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Apr 12

An update and thoughts on advertising


Hey guys.  I just thought I would throw out a quick update for anyone who may have missed it on facebook/twitter.  The book proposal is officially done.  Not only that, but on Thursday this week it was sent out to various publishers and editors who will review it, discuss it, decide on it, etc.  In a few weeks time I should have something to report on the fate of a Cooking Comically Cookbook.  I know it’s something that a lot of people want and a publisher’s help would be welcome, but one way or another I’ll find a way to get it out to you.  As a small celebration, here are 2 concept covers that I did for the proposal.  One hereThe other hereWallpaper of the second one here.  Edit:  I should stress that these are in no way final designs.


On another topic… I’ve now been approached by a number of advertising services and so far I’ve turned them all down.  It’s not that I’m against advertising–I do think it can be an effective business model– I just have some strong opinions on the subject.  I want more control over what is displayed on the site than I think many people are willing to give me.  I demand the final say in who advertises, the size of the ad, the type of ad, and what the ad is for.  There will be no pop-ups (fucking obviously, this isn’t 1997), no commercial site takeovers, and no sound nor video in ads here.  When ads do come to this site I will insist upon them being simple, effective, tasteful and, as best as I can determine, relevant to the interests of my readers.  If you think you can provide that for me, then my email is in the about section, you have my ear.


One last thing.  Who’s interested in shirts/aprons?


117 Responses to “An update and thoughts on advertising”

  1. Ed Says:

    Great! Looking forward to the book!

    And if the cost of shipping to Canada isn’t severe, I’d be happy to buy both a t-shirt and an apron.

  2. Joshua "McLovin" Carey Says:

    I would be down with a shirt. love the recipes and the concepts. I always look forward to seeing a new recipe

  3. Pat Says:

    First, I like cover #1. Second, I have no problem with ads 🙂 and lastly. Aprons and shirts: fuck yes.

  4. Autumn Says:

    Have you considered using Project Wonderful for ads? It’s an advertising service where people bid for advertising space and you have the option of manually accepting ads, so that you don’t end up with any obnoxious ones.

    It’s used a lot for webcomics, but it’s not unheard of for other things.

  5. Marza Says:

    Why not try a kickstarter? (
    I would back it 🙂

  6. Rick Says:

    I like the style of the first I think it fits better into what attracted me to the 2am chili recipe the first time.

  7. Rick Says:

    Oh and I’d buy a shirt too, and Apron would be cool, but I don’t wear one when cooking…

    Maybe a BBQ/Grill outside recipe, that is when I see Men wearing Aprons.

  8. tar Says:

    I am totally interested in a shirt and/or apron.

  9. Tonya Cinnamon Says:

    I totally want shirts!!!!!!

    This site is gonna go even bigger.
    Im ready to buckle up for the ride 😀

    I cant wait till your book will get out . Love both the covers:)

  10. E. Conley Says:

    hmm. some thing menacing behind that seemingly innocent cover, on the first one. But the 2nd shows off more of your drawing skills. But If I do see the book, it will be the first cook book Ive ever bought =p Id buy my mother in law one ( loves cookbooks) but seems such a waste when she’s on a diet of green beans and chicken *shakes head

    <3 your food thanks dude
    E. Conley
    stay @ home mom =D

  11. coelho Says:

    Your thoughts on advertising are really great and should be shared by others.

    The merchandising would be great…

    BTW i liked the first cover

  12. Robert Says:

    I could go for an apron, but only if it’s black.

  13. Lori E Says:

    I came across your site while using Stumble and have Stumbled you pages a couple of times. Great site. I am very familiar with many food blogs and yours is so unique and fun.
    I am following your blog now and look forward to not only the fun posts but the fact that there will be no music (hooray)and no pop-ups (triple hooray).
    Good luck with the book and any merchandising you do.

  14. Logan Says:

    Shit yeah. I would love shirts and aprons. I’d even buy them for people who had no idea who you are, cause let’s face. They’ll be awesome.

  15. Robert Says:

    Shirts…aprons…Yes please I’ll take 2 of each.

    By the way, the 2nd cover is epic. Keep up the good work, I’m off to make sexy pancakes.

  16. Mary Says:

    Aprons and tshirts ftw! I love the idea of both offerings and would definitely save my pennies for them.

    Personally, I find the second concept cover much more exciting and engaging. Too many red checks on the first one.

    Best of luck, man!

  17. Em Says:

    Ditto on the Kickstarter suggestion, assuming the publishers don’t leap at the chance to publish the book. I’d back it.

