas, Pie made of pizza, Bacon filled brownies and Homestyle from scratch BBQ sauce. Email me and I’ll share the recipes with you. Love the blog!!! Keep it up man!!

  4. Mal Says:

    Glad you got that fixed. Best of luck with everything.

  5. Kreg Says:

    I also have similar experience before, my blog also got comprised and I check with my hosting service
    the database of hosting company got hacked

  6. Geko Says:

    That was my favorite scene from Star Wars.

  7. Matt Stith Says:

    Make sure you update WordPress and all of your plugins as well, those are usually the way the hackers put crap on your server.

    Or alternatively, switch to a static blogging platform like Jekyll, which I’m a big fan of. It generates static pages for your site so that nothing has to be generated at load-time. This makes everything MUCH faster, and MUCH more secure!

  8. maggie Says:

    Love your site. I never even realized that this could even happen. I am actually pretty good with CSS, Html, and whatever else.. And I do not think I would have ever figured out that the problem was in the root file. Good stuff, I am super happy I read this, just in case this ever happens to my sites. I am so glad I found this blog. Love it, maggie

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