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Apr 12

The MacGuffin Muffin


Also, I feel I should note that the Measurebot is an actual thing (that I have nothing to do with other than the fact that I own one.)Β  I got it as a gift for Christmas last year and you can buy them on Thinkgeek.


107 Responses to “The MacGuffin Muffin”

  1. denver Says:

    thank man i will try it as soon as i clean the drool from my keyboard XD

  2. Devan Eve Says:

    These look delicious. :3

  3. Troi Says:


  4. Eternal Says:

    Hah! Very clever. Though a bit more quiche than muffin, that’s still a quick, easy, hot breakfast with tons of flavor and style. Well done, my good fellow.

  5. X Says:

    I have all of the things for this! To the oven!

  6. Christine Says:

    Good more fun ways to cook better people.

  7. Dave Says:

    You sir, are my new hero of the cooking world. Relatively easy recipies with a twist of absolute side-splitting humor! Thank you! You put food network to shame. (Other than Alton Brown)

  8. Erin Says:

    I don’t care what you call it or anything else, that looks delicious. Making them this weekend when I go home πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, keep the awesome recipes a-comin’!!

  9. Richard Says:

    Only the penitent man shall eat the muffin,
    A penitent man kneels before the muffin.

    Good looking muffins bro, can’t wait to bake em.

  10. Meghan Says:

    Holy balls. That looks like heaven in a muffin pan.

  11. Michael Says:

    Muffin, quiche, tomato, potato who cares as long as it tastes as good as it looks? I’m definitely going to try the recipe out this weekend.

  12. Blaine Says:

    This looks like something that will go well with a bloody mary, or, more likely, 6 bloody marys.

  13. Liam Says:

    i love you so much

  14. PatheticBarrel Says:

    Just wondering, does the use of a glass instead of a rolling pin have any specific differences? I know it’ll hurt mine as all of our glasses have straight edges at 45 degree angles.

  15. Dj Says:

    There is always some clown correcting some part or name of these recipes. I wonder what world they live in where they think everything they think and do is the only way allowed?

    Great recipe for MUFFINS, Tyler. Fuck a quiche.

  16. coffeezombie Says:

    One question: is the tin you’re using a normal-sized muffin tin, or a large one?

  17. Az Says:


  18. Katie Says:

    I’m very confused as to the tinned biscuits. Those are nothing like biscuits. What are they in English?

  19. Greg Says:

    Saw this and had to make them tonight. Lactose intolerant wife is complaining that they’re a bit dry, but I think it’s the biscuits she bought. I think they’re great!

  20. yazmac Says:

    I make these, except as im such a lazy cook, I usually leave out the ‘muffin’ part xD
    I wait till the bacon is slightly cool and mold it around the muffin tin, then crack an egg in (whisking is too much trouble) and top with cheese, chives, bread crumbs (whatever’s in really) perfect for brunch!

  21. Cat Says:

    On my list to do next week! Thanks!

  22. Fluxo Says:

    The inclusion of the steam logo in the Measurebot’s shrapnel explosion made me guffaw

  23. Darian Says:

    Looks like you snuck in the Steam symbol in the Measurebot explosion?

  24. Greg~ Says:

    Awesome idea…just had them for dinner…is that wrong? p.s. they taste awesome with jalapenos diced in!

  25. Joshua Says:

    Seems like the bacon would be overcooked when you cook it twice like that… maybe cook halfway in the oven first, and then the rest in the muffin?

  26. Khosan Says:

    Any recommendations for reheating them? I am but a poor college student, but I do have a microwave and an oven. I don’t really have the time in the morning to make these, and since I’d be the only one eating them I’d have to make do with reheating them.

  27. Jebus Says:

    What are canned biscuits? The rest of the world doesn’t have this strange food substance. Is it like bread dough or pastry?

  28. Kitten Says:

    Khosan: Use them to gain favor with teachers, fellow classmates, hot chicks, and archeology professors.

    Katie: I’d say these are, how you British say, puddings? Like a Yorkshire pudding, except I’ve only seen pictures so I can’t compare the taste. Fluffy morning bread rolls.

  29. Scott Says:


  30. Dan Says:

    I would recommend reducing the bake time for the bacon, 400 degrees for only 20 minutes left mine a little on the crispy side. Since it’s going back in the oven, next time I’m going to put it in for 12-15 minutes so it’s not too charred.

  31. Kitten Says:

    Just made the muffins. Couple of tips:

    1. Yes, that is a large muffin tin. Mine is normal, and wouldn’t fit 1 egg per, I had to scramble 4 and divide between. They still overflowed, because…

    2. These rise, in an EPIC fashion. Perhaps double in size. Do not fill to the top!!! (And you might want a cookie sheet underneath for spillover.)

