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Apr 18

12 Responses to “Sesame Chicken”

  1. Kiryn Says:

    I’ve used a technique like this for buffalo chicken for sliders. Chicken + sauce + crockpot, shredded and put back in the sauce works great with lots of sauce flavors.

  2. AdventureTress Says:

    This looks amazing! Like Kiryn, I have used a crockpot to make other shredded chicken. A personal favorite is chicken with homemade taco seasoning for quesadillas! I’m so glad you’re still putting out weekly recipes, I haven’t had a bad one from you yet!

  3. Gavinator Says:

    We found our April Fools joke. SHOVELCRY.

  4. cass Says:

    I bet that if you cooked the chicken in an electric pressure cooker (which I have recently all but replaced my slow cooker with) that you’d be able to thicken the sauce right in the cooker… but you might want to reduce the amount of sauce you use or increase the amount of corn starch due to how little moisture you’ll lose in the cooking process.

    Also protip – if you’re using a slow or pressure cooker, you can “shred” chicken and pork using only a potato masher.

  5. Kate Reed Says:

    Multipot/InstantPot users, this’ll work as a one pot (+ one bowl,) but make sure to use the “sauté” setting, not the “brown” setting when reducing/thickening the sauce.

  6. Rosy Says:

    So, I cannot handle any sort of spice (sadly), would it be possible to leave out the spicey stuff and have it come out ok?

  7. Melfice Says:

    ait, isnt that mostly the same recpe as the ourbon chicken?

  8. Holly Says:

    I just made this in my Instant Pot. Holy cow this is outstanding! Thank you for the new recipe!

  9. Jacob Fischer Says:

    This was insanely good. My slowcooker gets pretty hot so only had to slow cook the chicken for 4 to 4.5 hours. Other than that I followed the directions to the ‘T’, and it turned out perfectly.

    Thank you for all you do? 😀

  10. WandRnMonk Says:

    Rosy, I cut the spicy stuff from the Bourbon chicken recipe which is similar and it works just fine. My wife hates spicy stuff. And when ya think about all the “asian” dishes out there, s’all variations of the same thing. Not unlike most “mexican” food. Tortilla with cheese meat n salsa. “Asian” is meat with honey, soy and pick a spice over rice or noodles.

  11. Ryan Williams Says:

    Time to make me some yummy chicken

  12. Joshua Bentley Says:

    Hey there! I tried this recipe tonight. I think that, like Jacob F., my crockpot must get really hot because our chicken ended up really dry. But it was a very enjoyable recipe to try otherwise!!

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