May the Food be with you.
Oct 18

3 Responses to “Chicken Curry”

  1. AngelicDirt Says:

    You got an extra ‘e’ in that powder the first time… at least. I decided to ignore it and keep reading. :v

    I usually don’t eat curry as it’s always entirely too hot. But this looks like it’s worth a try. :3

  2. Mae Says:

    Hey! Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been following your comics since Webtoon (I know, a really long time ago). Thank you so much for always brightening up my day. I always look forward to your comics (not to put any pressure on you here, sorry!). But I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  3. Phang Says:

    This recipe has become a staple in my house! I had to modify the spices, though – 5 tbsp of curry powder makes for an incredibly strong sauce, so I’ve lowered it to more like 2. Regardless, this is delicious and makes for great leftovers!

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