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Oct 15

Welcome to the Party, Pal



Hello everyone. As you can see, Cooking Comically is back. In force.


Starting today there will be a new recipe every Thursday of every week.


I know a lot of you are wondering where I’ve been and I’m sure some of you assume that I published the book and am now swimming in money and/or the Caribbean. This is not what happened. There simply isn’t much money (none for me yet, in fact) in traditional publishing unless you sell a ton of books. And I didn’t. I had to get a full time job afterward to keep myself afloat and start paying off student loans. That paired with a multitude of very personal issues that I’m not willing to discuss with the internet at large, I ended up in a not-so-great place to produce anything of value. I lost heart for a while, but I never stopped thinking about Cooking Comically. I should not have gone completely dark. That was a mistake and I apologize.


Over the past year I worked through the things that had me in the mind-dumpster, dug a little ways out of my hole, and am now in a good place to resume the shenanigans and give Cooking Comically the attention I’ve always wanted to.


I would like to thank everyone who, over the past year, has sent kind messages of support. You’ve asked how I was, where I was, if I was ok, hoping that I would return, etc. Even if I didn’t respond, it really helped. I promise.


Lastly, but also importantly, you’ll notice I’m now running a Patreon campaign. This is my bid to make Cooking Comically something that can sustain itself and maybe even me. I encourage you to check it out and consider supporting me. It would mean a lot and there might even be things in for you that you’d like. 


So. I’m back. Enjoy the show.




21 Responses to “Welcome to the Party, Pal”

  1. daft Says:

    Wooohooo !!!
    Back on tracks, hell yeah !!!!

    Man you made my day with this news! (i mean the new recipes every week)

    Keep up, i will support you on patreon for sure,great idea 😉


  2. Jess Says:


  3. skilde Says:

    Welcome back Sir!

  4. Jared Says:

    Welcome back! I never post comments on websites but wanted to say welcome back and I look forward to your posts. I bought your book and love it!

  5. pat waters Says:

    Welcome back! I’ve always enjoyed your cooking and comics!

  6. Nick Says:

    Welcome back! I’m excited for what’s to come and love your book.

  7. Bryan Says:

    Awesome! Welcome back.

  8. Tyler vega Says:

    You have been the inspiration for me to start cooking. I cant wait to see whats new. I will check the patreon thing

  9. Sim Says:

    Fantastic! Welcome back.

  10. Luna Says:

    So glad you’re back! Excited for Season 2! Sorry to hear that not-good-things kept you away but definitely understandable.

  11. leeapeea Says:

    Always love your content, and thoroughly enjoyed your book (got one to keep and one to gift!). Sorry to hear it was a rough journey, but glad you found your way back. It’s good to see you. 🙂

  12. Thulcandran Says:

    Hey, man, glad to see you back! Sorry to hear the last several months were so down – hope this thing works out a little better for you soon. When not dead broke, I’ll try for a copy of your book, and/or a donation when I can.

  13. Josh Says:

    Glad to see you’re still alive. I’ve always loved your website, I even bought your book when it came out and still use it to this day. Sad to hear you haven’t seen any profit from it. Definitely going to send you some monetary support because of this.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Mike Says:

    Dude! Dude. Dude…

    – – –
    Good to have you back, man. We missed ya

  15. Vidar Says:

    Welcome back

  16. Des Says:

    Great to have you back man! Just found this site again in my favourites and glad to see all the new posts! Will look into the Patreon once I get into a better position as well.

  17. Tyson Cochrane Says:

    Exceedingly happy to learn you are not dead, sir. <3

  18. Alittan Says:

    Glad you’re back man, I bought your book a while back and checked our sight a few times a year just to see if you’d update. Good to you see you did!

  19. Daniel Morales Says:

    Holy shit!!
    You’re back!! 😀
    I can’t believe it, and new recipes every Thursday?!

    I am loving this so much than ever before.

  20. Axel Says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Glad you are back and glad you are ok! man this is awesome!. I gave up on checking the page and a friend just sent me your most recent comic/recipe. My first reaction “holy shit he is back!”. These were good news sir, good news indeed. Now i have a lot of recipes to catch up. Thanks!.

  21. Shruti Says:

    Happened to come back to your site after many months, and what a delicious surprise! I love your comics and dropped in from time to time to see if you’d posted something new. Excited for season 2!

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