May the Food be with you.
Aug 11

235 Responses to “2AM Chili”

  1. Lex Says:

    saw this… I think you’re epic… That’s all.

  2. xtin Says:

    SEEMS LEGIT. *thumbs up

  3. Derek Says:

    *bows down*
    Awesome; totally epic.

  4. Mike Says:

    You sir, win.

  5. EliteNova Says:

    Looking forward to seeing more of these! Exactly what I need including a shopping list. <3

  6. Jessi Says:

    So awesome. I’ve been looking for a chili recipe. <3

  7. hybr1dgamerx Says:

    i dont really like chili but that shit looks tasty

  8. Victoria Says:

    Just made some for my dad, I had to change the recipe up though – he’s ill and his stomach is one of the culprits.

    I opted out of the chili powder, and did two tsp of cayenne, put in a bit of crushed red pepper for visual flare, caraway seed for some zingy-ness and smoked paprika (because it’s one of my dad’s favorites)

    It turned out beautifully. It wasn’t spicy enough for some of us, but it was delicious and he really enjoyed it.

    Thank you 🙂

  9. Kurt Says:

    I absolutely love this. Makes cooking for us geeks seem easy and doable – fuck the Cooking Channel and Food Network.

  10. Andy Says:

    Love it Tyler mate. Great idea and very well done, funny too! Good to see you being productive with your time and sic skills in the kitchen. Good luck with it all. Cheers.

  11. Chris Says:

    This is awesome. That guy has made me want to cook. Is there a printable version anywhere?

  12. Teebor Says:

    Man. Wana see more of that crazy stuff. It… its… it is 10/10 🙂

  13. Mezzkresh Says:

    Tried this just yesterday. Used too much chili powder. Turned my intestines into one huge gaspipe :D:D:D

    Tastes great though! Epic win! Also very funny and delicious! Turned me into a fanboy instantly! Can´t wait for more of this good stuff!

    Btw: Interesting song choice! Nina Simone 😀

    Greetings from Germany

  14. Stephanieee Says:

    You win teh Internets. Your prize? A bowl of kick ass chili.

  15. yo brotha Says:

    That recipe seems sorta familiar…I know a guy who knows a guy with a similar recipe, but I think ya nailed this one and got it down to an art form!!..nice touch with making your own seasoning. Once its cold out Im gonna be cooking this stuff up on the reg!!!

  16. Crystal Says:

    Agreed – epic.

    And now I’m hungry. And giggling. At the same time.

    I make a wicked batch of NM green chile chicken enchiladas – we should collaborate. HA!

  17. qu4ck th3 duck Says:

    Made this tonight. It was freaking awesome. Keep up the good work.

  18. Erika Says:

    Brilliant! This site is a total win, and I’m inordinately entertained, both by the style, and the fact that your fans over-use the word epic, like, epically. Hahah.

  19. Liz Says:

    Just awesome…

  20. Kika Says:

    I just found this site last night. Holy crap, this is awesome. I hope you do more!

  21. Dogbreath Says:

    Went a little nuckin futz on the cumin didn’t we? I’m married to a Mexican and he said Parete! Which I think means whoa.

  22. Trez Says:

    absolutely amazing concept…
    i love the idea of it being a comic strip…

    keep up the awesome work… ^-^

  23. Joel Says:

    Eh, it’s only AWESOME!

  24. Tomata Says:

    Just had 2am-chilli lunch with some friends. Was awesome.
    Can’t wait for your next comic.

  25. Veronica Says:

    just made 2am chilli for my family 🙂 that was sooo goood. recommended

  26. Sean Says:

    Just made this chili with added jalapenos. SO delicious! Keep on making more!

  27. jkorr Says:

    It’s awesome, I’ll definitely try this out as soon as I can!

  28. Maher Says:

    You are one awesome cook! Much love from the Philippines! (We’ll be posting photos of your epic concoctions soon!)

