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Feb 12

150 Responses to “The Fajitas …or not.”

  1. Athena Says:

    Thank you for posting another recipe 😀

  2. Cody Says:

    Looks more like a burrito, but I accept.

  3. deej Says:

    Not sure about the whole “pineapple” thing but I think I’ll try it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. John Says:


  5. Tori Says:

    Hmmm I don’t really do chicken because it weirds me right the hell out, but the rest looks delicious. PERHAPS I will accept this challenge.

  6. Brendan Says:

    this site is amazing

  7. FlowingChiaki Says:

    I agree that this looks more like a burrito than a fajita, but technicalities aside, this recipe sounds amazing.

  8. Phillip Says:

    This looks great, can’t wait to try it!

  9. Adam Says:

    Thank you, just thank you…

  10. EvilStepmommy Says:

    You “steam” your tortillas? Isn’t that cute. Be a man and put them on the open flame -30 seconds on each side!

    And if you wanna be technical – that’s a chicken burrito. Looks like a tasty burrito though. lol

  11. matt Says:

    Where’s the book?

  12. Nicki K. Says:

    “Shake it”! %-)

  13. ZBeebs Says:

    So do you add the actual pineapple chunks, or are you just using the juice?

  14. Legatto Says:

    Those aren’t fajitas, its a chicken and pepper burrito.

    “Fajitas” literally translates to “skirt steak” but most people associate fajitas with grilled/sauteed peppers and onions with some kind of meat cooked over high heat and served as a taco. The spice mixture you use looks yummy, however, and anyone who uses premixed fajita seasoning shouldn’t be cooking.

  15. Freek Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, It’s a wrap.

  16. Cris Edington Says:

    Another amazing recipe, I think I’ll make it tonight! Sounds like it’ll hit the spot PERFECTLY!

  17. Noooooooo Says:

    Normally i love you but PINEAPPLE DOES NOT BELONG IN DINNER FOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. marvin nubwaxer Says:

    what’s a fajita? it’s just a burrito to me.

  19. nbasil Says:

    Just made this recipe, other than me messing up the burrito wrap on the first shot, it came out delicious!

  20. Facundo Says:

    You just saved my dinner party tonight. For those who doubt on the pineapple juice I sugest 300cc of beer and 2 tbsp of honey, I didn’t have any pinneaple juice and that worked like a charm.

  21. henrique Says:

    looks like a burrito but i’m gonna try to do this here in brazil

  22. Scott Says:

    Excellent as always!

  23. Harald Says:

    Instead of dumpping pineapple juice and chicken and poaching both together, remove chicken from marinade, brown in high heat with a bit of butter so it doesn’t get crowded and start sweating. Cook onions and bell pepper together, at high heat. Add a little black pepper, garlic, and ground coriander. If you have a wild hair up your ass, a tiny bit of cocoa powder and/or very finely ground coffee beans.

    THEN you can put the pineapple juice in the skillet. Simmer. Reduce. Add chicken. THEN add spice packet.

    Do either chicken and rice or chicken and tortilla. Doubling up on starches is for bitches.

    Eat with home made salsa. Easy peasy: roast tomatillos in skillet til they brown with whatever spicy Mexican pepper you wanna use. Throw in blender. Add clove or two of garlic, salt, pepper, dash of lime juice, cilandro. Mix. BAM. Mexican green salsa. Orders of magnitude better than store-bought jar garbage.

  24. kumquat Says:

    YUM! Burrito, taco, fajita… I DONT give a flying fig…this looks good and I am making it…

  25. erin Says:

    god i’m hungry for whatever the hell properly named dish that is.

  26. Iliana Says:

    That is a burrito, not a fajita. Fajitas have no goddamn rice, no pineapple and in Mexico, we don’t steam our tortillas, you just put them in a comal and turn them over.

  27. kristine@SugarBeams Says:

    Perfect! Another home run! Seriously, the way you draw your cartoons is awesome, the subtlety in your drawings is hilarious! I’m definitely featuring this recipe and your blog on a post next week-Thanks again! ;-}

  28. Marcos Says:

    As any mexican will tell you, steaming tortillas is not what you do to tortillas, you heat up a flat iron, throw your tortilla at it and then let it cook, flip, repeat ???? profit.
    mad props for flipping it with your fingers without burning yourself.

  29. I Worship Your Recipes Says:

    So. You need to know this. I fu~ AHEM. Freaking love your site, and your recipes. I want more FOOD! I’ve made each and every one of your recipes so far, and I have NEVER been disappointed. Seriously, though. More food.

