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Oct 11

51 Responses to “Lvl 60 Elite Caramel Apples”

  1. Kita Says:

    I think I love you. Or caramel chocolate apples.

    Okay, it’s the apples. But you’re pretty great too.

  2. Lucas Says:

    The awesomeness of this can not be measured.

  3. Kodoji Says:

    Finally I can do one of these delicious recipes with the ingredients here in Brazil.
    Thank you so much.

  4. capricorn Says:

    Been a while mate, hope it means the work on your book is going on. Cannot wait to grab a copy of that.

    The reciep is perversely Yummy, like “Spike-from-Buffy-the-vampire-slayer” perverse.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. fillup Says:


  6. College student Says:

    Level 30 Laziness, “Purchase said item from store”

  7. Matt Says:

    You’re back? YOU’RE BACK!!! Ughh, finally got my fix. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

  8. gbsp Says:

    Great recipe man! And to those who think they don’t have the ingredients in other countries (in my case, Brasil)think outside the box when buying the stuff, don’t just go to your regular supermarket! And tweaking recipes a little, works too..

  9. Az Says:

    I missed you! ^.^ and you just made my day once again. Haha Once the 3rd box showed, I couldn’t stop singing ‘this is Halloween’. You are amazing.

  10. Derek Says:

    Glad your posting again and good luck on the book deal. Another awesome recipe, I lost it at the renegade interrupt panel.

  11. jamjam Says:

    You are fkin awesome~

  12. Fin Says:

    Can’t wait to make these 🙂

  13. tonya cinnamon Says:


  14. Elaine Says:

    You my friend, are so effing awesome. 😀

  15. gonzalo Says:

    now i’m hungry

  16. Fan Says:

    You are amazing. <3 love your comics!

  17. Litho Says:

    Awesome and fun as always, congrats on the book deal also.

    ps: went renegade huh?

  18. Brad Says:

    May we use a fondue pot for melting the chocolate? Also fuck year! More CC!

  19. Sarah Says:

    It’s like an apple wrapped in a snickers bar. delicious!!

  20. Cirrat Says:

    I finished reading the recipe, thought ‘Hey, I think I love him’, went to read the comments and found out I’m definitely not the only one. 🙂

    I think I shall start the awesome tradition of halloween caramel apples in here. My mouth is watering. I drool all over my keyboard.


  21. Gold Says:

    So making these once I get back from my trip.

  22. Patrícia (Portugal!!) Says:

    Imagine how Homer (from the Simpsons) feels when he thinks of donuts…..

    it translates just how i feel right now!!!

    Thank you (oh so very much)!!

  23. Dilly Pickly Says:

    Um, if not by the sticks, how then would one eat the apples?

  24. Jarwing Says:

    for melting chocolate, I prefer a Mug. Put the chocolate inside and drop it into a pot of hot water. That´s what you want to do.

  25. CC-N Says:

    Please please keep these comics coming!! Although I read your previous post already (congratulations by the way!!) I just want to encourage you 🙂

    I really enjoy your work.

  26. Ale Says:

    I MISSED YOU!!!! And your awesomeness. I swear every time I read this I’m starving, right now my mouth is watering D:!
    Damn, another delicious recepie from you <3

  27. Velnias Says:

    The wonderful thing about Google Plus, is that I found you through my many connection. I have since shared your site more times than I can recall and I’ve waited with baited breath for your next masterpiece.

    So happy to hear about the book deal. I will definitely pick this up and I’ve already got a gift list prepped for family and friends.

    Stay hungry my friend.

  28. John Z. Says:

    If you like you can replace the pecans instead of peanuts. My grandmother used to do that and it was great!

  29. Steph Says:

    I missed these, cant wait to try out these apples, they look delicious

  30. matt Says:

    Hi… let’s be honest…. you are awesome! thanks for posting such a great recipes on the internet FOR FREE… halloween is not being celebrated in my country but i have to do this at home THX again!

  31. Jakub Says:

    I love the Mass Effect reference 😀

  32. skryth Says:

    I first stumbled upon the bananarama recipe on another site and was instantly hooked. Your style is great and makes cooking not only fun but satisfyingly enjoyable on many levels. I wish you the best of luck with your book deal and can’t wait for more of your recipes.

  33. Hannah Says:

    You’re back!! Yay! Even though I’m from across the pond, I still love looking at all these yummy recipes. Wish we had caramel bits in England, instead we’re stuck with melting sugar in a pan and coating apples in that, which is extremely yummy, but also very dangerous for the fingers…hot sugar burns are not nice.

    ANYWAY! Very happy you’re back and keep up the good work chap! =)

  34. Heather Says:

    This looks delicious. We don’t have caramel bits here in the uk, as we traditionally have toffee apples (covered in a hard toffee sugar that cracks when you bite it). But I’m considering importing some just to make these! Loving your work. Cheers!

  35. c_megalodon Says:

    A tip: You can substitute/enhance nuts with other things like chocolate sprinkles, non-pareils, gummy buttons, etc. The possibilities with caramel apple is endless.

  36. Riss Says:

    These comics need to be made into a book!! I would so buy that cookbook (and it’s probably the only cookbook I would buy!)

  37. Odette Says:

    Kita Says:
    October 31st, 2011 at 10:21 am
    I think I love you. Or caramel chocolate apples.
    Okay, it’s the apples. But you’re pretty great too.

    La primera cosa que pensé al terminar de leer la receta, también fue: I love you!

  38. Katie Pers Says:

    “To the nuts!” …Arrested Development fan?!
    I love your site!!

  39. Alex Says:

    I have a feeling that someday you will compile all of these into an awesome cookbook which I will gladly pay for

  40. Chris Says:

    any suggestions what i could substitute the caramel bits with?

    love these comics, i thought i made good pancakes till i tried yours, hope you’re doing well with the book, I’ll definitly buy it when its out.

  41. Bee Says:

    Your site is awesome! Keep the great, entertaining recipes coming!

  42. Jake Says:

    LOVE the Tremors reference. Hit the nail right on the head. Keep them coming. I understand these way more then your conventional “easy to hard” scale.

  43. gesster Says:

    you’re getting WORSE and WORSE!!!!!

    this is probably the LAMEST of these comics you’ve done!!! are you running out of ideas? are you just stupid? i don’t get it?

  44. click Says:

    How come you dont have your web site viewable in mobile format? cant see anything in my iPad.

  45. atypicaloracle Says:

    @Gesster: obvious troll is obvious.

    These look destructively delicious. Dia-beetus.

  46. Chris Says:


  47. Victorien Says:

    These look delicious! 2 different layers of yumminess. Also love the Lvl 60 Elite Tauren Chieftain reference!

  48. Katie Says:

    you know, this is the first of your comics i ever saw, and i’ve been hooked since! loved the recipe (and the choice of costume ;D) and i cant wait to get my hands on your book! keep up the amazing work!!!

  49. Tami Says:

    They don’t sell Caramel Bits here, can I use caramel candy instead?

  50. b-girl Says:

    @Tami – I am sure caramel candies would be fine, even those pain-in-the-ass individually wrapped ones (which used to be the only way you could buy pre-made caramel).

  51. iamsarahjo Says:

    just found this site and i adore them all. will have to try the recipes. applauds on the movie references. this sounds delicious

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