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Sep 11

Attention Google Chrome Users


Many Chrome users have noted that the subscribe button “doesn’t work.”  As I understand it, Chrome has no way to handle rss feeds on its own and will require an extension which can be found here.  I’m working on a better solution, but this will be the fix until I can get that implemented.  Apologies all around.


9 Responses to “Attention Google Chrome Users”

  1. starcastic Says:

    You can just put it into the google feedreader yourself, too.. But, When ever you post, it’s just the title and no content 🙁

  2. Justin Says:

    …or they could just right-click on the “Subscribe” link and choose “Copy link address” and then paste thatr into their RSS reader of choice.

  3. Barış Ünver Says:


  4. MrThrope Says:

    Just grab RSS Live Links from the chrome extensions and use that. Simple and tidy. It also picks up the available RSS feeds from any pages you’ve visited in a session so you can just add them into your main feed with a couple of clicks.

  5. Lo Zeno Says:

    For those who use Google Reader as RSS reader, this Chrome extension comes handy:

  6. Matt Says:

    I use feedburner to subscribe to feeds via email. Look into that, it’s quite easy to manage (basically, I “burned” your feed, as you would actually be doing).

  7. EliteNova Says:

    We the Chrome people thank you!

  8. Tryskel Says:

    For all the websites and blogs I follow, I use Netvibes, and I highly recommend it

  9. Mackenzie Says:

    I can’t subscribe via safari either :/

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