  18. Robert Says:

    Subject: Shirts

    Hell yeah!

  19. Stobs Says:

    I like the first cover better and I really want a book! Tasteful and small, relevant advertising wouldn’t be an issue I don’t think.

  20. Emmanuel Says:

    Your recipes are awesome(and funny), and a book will just take it to another level. Glad to hear that is in the works, you’ll definitely have a customer here.

  21. Emmanuel Says:

    BTW cover number 1! and yes please on the aprons!

  22. Geno Says:

    I would love to get an apron! I will be leaving for college in a few weeks and I would sport this everytiem I cooked in my apartment. I actually like the first cover since it is more identifiable then the other cover. The zombie cover is nice but people might mistake it for a zombie comedy book and not a book on how to cook awesomeness!

  23. Sarah Says:

    Also, I love the first cover. The second cover should be your second book.

  24. Cris Edington Says:

    You make the shirts/aprons, and I’m sure I’ll buy them as soon as that sweet, sweet money rolls in!

    I think for celebration of an apron, we need a messy, saucy, downright delicious Cooking Comically BBQ recipe to go with it though. 😉

  25. grower Says:

    I’ll buy at least one shirt.

  26. Jules Says:

    Shirts – Yes, Aprons – Heck yes!

    I am excited about the book as well. 😀

  27. Alex Says:

    I too think the first cover would work much better than the second one. I’ve always thought your over the top character coupled with all the real, practical, down to earth recipes is what makes the comics really tick, and the second picture might have gone a little too far on the fanciful side.

    (It’d make a great looking shirt though!)

  28. Moon-Cookie Says:

    I love cover number two! Which is odd because I hate zombies with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.
    Also, I would love an apron/t-shirt. Just let me know where to send my wallet.

  29. Sara Says:

    The first cover is professional but the second would make kick ass apron! I’d buy it! Keep up the good work and good luck!

  30. Allvah Says:

    Shirts and aprons would be fantastic, but if you do make them, please consider this:

    How awesome would it be if said shirt and apron were COMBINABLE? As in, wearing them simultaneously (overlaying the apron on the shirt) creates one continuous image, different from that of the shirt by itself?

  31. Nathaniel Says:

    Allvah’s idea + Apron & shirt bundle discount = I’m sold.

  32. meee Says:

    I would buy an apron!

  33. Erik Stoneham Says:

    I enjoy the first book cover. it is something that I would display proudly in my home. Perhaps behind glass as to protect it and cherish it forever.

    no really i like and I am looking forward to buying this cook book.

  34. hello Says:

    both are great covers, but the second is better in my opinion. go for the ads, i love it when i see people who create free and awesome content on the web get rewarded for it with some money, and shirts would be super awesome

  35. Az Says:

    I’d say the first one is more fitting. It’s a really cute idea and I like how it looks like a regular cookbook and then you get thrown off by the entertainment. Though I do like the 2nd one (nombies)(on, the first reflects the comics better. ^.^
    ALSO; please please aprons!!!! and shirts!!

  36. Laurel Says:

    I really like Cover # 1. Cover #2 is amusing as well, but 1 is my fav. Also, hellz yeah on the shirt/apron!

  37. James Says:

    I like both covers, and if you do not use one for the first publication, why not for the second? As for the shirt/apron idea, I like them a lot. But if it comes to one or another, I think the apron is much more appropriate.

  38. kita Says:

    Totally digging the apocalypse comic cover. 😉

  39. Mitchell Says:

    SOOOO interested in Merch. Would buy that up like nobody’s business.

  40. Tiffany Says:

    LOL, I love cover #2!! 😀 I’m totally up for aprons, if shipping to Canada isn’t too expensive. I’m a student after all. xD Keep up the good work! : D : D : D

  41. Redd Says:

    Shut up and take my money.

  42. Stephen Says:

    That second cover is amazing!! And I would definitely be interested in a shirt. That would be awesome.

  43. Hayden Says:

    If you do shipping to Australia, SHIRTS YES PLEASE!

  44. Charles Says:

    I just want to say that I love cover #1. I would be down for an apron!

  45. Sarms! Says:

    I would love an apron AND I would love to help make them! My friends and run a small print shop in MI. Holla at us:

    PS-Thanks for the delicious comics. I make the sexy pancakes whenever dinner turns into breakfast.


  46. Scott Says:

    Congrats on your progress! I wish you the best of luck in these coming weeks.