  29. Foxy Shazam Says:

    Just made this tonight with some modifications. Added an extra pound of meat and changed the spices around a bit to be a bit more sweet and spicy. Came out perfect, and more than capable of serving 15-18 people. Thinking of skipping the extra pound of ground beef and adding some italian sausage and bacon crumbles. A lot of thanks from me and all my friends for full stomaches and left overs.

  30. holy Says:

    Got this shit simmering for my second go w/ elk and 90shilling.

    You’re an hero my friend.

  31. Tyler Says:

    Currently cooking my 3rd batch of this. I can’t wait. It’s so delicious!

  32. Tyler Says:

    Currently cooking my 3rd batch of this! I can’t wait. It’s so delicious! Only thing I’ve added is a chopped Jalepano

  33. Jose Roca Says:

    You are extraordinarily expressive. Leave every other thing you do and just do this recipes.

  34. Sean Says:

    Everytime I make this, it keeps getting better and better. Thank you so much for posting this!

  35. Richie Says:

    You need to focus on this website. You are going to be big! Keep em coming!!!

  36. Nameless Cynic Says:

    Awesome. Except two things.

    Onion powder? Really? Just use more of the real onion! Juice gets all up in there and you get that sweet (heh) onion flavor.

    And pre-shredded cheese? That shit don’t melt right – they add “anti-clumping agents,” and nobody wants that. Damn box grater and a block of real cheese, and you’re golden. (Not like you don’t have time while it’s simmering.)

    Other than that, awesome. (I think I already used that word. Doesn’t mean it isn’t true…)

  37. Brian Says:

    I’ve got that shit brewin on the stove right now. I didn’t have any beer on hand so I substituted with a shot or two or three or…of Vodka. Also, there was not amount listed for the black pepper so I put a tablespoon it. What mother fuckers, I like black pepper. It’s also a pain in the ass to find 1 1/2 pounds of hamburger so I just added two. Taste test early on equals win with a bit of spiciness. Mi Gusta.

  38. Cesar Says:

    Excellent, very creative, Make Sushi Recipe pls!!!

  39. Aquaman Says:

    Please keep these coming, love it!

  40. Locane Says:

    You sir, are my hero.

    That is all.

  41. DarkMorning Says:

    Fun site, <3 the Firefly quote on chopping veggies!

  42. Andrew Says:

    I honestly don’t think you could fit more win into a cooking blog. Well done! I can’t wait to make this!

    An honest question, though…which do you feel fits the flavor profile better: serrano peppers or jalapenos?

  43. Jake Schmidt Says:

    First of all i love the choice for way to spend time and second and perhaps the most important you have a gas stove so good job and such.

  44. mike Says:

    Can you make a print friendly version of this (including pictures) so i can add them to my recipe books?

  45. Caz Says:

    This chili is LEGIT!!!
    I used white beans instead of kidney and halved the cayenne and it is amazing! Make it don’t just think about it. It’s worth it.

  46. nothingxs Says:

    Looks to me like you never mention what to do with the brown sugar.

  47. Ben Says:

    Took out the green beans because grammas like that shit. Added 5 fresh jalapenos, 2 hatch chiles to man it up a bit (Listened to Amon Amarth, DevilDriver, Walknut, and Immortal the whole time I was cooking b/c it seemed right). Poured in a hefty swish of Dos Equis Lager.

    Ended up with the most metal chili I’ve eaten. Bravo, good sir, bravo!

  48. Exnihilation Says:

    I just won $60 at a family chili cook off with this recipe. It was my first time ever making it as well, so it can only get better from here on out. Thanks!

  49. Erica Says:

    It’s just EPIC.
    Cannot wait to see more of these.

    Do you cook Chinese food?

  50. NC Says:

    Not a big fan of corn in chili, but I’ll take your word for it.

  51. Matt Says:

    Just made this over the weekend. Delicious! I decided to pretty much triple the cayenne pepper suggestion, and I found some spicy chili beans at Cub Foods! It was amazing, and I look forward to future recipes!

