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Apr 18

12 Responses to “Breakfast Bombs”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Woo! Breakfast is a healthy Habit! Woo! Night in the woods rules!

  2. Dennis Says:

    I just tried one of the “Tasty” recipe videos on YouTube.

    It did NOT turn out the way that I wanted.

    The next time I try something in the kitchen, I’m doing one of your recipes. I have a feeling that the results are going to be ALOT better.

  3. Wayren Says:

    Oh heck yesh I am trying this one!

  4. Ayra Says:

    Actually made this. Only had smal muffin tray’s so 1 serving had to be spread over 7 forms. Was delicious!

  5. Peter Hubenett Says:

    @Dennis I’ve always had better luck with Cooking Comically than Tasty, besides instructions are a lot more clear here.

  6. Omymel Says:

    I made a frittata-type thing recently! I made it in a big pan, like you said could be done in the notes. It was good! I’ll try making one of these variations next

  7. typo Says:

    recpie? I guess it is pie like. mmmmm!

  8. Kai Says:

    @Dennis – the tasty videos actually skip over some of the prep work necessary to actually get something to taste like they make it. They assume the people watching know enough about cooking to infer the missing prep.

  9. Phang Says:

    Hm, a good breakfast in less than half an hour? And it’s not cereal? Sold!

  10. Jamey Says:

    Done and yum

  11. Jonathan Says:

    I’ve made these three times since you posted this – very simple, very flexible, and delicious! The key to cooking time is to wait until the damned thing is poofed all up over the top; I had to put one set back in for a few more minutes because it was still liquid inside after 20. Yes, I did add a metric ass-ton of goodies to the eggs, thank you. Turned out great, well worth the wait. Thanks, Tyler!

  12. Susan T-O Says:

    Just made these with sausage & onion topped with grated Parmesan & asiago because that is what I had in the house. So good. So. Good.

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