  30. duh Says:

    this is terrible. tasted worse than the drawing, you really lost your touch since 2am chilli. why don’t you examine some fundamentals!

  31. miriam Says:

    I want to marry this guy!

  32. Joey B. Says:

    I come from a Mexican family, and I can easily tell you that tortillas are supposed to be heated on a griddle.

    Of course, if you want to be extra-manly, you can make them, like I do. 😉

  33. Jessie Says:

    you sir, have made my day. possibly my week. but most assuredly my day. please, do not stop posting recipes.

  34. Drewsifer Says:

    So I added a pepper that I’ve had for about a year now. I ground it up and added it to the spices. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  35. bob Says:

    you seriously need a print option w/o pictures for your recipes. 17 pages? i don’t have no ipad to keep in the kitchen. f**k that noise.

  36. mariha Says:

    pineapple ABSOLUTELY belongs in dinner food. and there’s nothing wrong with the order this is presented. its a simple straight forward way to cook a great dinner.

  37. eduardo Says:

    as an American of Mexican descent, I can tell you that most Mexicans use either a comal (flat cast iron grill) or we warm them up directly on the stove top over the fire and flip them with our fingers. These options give the tortillas full flavor, so never ever microwave tortillas, and definitely do not steam your tortillas.

  38. Leah Says:

    I’ve seen many of your cartoons and this was the first thing that I’ve made, it was a huge success! Nomnomnom

  39. mark Says:

    as a true man i use my bare hand and a skillet

  40. Dionne Baldwin Says:

    Love your comic approach to the traditional blog technique. No seriously I LOVE it! I shall steam my tortillas in this fashion from now on although I never did use the icky microwave. 🙂

  41. El Nopal Says:

    YOU DON’T STEAM TORTILLAS!!! YOU USE A METAL PLATE TO HEAT THE TORTILLAS UP!!! GET THEM TO COOK WELL, WET TORTILLAS AIN’T RIGHT!!! this is sponsored by a fucking mexican who actually lives in Mexico. (not a chicano)

  42. Billdave Says:

    Thank you- The pinapple with the chili reminds me of many great meals at the taco wagon in Colonia Roma in Mexico City and in the city of Guanajuato- usually with pork there to make tacos al pastor. Don’t let the haters bring you down, this meal would pass muster in Mexico.

  43. Londyn Says:

    It looks like a burrito, a delicious burrito.

  44. David Says:

    When are people going to stop correcting these recipes? Seriously, you douche bags need to understand that this is HIS take on the food, not the only way to do it.

    Tyler, Keep making these recipes – I love them and your art. Forget the ignorant dwellers.

  45. Psylak Says:

    @ZBeebs was wondering about the pineapple chunks as well…

  46. Korbl Says:

    Got any good recipes for tortilla chips?

  47. Ephy Says:

    wth is wrong with steaming, using pineapples, or whatever shit. this is his version of the recipe and he’s doing marvelous job in getting young people to learn cooking, SO STOP bringing him down for god’s sake. sheesh

  48. Jam Says:

    Ah, don’t let the internet bitching touch ya. Every bit of the internet thinks it has a cherish-able opinion. As for this bit of internet – Nate’s Pineapple Chicken Fajitas would still be “Nate’s Pineapple Chicken Fajitas” even if it was called Nate’s Upside Down Purple Potato Salad. Steam it, burn it, grill it, fart it… Darling Mexico and it’s darling inhabitants really don’t give a damn about what’s done to heat up your personal tortillas~ And pineapples are always delicious.

  49. Monty Says:

    Top stuff as always Tyler. Ignore the haters and please keep doing your thing!

  50. Cassie Says:

    I love your site. It feels like home. Warm comfy home. BURRITO!

  51. Mike Says:

    These comics are awesome! Keep it up!(Don’t listen to all this unappreciative whinging and whining!)

  52. Chelsea Says:

    As commentor number 50…

    I think this sounds amazing and I REALLY enjoy reading (and making then eating) your recipes. Keep up the great work!

  53. Gatewalker Says:

    Hmm. If I leave out the peppers and toned down the spicyness(a travesty, I agree. But we do what we must), I MIGHT be able to get the picky child to eat this. Will have to give it a shot.

  54. capricorn Says:

    And another one delivered like a Pro.

    Any news on your book? I want one copy as soon it is out 😀

  55. Jan Says:

    i like ur idea but i cant eat pineapple… any suggestions with what i can replace it with?