    3. Measurebot does not lie. Prepare your nostrils, for it is nigh impossible to resist pulling these from the oven early and basking in the smell.

  32. Geno Says:

    Dammit, I need to get my oven fixed to try this, the bacon itselft says it all. I know you used Grands on this but what about bisquit mix? Do you know if that works well or should I just stick with what you know?

  33. Dionne Baldwin Says:

    As always I really enjoyed your work on this post! Oh, and these muffins look DELICIOUS!

  34. Joe Says:

    I just made these and I think it’d be a good thing to let people know that its tough to fit these in the “standard” size muffin pans; it’d be best to use the bigger ones because I couldn’t get a whole egg and all the goodies into them with the small/standard sized muffin pan.

  35. Jennybritches Says:

    Just made these. Delicious but just a bit too much biscuit to eggs to meat ratio.I think my muffin tin is smaller than yours. Spilled it over the top. Soooooo good though. This website is awesome, I’ve done the 2am chili and the teriyaki burgers which I have dubbed the Samurai teriyaki burgers for the little guy in the comic! Please post more recipes!

  36. Sarah Says:

    To those asking about the biscuits in the US that’s what we call an unsweetened quick bread. What you would call a scone. (Which is something different in the US ha ha.) In the US what you would call a biscuit we would call a cookie.
    Food names are confusing.

  37. Katie Says:

    It’s not really the “Steam logo”, it’s just a robot part, which the logo for the company Steam just happens to be.

    Let’s not over-analyze here people–

    Oh. Wait.

  38. Mia Says:

    THANK YOU to Sarah (April 7th @ 4.17pm) for clarifying about the biscuit part.

    I live in New Zealand. And I had no idea what Ty meant by ‘biscuit’ haha.

  39. Kvettria Says:

    What’s in a canned biscuit? Can I make it by hand, or is it shortcrust pastry?

  40. Glenn Says:

    you had me at “Get that bacon bakin'”.

  41. Lucy Says:

    Love this! More recipes please!! Your recipes are the only way I know how to cook!

  42. somedude Says:

    Additionally, a MacGuffin generally turns out to be relatively unimportant to the resolution of the plot. See: almost any Hitchcock film

  43. Kaya Says:

    Awesome at its best! I love muffins, but these are THE BOMB. Seriously man, keep the greatness flowing!

  44. Danielle Says:

    Hey… I need an oven that rotates my food!!

  45. Kittish Says:

    For whoever asked, no, you don’t have to use canned biscuits to make these, you can use whatever method of making biscuit dough you wish for the base. Canned biscuits just make the whole thing faster and easier. I might have to try these, and add a dollop of strawberry jam between the egg and the bacon. I’ve always loved biscuit sandwiches with jam on them.

  46. JamFish Says:

    Made these and used filo dough instead of canned biscuits(store I went to didn’t have the canned stuff). It actually went better than expected, and was very light and tasty!

  47. annie Says:

    Made it with a regular muffin tin. Got the layered biscuits and peeled them in half for each muffin. 4 eggs. Amazing. I’ve read all the recipes, but this is the first I’ve made. Trust me when I say tomorrow will be busy because now i’m going to have to make all the rest. Thanks for showing us your humor and genius.

  48. Brian Says:

    Hey man, I’ve been enjoying your comic recipes for a while now (keep up the good work!) and was wondering if you were open to future suggestions? I noticed that most of your recipes tend to be easy enough, and I think a comic on making beer would be pretty kick ass. I’ve been doing it for a while, and it’s really as easy as buying some extract and grains, waiting for it to steep, then boil (add hops). Cool it down, add yeast and wait. It’s probably the laziest thing I’ve ever put on a stove. Anyways, looking forward to your next comic.

  49. Casual Says:

    To clear up the biscuit confusion here is the Wiki article on it.

    Canned/Tinned biscuits were developed from the the southern Buttermilk biscuit which is similar to the English scone. In the US, scones are often sweetened, not sure about England. Biscuits in the US generally are not sweet.

  50. Communinja Says:

    These are amazing! I had made something similar using a slice of bread instead, but the biscuit dough is MUCH better. I didn’t scramble my eggs, I simply crack the egg directly over the bacon/cheese. Yoke came out nice and gelatinous πŸ™‚

  51. A person Says:

    OKay, thats it…wife me >.<

  52. Cherry Says:

    Oh man, I heart you. The graphic designer in me competes with the foodie in me for who hearts you more. P.S. Graphic designer Cherry always loses…. she lazy.

