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Jul 18

10 Responses to “The Complete Animal Burger”

  1. Angelica Costa Says:

    And there goes my diet… lol

    I’m drooling over here…

  2. Cole Litalien Says:

    In the pacific northwest we call the spread “Fry Sauce” for of course, dipping our frys in. But yes that sauce can be used in multiple fast food sandwichs, corn dogs, hot dogs and even in some cases milkshakes. It’s a sauce meant to be experimented with. Great recipes as always.

  3. Omymel Says:

    I haven’t tried your smashburger recipe yet. Looks like I need to get on that

  4. Capitol X Says:

    What is with people putting toppings on the bottom? It makes everything slippery and hard to manage! They’re called toppings for a reason!

  5. Phang Says:

    I need to stop reading this strip at work before lunch…stomach growling is going to distract coworkers…

  6. anon Says:

    Holy craaaaaaaaaaap, weeks of recipes have been leading up to this. This is gonna be my dinner.

  7. Varic Says:

    This looks awesome and I will be making it soon. Any plans on writing another cookbook? I know they take time and lots of effort, but it would be amazing, and I would definitely buy at least 1 (probably more as gifts).

  8. Ellis Snow Says:

    Just finished webtoon you now I’m here and I’ll say this was the first I clicked on because I always wanted to try this burger so thanks! I’ll be using turkey for sub though cant eat beef bad for my stomach

  9. Dave Says:

    Made this yesterday. You’re absolutely right – the grilled mustard definitely adds a great deal to the flavor. And the sauce was good as well. Even the very picky kids declares them the best burgers ever.

  10. Arkzist Says:

    Um the onions are not optional

    It is not animal style without onions

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