  56. nittoai Says:

    Just made this and it turned out great! XD

  57. Misha Says:

    If you really want your measure-bot to explode, you should heat up your tortillas in a pan, that’s just to increase a 10% your “man-points”, but if you’re really a man, you should heat ’em up directly from the fire.

  58. Penelope Says:


  59. Barrinhos Says:

    I fucking love your recipes, and so far they seem very simple, when are we gona see something a little more complex??

  60. Nic Says:

    WHO ACTUALLY CARES WHAT ITS CALLED… You guys are pathetic, get a life… This looks amazing, so I made it, and it tasted amazing! Keep up the wicked job dude! Your posts the best!

  61. Zane Says:

    I just made this recipe tonight, amazing!! The combination of sweet pineapple and tender chicken was an amazing play of flavors.

  62. Toni Says:

    I’m wondering where the hell you’re from… Steaming flour tortillas???

  63. Nicole Says:

    This was hilarious. My husband hates recipes, but he’ll love looking at this one with me. VERY COOL!!!!

  64. Who_man Says:

    i don’t get why everyone is pointing out that this isn’t a fajita…that is the …or not part as well the crossed out fajita and written in Burrito part..

  65. Jeff Says:

    Dinner. Done right.

    Tyler writing his recipes in this format is so totally, completely, epically, cool. No, cooler than that. So cool, when he breaths hard, Al Gore bitches about Global COOLING.

    I loved 2AM chili, and just found your blog. Good luck on the book.

  66. Cheez-Borger Says:

    I think this sounds amazing. I have already tried the “2am chili” and the “teriyaki burger”. Even better than the recipes, I really enjoy reading your recipes. Keep up the great work!

  67. bunnyshank Says:

    ROFL!!! “Shake it.”!!!

  68. pastrybitch Says:

    Not that I’m a man at all, I’m a girl I work with a bunch of them though, in a kitchen actually recipe sounds good but i would strongly suggest that the chicken actually be cooked… onions whatever eat them raw, cook your chicken.

  69. livin' in a glass house with a bucket of rocks Says:

    good, simple to do and very funny. who the fuck cares that you need to print out 17 pages of recipe! who the fuck does that?!? grab a fucking pen and paper and write the basics. judgmental and lazy and self-important. mexican in mexico; why you gotta hate? and everyone else masturbating to your egos on this dudes site- what have you done on your kick ass recipe (or whatever) website this month? and that banana/reeses pieces ice cream shit was awesome!

  70. Cook Says:

    Dude! Nice! You can try heating the tortillas directly on the fire, flipping them every 4 seconds on high heat (LIKE A BOSS) don’t burn yourself though. They’ll start puffing up and they’ll get a little crispy too 😀

  71. Jeff Says:

    This is the stupidest fucking website I’ve ever seen… This is like cooking for retards who hate food. Shameful, and the comic aspect is childish and ridiculous.

  72. Greg Says:

    yo dude, calm down.

  73. Greg Says:

    oh and I tried this with a couple pinches of crushed red pepper powder, which was a super good decision (my personal opinion) added just a bit more kick and tasted more like that So Cal mexican food that I love oh so much.

  74. Jeff Says:

    I’m an asshole

  75. Michelle Says:

    Geez, so many technicalities. I suppose I’ll contribute though. Chicken fajita burrito? Sounds about right. I do prefer my tortillas on an open flame or even just turned over on a skillet. This does seem delicious. Will be trying it soon.

  76. dangerfield Says:

    what you didnt make your own tortillas? gotta make your own tortillas. make your own tortillas girls will slip of their seats

  77. Jason Fonceca Says:


    This is the sexiest, coolest, epic-est cooking site evar.



  78. Sarah Says:

    WELL DONE! I’m always leery of chicken getting cooked until it’s dry & tough. The pineapple juice worked perfectly to tenderize the chicken. I threw in a few of the pineapple pieces and added some beans. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!

  79. PopinCookin Says:

    Love the way to present your recipes! well dne!

  80. Icarin Says:

    We heat our tortillas using an Emmet “Doc” Brown approved nuclear reactor. I might be trying this recipe for the week, I want to re-start cooking my own meals to take to the office (’cause the food from the company cafeteria sucks).

    Keep it going! Also, if you get published…are you going to try for a kindle (or whatever, just no paper) version? I’ll definitively buy it.