  53. P4rab3llum Says:

    That’s totally the Steam logo…I think we just need to be on the look out for “McGffnMffn” in the counterstrike servers! lol

    Cooked these up two weeks ago, my roommates STILL cry every day because we ate them all in one sitting. But I intend to make more…TODAY!

    Thanks again for such an Epicly awesome recipe. Very guud stuffz!

  54. Kuron Says:

    Made these a few days ago and they were legen..wait for it…DARY! So delicious and super easy.

    One small problem I did have was the egg cooking out of the muffin pan. I’m not quite sure about how to measure for next time. I guess trial and error will have to work for now.

  55. cupcake Says:

    Do u have a cook book? I want to give it as a gift to all my friends!!

  56. Tammy Says:

    made these tonight and hubby loved them. Learned not to use a cupcake tin (so I’m going out to get a large muffin tin tomorrow) because I had egg all over the bottom of the oven, and reduce the baking time to about 15 for the biscuit to not dry out. I pan fried the bacon first to crispy and the baking time did not overcook it. Crisp and delish! Hubby covered his in syrup to give the biscuit some moisture. Will definitely be making this often!

  57. Amanda Says:

    husband and son are making these for me this mother’s day morning…..I am smelling the bacon now! Thank you for making my mother’s day go so smooth!

  58. simeon Says:

    you make me miss Asheville bro

  59. Brittany Says:

    Me and my fellow culinary students seriously enjoy your site! I made these for my husband and I have some tips and notes for people too.

    1. I used Grands Harvest Wheat reduced fat biscuits. I also used maple bacon. This made it sweeter.

    2. It’s true that you need a large muffin tin. I ended up having burnt eggs all over the bottom of my oven.

    3. Cook the bacon a little on the crispy side (as suggested). It allows for it to crumble easier. It won’t burn in the oven and you need the crunch of the bacon for some textural difference.

    4. If you use a smaller muffin tin, make sure that your egg to biscuit ratio is not too far off… I ended up with finished biscuits and uncooked eggs in the middle.

    Also, yes — these are considered quiches. Not muffins. But they’re really good regardless.

    Oh, for those interested: You can make these ahead of time, let them cool down, wrap them individually, and freeze them. You can nuke em in the microwave for about a minute or minute and a half. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

  60. sarah Says:

    You are AWESOME!!!! Let me know when your book comes out! I NEED ONE STAT!!!! πŸ™‚

  61. Brimmy Says:

    I’m trying this recipe as I type! My bacon did get burnt, though πŸ™ Maybe it’s because I tried turkey bacon? Either way, either way. I always have an extra supply of bacon πŸ˜‰

  62. Baltimoron Says:

    We’ve made these twice now, and they’ve been fantastic both times. BF made biscuit dough and used mini souffle ramekins;filled them with Egg Beaters, shredded cheeses of choice(and bacon and pepperoni for BF),and baked for 35-ish minutes. Biscuit crust and filling equally cooked, and delicious. And Khosan?- wrap them in waxed paper once they’re cooled, and they reheat in the microwave nicely; tested out first at home, then on a road trip. Thanks,Tyler- these muffins will sustain us through the long weekends ahead.

  63. LC Says:

    I made a bunch of these on a Sunday and they made awesome quick breakfast for the entire week! The only thing I would do differently is to leave more room in the biscuit. The dough expanded so much that the eggs and all the goodies got squished out! I think these would also be awesome with quiche crusts in the muffin pan.

  64. TommyTwoTone Says:

    Love this recipe. Tried it with your Maple Glazed Bacon and some green o’s. I was only going to have four but I ate all six!!

  65. kathita Says:

    Just made these myself, and man are they good. I had a ton of fun with the seasonings, doing some with cinnamon and nutmeg, then playing around with garlic, rosemary, thyme, and tarragon. Only thing I might do differently is the biscuits. While they certainly make the process faster and easier, next time I’m going to make some pie crust instead, so that it’ll be less chewy and more flaky. I think that will also allow more room for bacon and cheese. Anyway, thanks for the recipes, they’re awesome!

  66. Grease Lightning Says:

    I didn’t have a muffin pan, so I thought all was lost. WHEN SUDDENLY
    It took a little extra work, but it was worth it. These things are amazing, man.

  67. Allegra Says:

    ive made these atleast 6 times already. the BF loves them… but then again its bacon… with lots o cheese. how could you not? lol @ people trying to argue about what they are called ^ just make the damn things, they are delicious!!! check out my macguffin muffins on instagram : allegs811

  68. Katie Says:

    Just made them for the first time and oh god are these good. I had the smaller-muffin-tin dilemma that a few others pointed out, but despite it oozing over, everything cooked evenly and turned out well.

