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May 18

7 Responses to “Hummus”

  1. RDawn Says:


  2. Rwill Says:

    Sounds like you’re Getting a little GRUMPY?!

  3. Caroline Says:

    Lol “desperation hummus” love it! Looks yummy and keep up the good “cleanse” work!

  4. Tonya Says:

    This looks really good <3

  5. Pivilc Says:

    A quick tip, you can substitute the tahini if don’t have any with toasted sesame seeds, also you can use more garlic and bake it with herbs and olive oil and that will give it extra flavor

  6. cass Says:

    Man I feel you… my doctor’s got me on this super weird diet (no caffeine, no chocolate, no dairy, no citrus, no banana, no pineapple, no msg, no red wine, no eggs) which, in addition to restricting me to basically protein shakes and herbal tea, is not doing a G.D. thing for my symptoms. I’m drooling over your hummus that I cannot have because it has lemon juice in it.

  7. Red Sea Pearl Says:

    WAIT!! You know hummus!? Does that mean you know some other middle east recipes?? If so then can you make some desserts recipe from there? I actually live in Egypt and it’s Ramadan here, and with it comes Ramadan desserts like “kataif” and “Basdousa” I am not sure what to call it in English but I am really bad at making then

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