    Also if ANYONE(this word sounds strikingly close to “anoying”, mmm…) wonders what fajita means: Strips or rectangle-shaped pieces of meat. Usually grilled red meat or chicken…OH MY I HAVE WRITTEN TOO MUCH! BYE!

  81. Josh Says:

    Love this website – will be trying this recipe soon! Keep it up.

  82. yalla Says:

    this is my shit

    I love you, but you knew that yeah?

  83. lindsey Says:

    So microwaving a tortilla isn’t manly, but ShockTop’s OK?

    either way it looks delicious. 🙂

  84. Painter Says:

    Hey, loved the imaging concept. However,could not see…getting old…the kinds of spices you used for your wonderful cooking experience. Maybe you might want to do a formal list of measurements and ingredients at the end of the illustrations for those of us who are totally annal. I never thought of pineapple but it sounds like a great idea and you’ve inspired me to make this the next time I cook Mexican. Also, the double starch thing has to go…rice aaannnnddd flour tortilla…not a good idea unless you’re training and need the carbs! Also agree with the poster who suggested to cook chicken first, then spices, then juice. Remember the juice is to marinate not to cook with generally….so adding a few pineapple pieces and a few Tbls of pineapple juice would be wonderful!!!

  85. wolf krusemark Says:

    I love how you incorporate cartoons in your site. Fun!

  86. Buck Says:

    Made it and it was a little too spicy for the family. Tasted great and then BAM, cayenne pepper just hit you out of nowhere. Definitely doing it again but with a little less cayenne. Thanks!

  87. Merc Says:

    I swear to God, I cook using these recipes, and people think I’m some kind of cooking virtuoso. Thanks for the ideas! With a few modifications, I make them my own, and now I even impress the co-workers, and family. On point.

  88. Toshia Says:

    Giving it a try! I’ll let you know how it turned out!

  89. Dr. Damage Says:

    Excuse me! Real mean don’t use pineapple on mexican food or pizza! You have no room to diss anybody that heats up tortillas in a microwave! Do not let this happen again!

  90. Mary Margaret Says:

    This turned out great! I marinated it then threw it on the stove. It was so good had the pineapple turn brown and it was awesome!

  91. NatalieLenora Says:

    If people don’t agree with the the recipe THE AUTHOR HAS CREATED Shut the F*** up and get off this recipe and move on to the next. OR get some gumption and start your own website. Nuff said.

    Now that I am finished with my rant on ignorant hurtful people, Ahem… I am so eager to try this but I am SOOO allergic to bell peppers its not even funny. So I am trying to figure out if it will taste the same. I have tried almost all of your other recipes with AMAZING results! Thank you for keeping this going. I have been a fan since 2 AM Chili was just out.
    And yes I do have speakers in my kitchen!
    Keep up the great work!

  92. Josh Says:

    Sounds amazing, and the tortilla steamer idea is a good one. However, real men heat their tortillas directly over the fire of a burner- I’m inclined to think a steamed tortilla is tastier, provided it doesn’t get soggy, but let’s be fair, fire is infinitely manlier than steam.

  93. mmm... mushrooms Says:

    Great posts, but Mushrooms would make it even more manly!

  94. ChefSteven Says:

    PEOPLE< Notice @the beginning of the recipe "fajita" is crossed out and burrito is wrote in! Great no go away!

  95. Austin Says:

    Who gives a flying flippy fuck about what the dish is called!? It looks delicious and I hope to try it soon. Don’t stop making these recipes bro.

  96. John Says:

    I made these yesterday, delicious! I was worried about all the spice, it seemed like a lot but it turned out to be the exact right amount. I would make it exactly the way it is shown, easily the best burrito I’ve ever had!

  97. Holly Says:

    I happened to stumble upon your site and just love it. Your are quite a talented young man. What a great burrito recipe? Thank you.

  98. notlaughing Says:

    these arent even funny

  99. moses Says:

    i love canadian bacon and pinneapple pizza i stumbled upon this gotta fuckin try good lookin out been trying to find some thing creative3

  100. Aztuneio Says:

    Emm… I’m Mexican and I’ve never eat “steam” tortillas! I think that’s weird :s

  101. Ryan Says:

    Oh fuck balls. I made this. Though I was unsure of how many pineapples to put in the mixture. (Ended about half, though more would have been enjoyed.)

    And that is definitely the best, healthy way to prepare a shell. Kudos.

  102. ola Says:

    made this with tofu instead of chicken. yummy!

  103. Clyde Says:

    did this for dinner and turned out awesome. keep them coming guy!