  69. Tatiana Says:

    Made them for brinner tonight. My family’s tummies are sighing with pure joy and satisfaction.

  70. M. Tyson Says:

    And cheap too… I’ll be eating these frequently πŸ˜€
    <– College Student

  71. Tartorus Says:

    I make these for my little boy. They make wonderful breakfast on the go.

  72. Eggie Says:

    I cannot wait to make this! I have a measurebot too from the same place haha, I named him RoboCup tho! HE’S THE BEST

  73. Sean Says:

    I make these once a week and have them for breakfast everyday. Added green onions and some more spices. Makes for the perfect breakfast! Thanks!

  74. J. Miskatonic Says:

    Man, you are the best! Your recipes always make me look good in the kitchen! I was never able to cook anything past hot cakes or eggs, but with your recipes, I’m definitely making an improvement!

  75. CJ Says:

    I’ve been a longtime follower of your site, but haven’t tried any of your recipes until now. My roommate and I are patiently waiting for our muffins to cook. I do believe that we will be trying ALL THE RECIPES after this one! Thanks for being awesome in the kitchen!

  76. Jen Says:

    Really nice breakfast! Made them today. I had to make homemade biscuits (baking from scratch is easier than dragging 2 small kids to the store), which turned out fine. And then I cheated and used prepackaged bacon bits (real bacon tho!). Definitely can’t fit in a regular muffin tin, I used 3 eggs for 6 muffins. Whisked them in a 2 cup measure for easy pouring. Very tasty!

  77. Ryan Says:

    It’s so good it’s orgasmic!

  78. Ohi Says:

    I make these all the time, and just saw your recipe for them. I however make them a little different. I use the smaller biscuits because otherwise they’re way too doughy, and i pre bake them for a few minutes then press them down otherwise the filling may spill out. I make mine with the same filling you do, I’m simple (bacon/egg/cheese), however for my sig other i load em up, peppers, onions, bacon, sausage mushrooms (all precooked before baking). He LOVES them!

  79. b-girl Says:

    My friends and I make something similar. We use the smaller canned biscuits and don’t flatten them first. The way we do it is to line the muffin cups (we make them in bulk for feeding 15-150 people so the need to be easy to get out of the pans and reuse the pan), drop the biscuit in, pour in egg (with meat chopped up in it sometimes) and sprinkle on the cheese. They end up with the egg on the bottom, biscuit in the middle and cheese on top. We call them “Egglehofics” after the person who introduced the idea to our crew last year.

  80. morro.baybe Says:

    i make a dinner-friendly version of this:
    cook a pound of ground beef up with some onions. add about 1/2cup bbq sauce. that goes into the biscuits in the muffin pan and gets covered with cheese. i make this for my boyfriend and it pretty much guarantees me cunnilingus.

  81. Pumpkin, Nutella AND Cheesecake | TramplingroseTramplingrose Says:

    […] someone I’d've hung out with (or tried to be friends with) in college. Someone who creates a food-blog-comic-book-Indiana-Jones-mash-up involving muffins and bacon seems like a pretty cool […]

  82. Skyler Says:

    This recipe is great, I just did it for breakfast this morning. I used croissants instead of biscuits, and i layered the croissants a little on the bottom so there was enough there.

    I used big muffin tins, and they were epic.

    It did almost have a quiche-like consistency in the middle, but I enjoyed it.

  83. NEMesis Says:


    I made a bunch of these, some with bacon some with spicy breakfast sausage, and I’m hooked!!
    My friends and family all think I’m a wizard LOL, but I send them all here to your site so that they too may bask in your inspirational glory.. πŸ™‚

  84. Rachel Says:

    I’ve made something like this with bread slices, canned biscuits sound way better. And there is no such thing as too much bacon.

  85. Hana Says:


  86. Kelsey Says:

    This reminded me of the glazed macguffins from the Sam & Max cartoon. And those look amazing, but are you sure that’s enough bacon?

  87. Ben Says:

    I tried these out (unfortuntely realized that I was suffering from small-pan syndrome) and they were awesome. Something I’ve done is that for the bisuits, I use the Honey Butter Pilsbury ones. Omg…

  88. Chrysa Says:

    I found a variation by Martha Stewart that had bread instead of biscuits….Biscuits are better therefor you are better than Martha. I make these things nearly every Saturday for my roomies. I’ve even pre-made these and taken them camping. Keep up the great work. I’ve tried a majority of your recipes and have had GREAT luck with them all. Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  89. Scotty Don't Says:

    Making these currently and they fluffed up a bit more than anticipated haha still look great though!

