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Aug 11

2am Chili

5 Responses to “2am Chili”

  1. Whytiederp Says:

    Thanks for making the images viewable via RSS. Sites that make me click on a link to view the content have no chance of staying on my RSS feed

  2. Nathan Says:

    I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for sharing this recipe. I needed something to test my new Crockpot with and this turned out wonderfully. In fact it tasted good enough that I will be making this for my team potluck.


  3. Mike Says:

    What to comment about? I haven’t tried anything yet!

  4. Celia Says:

    I have made this recipe twice now, and it’s delicious. A little spicy for my insides, but really flavorful.

  5. Nancy Snyder Says:

    this is so good. I love your graphics, you made this really fun.

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