May the Food be with you.
Oct 18

3 Responses to “Naan”

  1. Omymel Says:

    I love naan! I want to try to make this soon. This might be a silly question, but are the two cloves of garlic that you set aside at the beginning meant to be used in the garlic butter mixture you mentioned at the end? I lost track of why they were set aside

  2. Carol Says:

    Have you ever considered using a mortar and pestle for crushing the garlic? I have one after seeing the movie Julie and Julia along with getting Julia child’s cool book mastering the art of French cooking.

  3. Loin Says:

    I actually made this. It was very good. Didn’t use the same amount of water because my flour was fluffy. Came out really good. My hubbys new favorite tortillas

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