  90. CJ Says:

    Oh man!!!! Made these for my father and hubby, they loved them. Also fed friends and they want more. Dad had me send him the recipe and he has been tweeking your recipe. Thanks for fast fun breakfast!!

  91. J D Means Says:

    I invested in a large-sized muffin pan. Found one cheap at the local Grocery Outlet.

    Did these with bacon and pepperjack cheese. If you don’t have bacon, try cooked and chopped Jimmy Deans sausage. Delicious both ways.

  92. Ramona Says:

    My brother will be using this recipe to take to school for homework, also noting you are one of his favorite cooks.

  93. melanie d Says:

    I stumbled on these this morning … ran to the store to get what I was mIssIng… I just finnished baking them…. the only thing I did differently is I made candied bacon instead of regular. All I can say is… WOW they were amazing…. thank you a million times for you recipie and your website. Keep up the amazing recipies!

  94. MacGuffin Muffin! | V de VitΓ³ria Says:

    […] e queijo, e tava querendo um muffin docinho! Mas quem quiser fazer esse tambΓ©m, tem a receita aqui, desenhada de um jeito super divertido […]

  95. Kat Says:

    Would these be freeze-able? I’d love to make a ton for the boyfriend and would rather be able to freeze things so they can last longer. :3

  96. Maria Says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. Made of version of these last night with ingredients on hand.

    Ended up being homemade biscuit dough with chorizo sausage, fresh chopped spinach, cheddar cheese, and of course scrambled egg.


    You sir are Miracle Max, and I had fun storming the castle.

  97. Maria Says:

    Oh just saw all the comments about muffin tin size. I got them in a regular muffin tin, but I rolled the dough out really thin, about 1/4″. Since I made my own dough, I cut it after I rolled it, with a cutter just bigger than the muffin cup, and then I stretched them as I put them in.

  98. Brittany Says:

    After trolling for recipes, I had my boyfriend check it out.. Wanted to make them as soon as I saw them and without prompting, he practically drooled when he saw them.

    I just adjusted the cooking time and amount of ingredients and they turned out perfectly fine. I also made a few adjustments; used flaky biscuits, Hormel bacon bits (trust me, they are unlike any other bacon bits and it’s cheaper than bacon. Also cuts back on dishes, prep and cook time.)Pepperjack cheese may have been invovled. Now for the finale.. I made them in a mini muffin tin. To my (honest) surprise; they held shape perfectly.

    Thank you for helping me wake him up this morning!

  99. northierthanthou Says:

    Dunno if this recipe is worth doing time ink. Surely you have better.

  100. Jessica Says:

    You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t add Sriracha. Just mix some in with your eggs before you pour them into the biscuit. So good!

  101. Tony Says:

    The first time I made this, I followed the recipe exactly and they were amazing. Today I tried a few twists, and unfortunately they did not pan out.
    Some warnings: If you add vegetables (I used chopped onion and green pepper), be careful about “embedding” them inside the muffin! They will retain extra moisture and you will need to adjust the cooking time accordingly! Many of my muffins this morning were still wet in the middle even though the outsides were perfectly done.
    As for the part where you add the spices, we have this measuring spoon that calls a “dash” 1/8th of a teaspoon. As such, I used the method Tyler demonstrates in the pineapple chicken burrito recipe where he combines all the spices and mixes them together to add. So I measured out 1/8th of each spice per muffin and it ended up being way too much. The cayenne in particular stayed floating in the wet middles and people were getting bites of wet spices. NOT good eats!
    So learn from my mistakes! If you add vegetables, either don’t stick them in the center of the muffins or make sure that you cook long enough to draw the extra water out. And take time with the spices and don’t add too much!

    With all that said, you are the man, Tyler! Looking forward to the cookbook!

  102. RJ Says:

    Those are like the Barbecue Cups my mom makes.

  103. Michael Bednar Says:

    So amazing, Too much delicious for words.

  104. Amanda Says:

    Made these for my boyfriend for our 5 year anniversary for breakfast, he LOVED them! πŸ˜€ Thanks

  105. Elilara Says:

    Woah! This was much easier and tastier than expected! Thank you!

  106. Amanda R Says:

    My friends and I tried these a couple days ago and they were SO GOOD! No meat on mine because I’m vegetarian, and they were still amazing!!

  107. Me Says:

    In case anyone’s wondering, you can use flaky biscuits, you just have to split them in half (cross sections) before continuing with the rolling.

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