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Apr 13



Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, children of… well not all ages, that’s not really appropriate, what, with all the swearing and knives and booze going on around here but, look, I’ve got an announcement.  First, I would just like to say that I hope you enjoyed the April Fool’s recipe.  Judging from the reactions I think it ended up seeming a little more plausible than I intended, but that’s fine.  I assure you nothing about the style of the strip is actually changing.  Secondly, and this is definitely NOT a joke (amazingly)…









It is 192 pages of reasonably priced comic-recipe goodness.  There are 35 recipes total, the majority of which are completely new and will not be available on this here web space.  And not only that, but you also save a healthy chunk of change (at certain places) by picking it up early.  So now if you want to throw your wallet at the screen, something will actually happen. That’s a thing. (At least I’m pretty sure these places accept wallets…)  Anyway it is still a little ways out from being released, but seeing as how you’re a good and smart person that thinks just a little under 6 months ahead, I trust that deep down in your heart of hearts you know what must be done.




21 Responses to “Pre-Order”

  1. Wayren Says:

    Pre-order placed! Really excited for this!

  2. James Says:

    Wwwoooooooooooooo!!! Thank you, Tyler.

  3. todd Says:

    why isn’t that an affiliate link? you could be making more money. possibly more than from writing the book 🙂

  4. LewdPrude Says:

    Hey man that’s so great for you. I’ll definitely purchase one, and maybe a shirt at some point. Never change!

  5. wintercoat Says:

    Is it weird that I actually liked the whole “Rob Boss” thing? Emulating Bob Ross’s calm demeanor and mannerisms was rather comical and I enjoyed it.

  6. Blaine Says:

    I know what preorders mean to the publishing process. Done and done.

  7. Matthew Says:

    Been waiting so long for this! Pre-order placed, your work is amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s in the book. Now to spend the next six months building a time machine so I don’t have to wait six months…

  8. E. Conley Says:

    Well that per-order was sooo worth my last 20$ of Amazon credit. As much as I want the book, I’m gona wipe it from my memory banks. Reasons why 1: So it will be a surprise when it arrives. 2: I don’t unintentionally rush summer here/gona any faster

  9. Piper Says:

    Will pre-order as soon as I get home! Congratulations on completing your book. I’ve been a fan since the beginning!

  10. Rob Says:

    Another pre-order placed here. Been following you since 2am chili and just wanted to say I love the comics and the recipes turn out great. Looking forward to the book I’m glad it worked out for you.

  11. Seth Says:

    You should put in the description how many recipes are in the book. People might feel more comfortable about what they’re buying.

  12. Seth Says:

    Aaaand congratulations! I know it was a lot of work.

  13. goodlookincook Says:

    Oh yeah!!! Can’t wait, it’s going in my collection for sure. keep on doing your thing man.

  14. Ninjaboy56 Says:

    Pre-ordered it about a week ago. Can’t wait!

  15. Kassi Says:

    Order placed!

  16. Priya Strongleaf (@priyastrongleaf) Says:

    I absolutely love your site, and have just pre-ordered the book. cant wait! 🙂 you rock! keep it up!

  17. Steven Blodgett Says:

    Any possibility of getting an ebook version of this out there on pre-order? Love the site, love the recipes you’ve offered…just not a fan of added paper weight.

  18. Bruno Says:

    It will be avaliable in a digital version ? I know, I know, color and stuff – an kindle version would kill your work. But what about pdf ?

  19. Joon C Says:

    Placed an order on October is sooo far away but I know it’ll be worth the wait. Thank you for all the recipes you have put up on this website, and I really wish you keep this up FOREVER!

  20. Jay Says:

    So stoked for this when it finally comes out! Just pre-ordered my copy after re-discovering your blog.

    Keep up the good work man, you taught me everything I know about chili.

  21. Gillian Says:

    Just pre-ordered! I’m so excited! Christmas is coming in October this year! SO MANY NOMS!!!! You’re recipes are delicious and your comics always make me laugh! You sir…are awesome! 🙂

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