  104. Christina Says:

    Learn Middle eastern Falafel recipe @

  105. General_Googe Says:

    My brothers and I made this last night, and we had a few additions:
    one: marinating the chicken in the pineapple juice overnight would be delicious.
    Two: make sure to leave some pineapple chunks in the juice with the chicken, it’s delicious in the burrito.
    Three: We kind of steamed the tortilla’s in the microwave by putting a bowl with a slightly smaller circumference than the tortilla’s in the microwave, with a bit of water in it, then put the tortilla on top of the bowl, and heated it for 30-40 seconds, they tasted great.
    Four: we added extra flour, and a bit of corn starch to the sauce so it would thicken up a bit.
    And five, the biggest one: let the final product sit for a short while before eating! The sauce congeals and is absolutely delicious.

  106. Chris Says:

    My roommates think I’m a natural cook! Thanks!

  107. Kaitlyn Says:

    Probably the coolest website I have stumbled upon in a while. Will definitely be trying out this recipe.

  108. Ricky Panesar Says:

    I like the idea of adding the pineapple juicce to the chicken. Nice blog…by the way!

  109. James Says:

    I don’t care if you call it spaghetti or okonomiyaki, saying ‘fajita’ will produce the same results, provided you follow the recipe–which is awesome. I think I will make everything on this website forever. P.S. Log Cabin rox sox!

  110. cindy Says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww steamed tortilla! no way man thats what white pple do to great tortillas, flip the pan around and put directly over fire. place tortilla on the hot pan. after ten seconds flip over do this twice thats called a cooked tortilla…

  111. Stephanie Says:

    I made these today and they were absolutely delicious! Great recipe! Can’t wait for the next recipe :o)

  112. Daniela Says:

    I almost started crying when I tasted the pineapples, so fucking good. Like many others, I’ll buy the book as soon as it comes out! By the way, I love you

  113. Kathleen Says:

    Sounds wonderful — definitely going to try it! BTW, chopped up pineapple in rice is a mighty tasty thing. Cook the rice in water with a bit of pineapple juice, and it’s a great accompaniment for teriyaki-marinated meats. It’d probably be mighty fine here as well. Should I even mention the heavenly taste of grilled pineapple? Nah, I’ll leave that for later…

  114. Kyle Says:

    Touche recipe guy, looks good and keep ’em coming.

  115. Kuron Says:

    Looks sooooooo good. I’ll definitely be making this this week. I love how easy these recipes are 😀

  116. Nicki K. Says:

    Just read some of the anal tortilla-griddling-purist posts, giggling, and now my eyes are completely wonky from that stripey pattern to the left and right on your page. You’d think I’d know how to minimize a browser window, but I really don’t, apparently…
    Anyhow, I just wanted to say: love your postscript!

  117. Mike Says:

    Method to steam tortillas = Mind blown!

  118. Erin Says:

    Pretty sure he introduced an easy method of steaming because people tend to just throw their tortillas in the microwave to warm them up when serving easy taco stuff or whatever. Honestly it doesn’t matter as long as the food is enjoyed, so don’t be a hater 🙂 he makes recipes fun to read and easy to follow. So much win! Keep up the good work!

  119. chef fatuma Says:

    always a pleasure, i love the artistry of your site. makes me want to come back everytime. waiting for the next one

  120. Sam Says:

    In the title, he crosses out ‘fajita’ and replaces it with ‘burrito’. Jesus, learn to read.

  121. Dan Says:

    Who cares what the technical name is, it’s delicious!!

  122. N Says:

    This… I must make it. Yes.

  123. Emmy Says:

    These fajitas were AMAZING! Thank you!

  124. Kayla Says:

    So much fun reading your recipe; very creative site. And I like how comprehensive everything is, what with the list at the bottom for extra clarity. Looking forward to making this recipe some special night! Thank you! Keep it up!

  125. Guilherme Silva Says:

    awesome man!

  126. Christine Says:

    This site is dripping with win. Publish a book and I will buy a dozen…I swear.

  127. Fritz Says:

    Hey man, I made this dish for Cinco de Mayo, it was… awesome! Totally making this again. You’ve got to publish your book dude, I’ll buy that sh*t in a heartbeat!

  128. Brandon Says:

    Holy Crap!! These reminded me of a burrito shop in San Diego but better. Keep it with the foodie skills man this was great.

  129. ken Says:

    it fucking says burrito you critical nitpicking assholes. Delicious by the way.

