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Aug 13

Passion Project


I didn’t start Cooking Comically as a money making venture. I started it because I saw an audience enjoying something that I would’ve done anyway. I do this because I’m passionate about comics and food and combining the two has proven to be one of best things to ever happen to me. Just knowing that there are people reading and enjoying what I do blows my mind every time I think about it. And as it turns out there are certain people and organizations that want to help me make this idea the best it can possibly be. American Express, unbelievably, has turned out to be one of those organizations. They very kindly invited me to be a part of their #PassionProject series and after speaking with the people involved and seeing the others that they had included I was very happy and flattered to be a part of it.


More to come.




All these crazy things keep happening and life is all like “no no, crazier.”


6 Responses to “Passion Project”

  1. Cooking Jar and Happy Accidents Says:

    Congratulations Tyler. Loved seeing the breakdown of the journey for you and lol’ed at the Walmart light yanked down for better lighting.

  2. Tomata Says:

    This is really cool. I remember seeing your 2am chili post on 9gag (yeah, I first saw it on 9gag, not reddit) and calling my bf from the other room to come check it out. We even made your chili, with meat, even though we’re basically vegetarian.
    It’e awesome that it worked out for you like that.

  3. David Says:

    I am proud of you Tyler. Reddit watched you cook…. and didn’t downvote it into oblivion. Keep it up and if I could I would be right there in front of the line asking for a signature from a guy..that you know…cooks things… um…with chainsaws and stuff LOL…

  4. Malch Says:

    Congratulations, Tyler. I started with the 2am chili like many others and your recipes became a family favorite since then.
    The reason I keep coming back day after day (apart from the awesome stickman comics) is that you present the recipes in a way that…how shall I put it…resonates with me. When I saw the bolognese recipe for the first time and the “explore your italian heritage” panel came up I thought “does this guy read my mind?”.
    All the best – and you have another person pre-ordering your cookbook right here. Keep up the great work.

  5. Jennie Says:

    This video has been in my feed forever and I have no idea why it took me so long to watch it…but is it OK if I say I almost cried a little?! Congratulations on your success of being able to do something you love for a living!!!!

  6. Justin Says:

    So freakin cool.

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