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Dec 12

The Store Update


Hey so, remember that time I asked who would be interested in shirts and/or aprons?



Well, if you’ll direct your attention to the navigation bar you’ll notice that I now have a store. It’s been a long time coming, I know. I said it would be happening over the summer, but a lot of things ended up taking precedence. But it’s up now! And within said store the first round of t-shirts and aprons (one t-shirt design and one apron design) is all printed up and ready to go. They both feature the design to left. I really hope you guys like it.


You should know up front that this first run is very limited. I don’t have much money up front to throw at the production right now and that means limited quantities. I’m hoping that once the current stock sells I can turn around and invest in more apparel and eventually build up a supply that is in balance with demand. Heck, this limited quantity may already be in balance with demand. Or there may not be demand at all or I might sell out in a day. I just have no way of knowing for sure until everything goes live.


I had every intention of making this stuff available in time for Christmas, but the aprons took their time getting to the printer and there wasn’t much I could do. Sorry about that. I’m working on a few more shirt designs now and I may even be able to put out that Daft Punk one people have been asking for. I’m also going to look into completely custom designed aprons, but that’s probably a ways off. What else would you like to see in there? Besides a cookbook. That’s still got a little ways to go.


Also. How have you guys felt about the advertising you’ve seen on the site so far? Has it been acceptable? Off-putting? I’ve been using it for a couple months and not much has come of it, so I’m curious to see what you think while I decide what to do.


That’s about it. I hope you had a good Christmas and have a great New Years. Thanks for your patience with the recipes, a new one will be out really soon.





16 Responses to “The Store Update”

  1. Matt Says:

    A cookbook. Where’s the cookbook? Why don’t I have a cookbook?

  2. Christo Says:

    I’ll be buying one of the aprons!

    Also, I disabled AbBlock for your site. That little ditty you put up WAS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. :)

  3. Rich Says:

    Thats awesome! But when will we see the next recipe! I’m dying man!

  4. DJ Says:

    I notice you don’t have a link *back* to the comic from the store. Other than that, looks great. (:

  5. Blind Says:

    Regarding ads, in my opera at least, the add isn’t centered on the column, it’s kicked to the right a bit. That said, I follow your RSS feed and don’t normally check the site, so I didn’t realize that you had ads.

  6. Ben Says:

    I love the site, the ads are fine. Will there be a December recipe???

  7. Gray Says:

    I was never bothered by any adverts you put up. The text ones you use are pretty inconspicuous, and honestly you could probably get away with putting more of them without anyone complaining.

  8. Charlyssa Nagel Says:

    Kickstarter good man, you should Kickstarter this, people would fund the shit out of it!

  9. Yury Says:

    If youre thinking about squeezing in more ads, go for it! The little one at the top is all i get (and i turned off adblock because of that message, so it isn’t useless.)Dont completely fill up the sidebars with them, but if you can find a semi asthetically pleasing way to put in more ads, it definetely wouldnt hurt.

  10. Ally Says:

    I’m most excited for the cookbook, but like you, I don’t have many funds so spending has to be limited :/ But I can say that I turn off adblock when I come here and click the advertisement every time, so I hope that maybe I can help in a small way.. Keep up the excellence and have a happy new year :)

  11. Moon-Cookie Says:

    The moment I got Adblock, I turned it off for your site, it’s too awesome to not support with a simple minimalist advert. I would not mind in the slightest if there was another one of those at the bottom if the webpage, pre or post comments.

    As for shop recommendations, I love me a good mug. No, really, I have about 30 of those suckers and always am in the market for more.

  12. Daniel Says:

    Shut up and trade my money for that awesome apron, Tyler!

  13. RLCookie Says:

    Can’t wait for the cookbook, will be buying an apron very soon, and the ads on this sight are unobtrusive and just fine. In fact, I make sure to unblock the site on Adblock.

  14. Dawn Says:

    I think you should put together a cookbook!
    You can use a company like Blub books so there is no up front cost to you!
    I love the pictures that go with your recipes. great site!

  15. Frimmy Says:

    I got my apron in the mail today and, it’s awesome, but I wanted to thank you for the hand drawn, hand written, personalized thank you!!! That’s going above and beyond, Sir, and I was thrilled to find it. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the cookbook!

  16. Amanda Says:

    How about some v-neck/scoop shirts for women?

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