    I personally am not a fan of ads on this site- I think it has a style to it that would be ruined by ads, but in the end- it’s up to you.

  47. Megz Says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all week!
    I would pounce all over an apron/book combo deal! POUNCE, I TELL YOU!
    Man, the first cover would be awesome with my other cookbooks, it’s so normal then BAM, it’s a comic cookbook.
    HELL to the YEAH.

  48. nick Says:

    I am interested in an apron. And many props to you for keeping a clean and tasteful site. I’m sure it isn’t cheap to maintain, so turning down adds is tough but thank you for all of your work. I’ll buy the cookbook when it comes out!

  49. nick Says:

    Oh and I forgot to add that I like the first cover better. It seems to be more of a book cover than just a picture.

  50. Daniel Says:

    I haven’t been reading for long, but I really enjoy your work. As someone who feels very strongly about advertising, reading this post makes me very happy indeed and I want you to know: it is appreciated! If/when you do get advertising, be sure to let us NoScript/AdBlocker users know, as I allow ads on sites that I support. Keep up the awesome cooking/comics.

  51. eamonn Says:

    i like cover 2, but i might be better for a later book. i think for a first book cover #1 is better. and i would totally by a shirt or apron.

  52. Mer Says:

    1st cover, totally. Reminds me of the old better homes and gardens cookbook, but far cooler!
    Apron please! Its the sort of thing I would use all the time, and would buy for everyone I know. Shirts are a little harder to make as gifts, plus there’s always someone who hates the material or fit of any given shirt.

  53. Cory Says:

    I don’t always wear an apron, but when I do, I wear one with style. I would totally want an apron, preferably something with Comically Cooking Badassery. Also, awaiting the cookbook, it looks awesome. I liked the first cover more than the other (although I am not averse to zombies except that I want to kill them). As for ads, it sounds like you have viewers interests at heart, so follow that…

  54. Meghan Says:

    I lerrrrv the second cover and, like most people, appreciate your stance on ads. Yes to merch! I made your mcguffin muffins over the weekend and they were a huge, delicious hit. Who has two thumbs and can’t cook to save her life? THIS GIRL. Thanks for posting easy and awesome and funny and artistic and comic-y recipes!

  55. Zach Says:

    I love the first cover! I think it would be neat if the zombies were running across the spine from the back cover, but you’re the artist!

    Also, I would be very much in favor of an apron, especially if it were in black as robert suggested.

  56. Ruby Says:

    Ok, LOVE both book covers. I like cover number 1 for book 1 and cover 2 for book 2. Love the apocalypse thing. Can’t wait for it to be published! I’m gonna order one for our library!
    As for the shirts and aprons…yes! Black and white, my two favorite color combos!

  57. Litho Says:

    Ok, i like the second option better, first one doesn’t feel as comically and energetic as the second one, the second ones reflects better the style and ideas of the comics.

    And shirts and aprons would be cool, specially aprons. Even having a recipe notebook where people would write their own recipes could be cool, as long as it felt like it was from cooking comically

  58. EvilRSA Says:

    If you do a shirt see if your printer can do 4XL, not that I’m a huge slob of a guy, but being 6’5″ and a little heavy, a 4XL would be nice. Also, it just seems to make sense that it would be white on a black t-shirt.

  59. Taylor Says:

    I cannot wait for this book to come out! It will be the centerpiece of my coffee table for years to come. Btw, I would be all over a shirt AND an apron (probably a couple of them) like white on rice!

  60. James Says:

    I would definitely buy a published book. I’d also be interested in shirts… possibly aprons as well. Hell, if I had an awesome Cooking Comically apron, I’d probably do even more cooking, just to have an excuse to wear it.

    As for advertising… well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, considering the trouble you’d have to go through to get to a satisfactory place with it, and also with how many people use AdBlock and the like (although if you said you were using ads to help with upkeep costs of the site or somesuch, I’d whitelist the site instantly).

  61. Matt Says:

    Lovin’ the first cover design! It’s more simple, which is what usually draws me in to books in the first place.

    Merchandise – Is it just me or do others only cook with a dish towel shoved in their pocket? If you had a black dish towel option that would be awesome.

  62. J0H4WK Says:

    Not seein too much support for it, but I LOVE #2, it really shows off what the feel of it is and I think would pull the potential consumer in faster than than #1. Plus it would look smashing on a bookshelf.

    Aprons, I’m a big Supporter!

  63. chrysa Says:

    I like both covers….just tell me when merchandise goes on sale!