  130. Chris Says:

    My whole life I have never been anything resembling a cook beyond the world of ramen and frozen burritos. This site has changed that; the food always looks so delicious, and the tone of the writing and the photos and illustrations make it look so easy to do that I just couldn’t help but start trying it. I’ve been cooking bomb dinners once a week for three weeks now, and there’s always enough left over to keep me fed for a while. I’m saving money, learning a new skill, and eating delectable dishes made with my own hands. Thanks! And MOAR PLZ!!!1 🙂

  131. Your mom Says:

    Why is everyone so butt hurt? IT’S A FAJITA BURRITO. Who gives a shit if he puts rice in his, maybe he thought it was better that way? GET OFF his nutsack, & enjoy life you nitpickin assholes.

  132. Walter Says:

    So, that Shock Top, is that just for the chef’s benefit or did you skip a step where it was used? Either way, this looks tasty. I’m about to whip up a steak version of this for lunch, and I can’t friggin wait 😀

  133. Katie Says:

    I love this recipe so much. As a college student this was great. I made this a few times each semester. It was pretty cheap, tasted great and lasted me awhile. I could make it on Monday and it would last me till Wednesday, dinner and lunch. Thank you so much for posting this.

  134. Tom Says:

    me and my girlfriend made these last night. we added our own rice (boil in the bag) just to make it more burrito than fajita!! it was the best thing we have ever made in the kitchen, better than nandos!!!

  135. Jo Says:

    Make your own torillas. Your mind will be blown.
    Combine 2 cups flour and 1/2 tsp salt. Add 1/4 cup butter, crumbling with your fingers until the mixture is fine and even. Add 1/2 cup water and combine. Knead 2 minutes. Wrap in plastic wrap for about 30 minutes. Divide into 6-8 pieces. Roll out thin. Toss one on a hot, ungreased skillet. Wait for it to puff (about 20-30 seconds), flip over for another 20 seconds. Done. Continue with the rest. Bad ass tortillas. Carry on, gentlemen.

  136. Jack Says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are complaining about pineapples.

  137. atypicaloracle Says:

    As a guy who lives in the United States (it’s one of those two countries slightly north of Mexico; also slightly north of Mexico is where this recipe is being made) I don’t give so much as one fuck – nay, one half of one fuck! – how Mexicans prepare their tortillas in Mexico, or in any other country.

    I like steamed tortillas. They’re not “wet” unless you are incapable of steaming things without soaking them in water. I don’t feel like burning my damn fingers on no upside-down skillet on the stove or setting my corn-meal burrito-diaper ablaze trying to scorch it on a damn open flame, either. Steaming makes the tortillas hot and flexible. Good enough for me.

  138. Kev Says:

    It’s smell so good and it is so delicious!
    Thank you so much for recipe.

  139. Mike Pole Says:

    Thanks guys, here is my attempt:

  140. Fultz Says:

    I put one up my butt.

  141. Fultz Says:

    Make that two.

  142. Matt Says:

    This was my second meal I made from this website. Oh my goodness it is so good! I really love how easy the recipe is to follow. Please make more, i keep looking every day for more new ones! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  143. Bimbo Says:

    I pimped it with some coconut milk.
    Fucking godly.

  144. Traci Says:

    I made this with leftover TrustFall chicken. It is so good. Too easy to be called cooking!!

  145. The Chad Says:

    Made these tonight and topped them with some peach-mango salsa and a dab of sour cream. It was like the “I’ll have what she’s having” scene from When Harry Met Sally, only without the acting.

  146. LaTasha Says:

    Tried this with shrimp because it was around lent time. It was delicious!

  147. C.Hardman Says:

    He said it was burritos up top lol, CAN YOU NOT READ? Looks delicious too

  148. evaunit3 Says:

    you know what shit i think is weak? you got pinapple in a can… you gotta go juice it yourself man… get the cored pinapple from the grocery store or something. just like any other canned food, the fresh stuff just tastes significantly different….. not ‘better’ or ‘worse’ just different

  149. MIss Dee Says:

    Actually, a burrito and a fajita are essentially the same thing. A fajita has vegetables, a burrito has rice and or beans. So this is, in fact a fajita, which actually is not a traditional Mexican dish, more of a Mex-American thing. Sounds amazing, I am definitely going to try this. I was thinking, though, of cooking the pineapple in with the chicken when adding the peppers and onions, but I am on the fence about it.

  150. Duncan Says:

    Personally, i just drop my tortillas over the pan that i’m cooking my meat in. it steams them, and gets a little flavor in them.

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