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Oct 18

6 Responses to “Lowcountry Red Rice”

  1. Kiryn Says:

    This is a lot like several jambalaya recipes I’ve tried. They all want me to cook the rice in the sauce, and it never turns out good. The rice always ends up mealy or there’s too much liquid left after. I’ll try adding the precooked rice at the end next time.

  2. Peter Bain Says:

    I am LOVING the Southern Edition. My wife is from North Carolina and has introduced me to some awesome dishes that need to be more globally known.

    I know this is a big ask, but IF you happened to attend the Loris Bog-Off, and IF you found a chicken bog recipe you loved, would it make it to the site?

  3. Jamey Says:

    Challenge: now make it without any red pepper or red pepper derivative. (food allergy)

    Paprika is made from red bell peppers.

    ok, go.

  4. S.L. Shirley Says:

    Jamey: Well, you lose a little color by leaving off the paprika entirely, but I think you could swap in some sweet onion instead of the red pepper. I don’t have the allergy, but I would leave off the chili flakes myself. That’s a “to taste” sort of ingredient, IMHO. Just, pay extra attention to what’s in that sausage. In my experience, smokey sausage can sub for spicy sausage in most things.

    You’ll end up with a much less spicy dish, more savory, but still recognizable as “Red Rice.”

    Anyway, that’s how I would do it.

  5. Ty Mack Says:

    After the strawberry lemonade recipe I canceled my patreon because I thought the effort was just not there anymore, but after this… I’m back on board, delicious, even better than your jambalaya recipe

  6. Farmer Says:

    You can substitute carrot and celery for the bell pepper. The cajun holy trinity is just a variation on mirepoix. The resulting flavor will be more french than cajun, but it won’t be unfamiliar.

    If you can eat it, cayenne can be substituted for the paprika, though it’ll make it spicier. Chili powder works as well, if you can eat it. If all capsicum varietals are out, then cumin or pink peppercorn can be good substitutes. Annatto and tumeric can also be used.

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