  64. Brandon Says:

    I think you should use the first concept art for the cover, because it seems to fit more with what a cookbook should look like. In terms of shirts; I believe I would buy one, hell put the second concept art as the t-shirt design and you have yourself a deal lol

  65. Mike Says:

    Idea: Hardcover edition and paperback edition of cookbook, different covers. The first one is great, has that traditional, silver palate-y feel to it with your own flair. As far as ads go, if it supports you so you can go at this full speed ahead I’m all for it and I’ll make the extra click to get the ad out of the way.

  66. Hertzey Says:

    I agree that both covers are awesome, and I cannot wait for t-shirts, aprons and whatever else you come up with I love your site.

  67. Austin Says:

    I like the first cover. As for advertising, check out A lot of my favorite sites use this indie advertising strategy successfully.

  68. Liz Says:

    I want a t-shirt!

    I like the second cover better. It’s more likely to catch people’s attention, is an honest statement, and gives people a heads up on what may be lurking within.

    FYI I haven’t see you do a zombie spoof yet, what’s up with that?

  69. Kirstin Says:

    Cover 1. Shirts- hell yea

  70. Kirstin Says:

    Edit: I mean cover 2. It’s much more like the site, but only if you include the wallpaper

  71. Steve Says:

    Book…yes, t-shirt…yes, apron…maybe, #1 book cover…yes, #2 book cover…ok, wallpaper…excellent. Looking forward to more recipes.

  72. lori in cbus Says:

    i like the first cover.. i would buy shirts aprons the comic recipes

  73. Kyle Says:

    If you do shirts I will definitely be purchasing them. An apron is a serious possibility. The covers are both pretty awesome, but I feel that neither really conveys how hilarious you are. Maybe something like #1, but hit the parody of cookbook covers harder?

  74. Caitlyn Says:

    I’ve been in need of a good apron. So you should DEFINITELY offer that. I love your comics. They’re hilarious. Good luck with the proposals!

  75. Kaya28 Says:

    I love the cover numero uno and if you´d be doing aprons it would be AWESOME!

  76. Erin Says:

    I love the first cover! I would definetly be interested in a n apron.

  77. kris Says:

    i really like the betty crocker cover and merch? hell yeah!!

    though i usually need more a face shield than an apron…

  78. Az Says:

    so it would seem though that after showing my boyfriend the choices, he just loves the zombie (nombie) one. ^.^

  79. Jocelyn Says:

    Just want to say I love your site and the writing is hilarious. Reading through this last post made me very happy. Glad to hear you have integrity when it comes to advertising on the page. The cockles of my heart are officially warmed!

  80. Katie Says:

    an apron will be amazing!!

  81. Sam Says:

    One: I also love the first cookbook cover design.
    Two: I love the idea of a T-shirt and an Apron
    Three: I look forward to every new recipe

  82. Travis Says:

    An apron would be pretty tight… i’d buy it and itd be the first apron I’ve ever owned

  83. Korbl Says:

    If it’s up for a vote, Cover 2 is awesome. Maybe flip it and make the running cook the front cover and the zombies the back cover to solve weird landscape cover-ness.

    Tshirts and aprons would be awesome, especially if they say “Cook of the Apocalypse”.

    If you’re worried about control with ads, try talking to Randy Milholland of the webcomic Something Positive, and asking how he handles ads on his site.

  84. N Says:

    Shirts and aprons. Yes. Do it. I would buy them. I know at least 7 other people who would as well.

  85. FAJ Says:

    I would buy a shirt before an apron.

  86. Den Says:

    I like the first cover, it looks neat and simple.

    Some good and to the point ads are fine, I will add your site to my Ad-block whitelist=)

    I like the idea of aprons. Will there be worldwide shipping?

  87. Jason Says:

    Have you looked at Google Ads? They are unobtrusive and small

  88. Gage Says:

    Shirts and aprons, fuck yes. Don’t know if you’re looking for people to comment on the cover designs, but I’d have to say cover one feels right to me xD Bad ass site man!

  89. Kaze Says:

    I would definitely be interested in the book, shirt, and apron. 😀

  90. Nicki Says:

    I love cover #2. I mean – it has zombies!! (I’m a dork and I ain’t goan apologize for it.)
    Unfortunately, I love cover #1 as well. It seems almost accidental.
    And yes please, I’m in the market for an apron. With or without zombies.
    As for ads, well, after this I might switch my Adblock off sometime, just to see how you did in the ad-controlling-department. And thank you for saying “no” to some of the ad service guys.