  52. Aaron Says:

    Evrything in this website rocks! big time. for real.

  53. David Says:

    Mannn.. This chili is AMAZING. I wanted to make a really huge batch to feed my family and friends tonight. I made double this-Just x2 everything-. My family couldn’t believe how good it is. Best chili I’ve ever had. I followed your recipe 98%, I may have added a little too much or too little of some of the seasonings, and I added mushrooms when I was cooking the green peppers and onions.

    10/10! Keep them coming.

  54. David Says:

    ^^ Sorry I forgot to add I didn’t put green beans in it since I don’t really like them and neither does my father.

  55. Steven Says:

    Made this chili with some alterations…well more like additions. Added a jalapeno, some black beans, red and yellow onions, a healthy amount of garlic, and bacon! Everything’s better with bacon! Came out amazing and just the right amount of kick! Keep up the awesome work!

  56. Dave Says:

    Why cant I see the recipe? Hmmm

  57. Chris Says:

    Fallout FTW!

  58. Cody Says:

    Yeah. Going to make it in the very near future. Premixed the seasoning. It does smell like touchdown.

  59. Steve Says:

    Fantastic chili. Like a fine wine it’s gets better with the longer you keep yourself busy with those important things you have until it’s like hot sex in a pot. I did leave out the green beans though, not too fond of them. Aside from that, kept everything the same and it was completely kickin.

  60. Miskatonic Says:

    Yeah~! yeah! This is how cooking is done! AWESOME INDEED!

  61. Ryan Says:

    I made it today and put in a soy substitute instead of the meat. I brought it over to my friends place where we were having a get together and I told them as we were leaving it was vegetarian. They had no idea and loved it. Delicious.

  62. Shelley Says:

    Just noticed the “1 large can can of tomato sauce”. Someone had dancing ladies on his mind.

  63. Ultima Says:

    I love coconut oil, especially that brand! Goes fantastic in my pancakes! You are amazingly awesome.

  64. Kathryn Says:

    Just made this today, and it’s amazing! Perfect for the snow storm we’re having! (Didn’t use quite as much chili powder since I’m kind of a wuss, only 2.5t and a 1t of red pepper flakes). Delicious and I can’t wait to try your other recipes!

  65. Jen Says:

    so sickk. Love it.

  66. Fractured Says:

    Had this last night… and this afternoon. Superb! My fiance said it was the best chili he has ever had.

  67. Chris Says:

    You are a boss! I love these recipes… I made the banana thing today and will try to make the apples soon! You are amazing my good sir!

  68. Johnny B Says:

    Have made this recipe 3 times. LOVE IT. My friends are now asking for it regularly. THANKS.

  69. Cheryl Says:

    Great. We have made this several times and tons of compliments. Kids and adults alike love it. Even people who don’t like Chili love it.

  70. Mitchell Says:

    I like the Serenity reference! (the “less than half a pound to cut skin” quote.)

  71. Dailyweekend Says:

    I stumbled upon this recipe a long time ago and then found the website maybe a month ago. This was the first thing I’ve made from it and I must say, judging by the happy faces, full bellies and the fact that there are a lot of leftovers, I might just have to make it again sometime.

  72. justin Says:


  73. Chloe Says:

    I made this tonight for my dad (Sans corn, he hates corn. Because he’s lame.) Oh. My. God. I will buy your book, you wonderful man. This chili is fantastic. I’m pretty sure I’ll just make giant-ass batches of it throughout the winter and live off of the tasty leftovers.

  74. Scott Says:

    Stumlbed upon this a while back, and I scoff at any other chili recipe. even my mother’s.

  75. MommieOnTop Says:

    This is awesome! I never really liked chili before, but my husband loves it. I saw this and got hooked by the way you present recipes. It should be a law that all recipes be presented as fun and straightforward as you have done. Keep it up!

  76. