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Nov 11

Hobo Pies



Hugh builds motorcycles.  Give him a shout if you’re into that sort of thing.





75 Responses to “Hobo Pies”

  1. Ale Says:

    Oh dear God, everyone of your recipes makes my mouth water. But now I’ve tried this, we went “camping” and did this and it wus AWESOME! Thank you so much, it tasted like winter and fire and awesomeness, I love you <3

  2. CrossRoad Says:

    My Girl Scouts do something very similar, though we usually use chicken and a lot of ketchup!

  3. gonzalo Says:

    just one thing to say:

  4. tonya cinnamon Says:

    This sounds goooooood 🙂

  5. Matt Says:

    Used to make these a lot in boy scouts. Looks delish!

  6. Paul Says:

    Is there anything that shouldn’t go into the pouches?

    I know you have to be careful with chicken, as uncooked/unevenly cooked chicken can be deadly. But is there a list or a category of food that should be left out for safety reasons?

  7. Brett Says:

    I love these. We used to make them all the time growing up. Keep up the good work!

  8. Corey_S Says:

    This looks tasty, and that’s cool. But that Merguez that you mentioned. Man, I gotta try that.

  9. Fan Says:

    Awesome as always! Perfect for bonfires!

  10. frankie Says:

    Question: I live in a city apartment: fires are a near impossibility, especially in the freezing weather. Is there a way to do this on the stove or someplace city compatible?

  11. Jessica Says:

    oh i’m excited to try this!

  12. Sara Says:

    AMAZING! Great tailgating idea for the New England winter games!

  13. Kumquat Says:

    must spread this …must spread the love…!
    Merguez.. so many bbq memories .. I miss Algeria D’:

  14. weez Says:

    @ frankie

    no doubt, throw them pouches in the oven at 350!

    you’ll be just fine in about half an hour

    that’s how we do it on the third floor

  15. Toast Says:

    hot diggity damn. this is amazing. i’m having guests over in about 12 hours. i had no menu planned…but now…i have this…this fantastic idea!!! thank you, mista capps! and stumbleupon. <3 :'D

  16. John Norman Says:

    Awesome. I’m doing this with my friends. It’s a great alternative to having a barbecue. Even the weak malnourished vegetarians can join in and it’s great for the cold since there’s a fire. I might put whisky in a pouch.

  17. jon Says:

    fat tire is awesome beer, hobo pie is awesome cooking

  18. Katie Pers Says:

    When does the narwhal bacon?! Love the comics!

  19. Vanille Says:

    Just found this website today. Already lookin’ awesome! 😀

  20. Baliseth Says:

    This is awesome with just whole chicken breasts and a few veggies. 😀 I used to make it when I was younger every time I went camping with my parents. 😀

  21. ZBeebs Says:

    Why serve over rice? Why not just precook the rice and add a scoop in with all the other ingredients? Also, what do you use to label the pouches? Just a simple Sharpie? I want to be sure to use something that will survive the fire.

  22. Chris Says:

    hi just a little question how did you prepare and insert the ground beef just in balls or how? just curious to how you did the ground beef I was thinking of making them into meat balls or something but if you could tell me how you prepared them i would deeply appreciate it.

  23. Mace Says:

    Is the ground beef/sausage cooked before it goes into the fire, or do you put it in the packets raw?

  24. Kelsey Says:

    I’m making them to day, but cooking them in the oven instead of on a fire. And i forgot about putting the beer in, NOOOO!!

  25. NameEntered Says:

    Winter is coming, i think this is the earliest you made me actually LOL, also you should post pics of giving this to random homeless people you find for the lulz

  26. Nick Says:

    I really like your blog. I like reading about the food you make.

  27. Jason Says:

    Your blog is fantastic. I stumbledupon here using the cooking channel, and this site has been an island of awesome in the sea of boring housewife cooking blogs that focus on nothing but cupcakes….Keep it up!

  28. OmNom Says:

    Love your website and recipes! I just wanted to make a request; seafood/cajun cooking is all the rage in some parts of SoCal, and I was wondering if you could figure out a recipe.

    (Secretly I just want to see the comics that would accompany a recipe like this)

  29. Summer Says:

    OMG!!! Great idea!! I cannot wait to try this with my friends!! Btw I LOVE your site!!!

  30. Ashlee Says:

    I love camping for this reason… You can do omelettes this way, too. I like mine with potatoes, onions, cheese, eggs and whatever spices we have on hand. SO tasty!

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  32. Jools Says:

    I think I love you. You have combined my two favourite things and made them amazing. Comedy and cooking. Yep, I’ve found a home on this website.

  33. Adrienne Says:

    Love this! My dad makes hobo dinners. He takes foil, covers with a bed of onions, tops with a hamburger patty, sliced carrots and potatoes, seals the foil and sets them on the grill. When done we smother with ketchup and it’s amazing. I’m so happy that other people understand the greatness of a “hobo meal”!!!

  34. Bailey Says:

    I make these while camping every year! I usually decide it’s done when the potatoes are nice and soft.

  35. Audrey Says:

    Love that you guys made a great evening out of this! And yes, these meals are excellent for camping. Great posting!

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  37. Scott Says:

    I just stumbled on this and i think im gomma make this next weekend. Love your site:D

  38. Anthony Says:

    I love your threads, always makes me laugh and great ideas!!! Keep up the good shit!!

  39. Clarissa Says:

    Making this right now. The absolute best meal I’ve ever made! I’m so excited for a cook book!

  40. Phil Says:

    hey, i know this might be random, but i was wondering if you had a way to donate? I love what you do and the artwork is always spot on. I’d love to make a donation.

    P.S. Another great recipe as expected.

  41. Zack Says:

    Hey, love the comics and the recipes.

    Now, I saw the post about syrup, so I am not judging or criticizing, just a suggestion.

    I noticed you had store bought spicy ranch in the picture. Instead of buying both regular and spicy ranch, I like to just add Sriracha to regular ranch when I want it to be spicy. This way I can buy regular ranch at a bulk price instead of both and you can make it as spicy as you want it to be.


  42. LG Says:

    To all those wondering if the meat needs to be pre-cooked: No. You can make meat balls or patties with the ground beef, they should do just fine. If you want to put chunks of steak (we get it on the cheap as stew meat) or chicken, make sure the pieces are 2″x2″ or less. We used to also put dollops of cream of whatever soup into our packets. Yum.

  43. Mina Says:

    We had a cookout last night and it was amazing! You can probably skip the spicy ranch if you chop some jalapenos, ’cause it sure got hot. We also added some butter to the pouches and the vegetables were extra tasty! Thank you so much for the recipe! It amazed us all 😀

  44. Alec Says:

    I totally forgot about these until a few years ago. I originally learned about them while in Boy Scouts a damn long time ago. This is all right there in the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) handbook, too. The Girl Scouts know of it as well. Anyways, I began doing these again a few years ago, and I can offer these suggestions:

    – Use “Bubba Burgers” for ground beef. I know you can find them in Walmart or Publix here in the Southeast US. They’re not cheep, but totally worth it. They’re awesome alone just as burgers, but they add an extra flavor “burst” in these wonderful “hobo pies”, a.k.a. “hobo packs” a.k.a. “foil packs” a.k.a. a ton of similar names.

    Thaw Bubba Burgers in the fridge about 24-36 hours prior to making your packs (Their instructions on the box say that’s not necessary, but if you want to break one up, you’re gonna have to). Before you put a patty in the foil pack, break it up loosely with a fork. Cooks more evenly. To those who like your burgers medium: as you’re cooking and checking on them don’t be afraid to go well-done. It still retains a lot of flavor, and nobody goes to the hospital. Do not roll it into a ‘meatball’. Your veggies will cook faster and end up burned. Let the meat be shredded and distributed evenly throughout everything else in the pack.

    – Avoid sauces. When using ground beef (and, really if you add sausage too..mmmm), there will be plenty of moisture from the fat of the beef. The ‘runnier’ it is, the more flavor you’re losing to the fire as it drips off. I’ve found it best to use dried/powered onion, garlic, and coarse-ground salt; as well as a spice concoction McCalls makes called “Broiled Steak Seasoning”. It’s been harder to find lately, but “Montreal Steak Seasoning” is an excellent second choice. Hell, it might even be the same thing.

    – We’re working with flavor in these things, not healthy. Do about 10 E23 more sit-ups if you want flavor, but zero fat. Or become a real hobo and just burn it off naturally.

    – If you’re adding ketchup, well, then in my humble opinion, you’ve lost the point. Even if using dried ingredients, generous portions of diced onion and bell pepper are key. I’ve never added a splash of vinegar, but it does sound intriguing. Maybe red distilled vinegar like one might find on their sub sammich?

    – Speaking of bell peppers, when cutting up your red/yellow/green peppers, retain about 5-10 % of the seeds when you add them to the packs. These have the oils that bring the flavor. However, you might want to pick these out as you eat the pack.

    – Follow your nose. When your packs begin to smell less like raw ingredients and you can smell it cooking in the exhaust of your fire (and your mouth really starts to water), give it about 1.5 more minutes, then turn them over. For how long? It’s going to do a lot of sizzling, and flair up. Give them about them same amount of time “up-side-down”. What comes in really handy for flipping these things is a metal spatula and metal tongs. Avoid ripping the foil. Take care not to drip oils on your crotch/best friend/girlfriend/dog’s penis.

    If you peek inside the pack, and the beef looks a little gray (which is always hard to tell in the evening by fire light, and never use LED light…use incandescent light), give it a few more minutes. I have yet to have an “overcooked” pack…but if that did happen I’m sure it would still be fantastic.

    Feel free to experiment, but also don’t under-cook. If you must, use a thermometer…Safe temp for ground beef is 160 F, but if you include the flat and broken up nature of your beef, then 145 seems about right. Again, follow your nose.

    – I really haven’t tried beer in a pack. If there is sausage in there (too many jokes, won’t even attempt), I’m sure it will be successful. Or maybe a little white wine to add a fruity flavor? Try it out and let us know!

    These things are so much fun to play with, and the ingredients are simple and inexpensive. As the original website suggested, tell the people on their way to your place as they call asking what might be needed to stop by the store and pick up something exotic. Wouldn’t be cool to take your guests’ orders, cook it up on the fire (charcoal, gas, broiler) and present a plate of their very own custom order, steaming hot and a complete explosion of flavor? Just be prepared to handle seconds…

  45. BetaBob Says:

    I found that salsa makes these even better, even the super cheap massed produced pace salsa, or equivalent, makes the meat so much better.

  46. Chrysa Says:

    I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!! Everything is good in them. I always add a sprinkle of powdered onion soup mix for flava….especially when camping.

    Also good, couple nice big leaves of cabbage! yum! adds little more moisture and …well….cabbage.

  47. Eddie Says:

    I HAVE TO TRY THIS ! Keep up the good work !

  48. BBQ Bill Says:

    LOVE this and the entire site… stumbled it… and will tell peeps about it… need a book from you!

  49. Misha Says:

    LOVE the Game of Thrones reference and the recipes, keep ’em comin’ bro

  50. Fill Says:

    Fun! But, I’d caution against using aluminum foil in a fire with food for health reasons (btw where’s a hobo going to get heavy duty aluminum foil?) A true hobo uses a good old iron skillet, imho. ;’) Take care.

  51. Sarah Says:

    Mmmm this makes me want Girl Scout Chicken. (It’s the same thing except not beef. Takes about an hour to cook.) Must try this now. Yum *u*

  52. Rashad Says:

    I’ve made these a couple of times for my family, my parents fucking love these things!

    For those asking whether you should cook the meat or not, don’t cook the sausage (throw them in raw). I use ground turkey instead of ground beef, but before putting them in the bag I roll them up and “gently” fry them to make meatballs (I use a recipe for Asian meatballs that involve curry paste and fish sauce). What is great about this recipe is that it is so versatile!

  53. marcy Says:

    Heres a good idea add some polish sasuage or smoked sasuage from the store comes in a link like a giant hotdog lol also some onions would be rad dont forget either hamb. seasoning in bottle like spices and then add some italian seasoning this is just my version and last but not least two tablespoons od dales liquid seasoning ENJOY!!!!YUMM Have a Great Feast!!

  54. Vedette Says:

    Tried adding salsa to it and it made it taste much more better. Thank you for this, we had tons of fun making and eating them

  55. GOD? Says:

    awesome as always

  56. Davey Says:

    Just made these for the first time with a group of friends. Everyone was blown away. I took all the left overs and put them in a slow cooker to make a stew tomorrow. First cooking comically recipe was a success!

  57. Kayla the Courageous Kooky Cook Says:

    I found your site through stumbleupon, the Pineapple Chicken burrito recipe was the one I first beheld. LOVE, love all your recipes and humor in presenting them…also, as I’m not one for cooking with specific quantities, ingredients, etc., I appreciate how flexible the recipes are. Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out! Congrats!

  58. Jenn Says:

    My Recipe for Ghetto Chicken:
    Frank’s red hot
    Tin Foil.

  59. Jon North Says:

    I know its in the middle of August but I tried these tonight. AMAZING.

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  61. SLPDave Says:

    We make ours with Steak cut into strips, potatoes, carrots, onions, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder and a few other things per individual request. Works great, is tasty and filling. We do it every time we go camping. Fun food in a fun atmosphere, with friends. You’re right! you need a big group to make it fun and memorable.

  62. Phil Says:

    I haven’t done this yet, but boy am I excited to. Got to get the firepit going this winter.

  63. Caitlin Says:

    So, we’ve got the friends, we’ve got the fire pit, we’ve got the ingredients. All that is left is to combine all of the above…which will be happening in about an hour. I’ve got high hopes!

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  65. Mike Says:

    Fat Tire! Glad to see you guys are enjoying our town’s tasty suds!

  66. Claude Says:

    Rich americans making food called hobo pie. The irony..

  67. Tatiana Says:

    Made a version of this last night. Put it in the oven in a casserole dish instead of over the fire. But it turned out great! Many thanks!

  68. Fia Says:

    You are amaingly awesome. Go you, bro. Go you.

  69. Wyvern Says:

    Do it with fruit 🙂 add some brandy 🙂

  70. jonmb warmb Says:

    when i lived in colorado, i lived with 12 roommates in a two bedroom apartment… we would go to the save-a-lot dumpster, pick out all the non-rotted produce, and make enormous pots of hobo stew. same idea, but in a stew. it was great and we fed everyone for a day or two with vegetables and broth all simmered for about an hour.
    hobo food is the best food.

  71. Dan Hopkinson Says:

    Oh dear god! What happened to the recipe?

  72. Pablo Freitas Machado Says:

    Image Link is broken :/

  73. Heather Says:

    Looks awesome. Wish I had friends to do this with.

  74. toni Says:

    In Australia it is just autunm. These will get a good run this winter! Thanks.

  75. Cashone Says:

    oh my god !! what a great and funny way to discuss a recipe. Its too easy to learn in a comic way. Thanks a lot to share such a great way to discuss a recipe.

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