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May 18

6 Responses to “Frozen Banana Bites”

  1. Pyrpyr Says:

    I would be equally low-effort in hot weather. Thank you for this. Gonna have to try soon, we’ve already cracked 90 F more than once…

  2. Mia Robinson Says:

    LOL “there’s always money in the banana stand” tbt when arrested development wasn’t bought by Netflix.

  3. Kate Reed Says:

    I have a hate-hate relationship with summer. And avocados (allergic.) And bananas (also allergic.) Can’t wait to see next week though, since the diet’s over!

  4. jay yied Says:

    yo i came here to say thanks, i just made the garlic lime chicken and the double bake potato recipe ,hands down best thing ive ever cooked. thank you very much for making cooking fun. making that meal restored my happiness. im about to try the frozen banana bites sometime this week.

    peace out
    Jay Yied

  5. Danae Dang Says:

    “75 degrees? That’s nothing!” I say as I stand in 25 degree weather in Canada and already sweating.

  6. Brittany Meraz Says:

    This looks delicious and easy to make. As soon as Wednesday comes back I’m making this. 🙂 This is gonna be great! >.<

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