  91. Icarin Says:

    I think I didn’t read anything about a digital version of the cookbook. Is it going to be available in that format (pdf or for kindle, whatever)? I’d be glad to buy a copy in digital since delivery takes ages (I live in Mexico).

    Nevertheless…if I order a shirt and a copy of the book, then it might be worth the wait.

  92. Michael Says:

    I think cover one is great for a cookbook about a bunch of different foods. Cover two only made me think of a whole book of recipes you could cook if you got stuck in the apocalypse (like Hobo Pies). Also, yes…yes I would like shirts and aprons.

  93. Magistrate Delta Says:

    Shirts, yes. Aprons, yes. Book, can’t wait. I’d also buy other things, like glasses/mugs or something.

    Also a fan of cover 1. Stay classy.

  94. Jimmer Says:

    I love cooking and am sometimes disappointed with the results i get from some recipes, but your website has reinvigorated my interest in the kitchen. You know exactly how to educate this generation on “fine culinary arts” and I look forward to a cookbook; (I vote cover #2) and an apron would be awesome.

  95. Wolfe Says:

    I like the first one.

    I LOVE the second.

  96. TheHungryOne Says:


  97. Zac Says:

    I would love an apron. And have you considered approaching businesses you’d like to advertise on here, and asking if they’re interested?

  98. Zac Says:

    Oh, and the first cover is by far my favourite.

  99. Kirstin Says:

    How about a new recipe for us poor, tortured souls beating our way through the barren wasteland that is finals?

  100. Megan Says:

    Love the covers, if I had to pick one it’d be the second. Aprons, Heck yes!

  101. AngelLeigh Says:

    LOVE the idea of aprons. Me and my guy would be outfitted.

  102. cameron Says:

    An apron about putting out the give would be awesome

  103. Connor Says:

    Where’s May’s recipe!? I knead it.

  104. Kristen Says:

    aprons and shirts would be amazing!!

  105. Eddie Says:

    I like your point on keeping this website non-commercial. That being said, I like the first cover better ! =)

    Best with everything !

  106. Liz Says:

    I love the first cover for all of the reasons people gave above…

    I’d buy an apron, shirt, kitchen timer, spoon holder, kitchen towel, plates, bowls… pretty much anything with your fun comics on them!

  107. Emily Says:

    i love you.
    tht is all.

  108. Shannon Says:

    Make me an apron damnit. Loooooovveee yeeeeewww.

  109. Mia Says:

    Just found this site and I’m already in LOVE!! ^_^ YES cookbook! Yes shirts! Yes aprons!!

  110. Terry Says:

    Yes on shirts. Some thoughts I hope are helpful:

    Go for quality. When you get to that point, ask your readers what 5 and 10 year old shirts they have that have held up.

    Consider using something like Amazon with a pre-order discount price. You could order the shirts after you see confirmed interest. If you sell many, it could help the book deal. I might not be your average fan, but I’ll pre-order a movie a couple of months in advance if I think it is a fair price.

    If you do Ninja’s and Zombies, offer an Adult/Child combo deal. A number of Divorced Dads (moms too, I imagine) might have a teach your son how to cook Ninja Red Sauce. I mention this because you might not think of that demographic.

  111. sam neale Says:

    Can’t wait for the book. I’m a definite on shirts and aprons so long as they’re not cost prohibitive.
    I love the zombie cover!

  112. Nick Says:

    Some Apronsshirts would be terrific! I would love to own a black apron with “Sexy Pancakes” all over it, and, of course, the devilish dancers.

  113. LinYings Says:

    I like the first cover design better. And I would love a cooking comically t-shirt!

  114. Humera Says:

    Love the first cover design! Second one is cool too, but the first one is the saxxx.
    And t-shirts would be flippin’ epic. 😀

  115. Sean Says:

    I would be really interested in a t-shirt and apron. I would just hope they are at least decent quality material so they last. If they are I would probably buy a few for myself and get the word out to friends and family! Love all your stuff! I like the second book cover 🙂

  116. Beth Says:

    1. Cover 1- yuh.
    2. A-okay with non-obnoxious ads if it means I can keep cooking comically.
    3. I’d rock an apron.
    4. I know I’m def in the minority (or completely alone) for this request, but could you comically cook some hearty vegetarian dish?
    5. I love you.

  117. Erica Says:

    Why not do a self-published book on via Amazon, you will get way more royalties then going through some publisher. DIY

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