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Mar 12

RSS Feed = Sorted


Hey guys, I just wanted to get the word out that the subscription link has been updated as I have moved the feed over to Feedburner.  Current subscribers shouldn’t need to change anything, but now Chrome users can also subscribe using any of the readers listed in the link or by downloading Google’s extension.  Sorry it took so long to get that sorted.  Your patience is ever appreciated.


Also a new recipe is en route.  I’m about to change your breakfast forever.  Again.




3 Responses to “RSS Feed = Sorted”

  1. Erik Stoneham Says:

    Once I move. I will be cooking your food. Enjoy it and then savour the left overs. hmmm-hmmm

  2. Risa Says:

    YES! I LOVE it when you change my breakfast forever!

  3. Anurag Mishra Says:

    Love your recipes. Might wanna check mine here

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