May the Food be with you.
May 18

5 Responses to “Mud Buds”

  1. Kiryn Says:

    Oh man, my mom used to make these sometimes when I was a kid, and I’d forgotten all about them. Thanks!

  2. Lunar Says:

    See… I intentionally avoided the knowledge of how to do this because I knew it would be my ruination.

    So I’m just gonna go ahead and set up some additional gym time on my calendar while the water is heating…

  3. Llowyn Says:

    Yep, definitely diet-summoning, diabeetus-inducing crack-in-a-bag. <3

  4. Phang Says:

    Yes. Yes, I do want to be a complete animal about it.

  5. Tonya Says:

    This looks so very,very,very good <3

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