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Jul 18

6 Responses to “The Complete Animal Burger”

  1. Omymel Says:

    I haven’t tried your smashburger recipe yet. Looks like I need to get on that

  2. Capitol X Says:

    What is with people putting toppings on the bottom? It makes everything slippery and hard to manage! They’re called toppings for a reason!

  3. Phang Says:

    I need to stop reading this strip at work before lunch…stomach growling is going to distract coworkers…

  4. Varic Says:

    This looks awesome and I will be making it soon. Any plans on writing another cookbook? I know they take time and lots of effort, but it would be amazing, and I would definitely buy at least 1 (probably more as gifts).

  5. Dave Says:

    Made this yesterday. You’re absolutely right – the grilled mustard definitely adds a great deal to the flavor. And the sauce was good as well. Even the very picky kids declares them the best burgers ever.

  6. Arkzist Says:

    Um the onions are not optional

    It is not animal style without onions

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