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Jan 19

3 Responses to “Mac & Peas”

  1. Kiryn Says:

    My mac and cheese always has broccoli or peas in it. But because I’m lazy and don’t like using more pans than necessary, I toss the veggies in the water with the pasta after it’s been cooking for a few minutes so they don’t get overcooked.

    Yeah I know, you’re not supposed to boil veggies because they lose too many of their nutrients into the water. But if I’m cooking pasta in that same water and the pasta is soaking it up, I’m not losing as much, right? This is what I tell myself to avoid dirtying a second pot.

  2. Kate from Iowa Says:

    Hey Kiryn, you can just gently microwave the veggies in whatever bowl it is you plan on serving the mac & cheese in. You don’t dirty an extra pot, and don’t boil your veggies to death that way. (Of course, if serving directly from the pan this doesn’t really help though, does it?)

  3. Omymel Says:

    Congratulations on your marriage! I am sure you will have many happy years of delicious food in your future

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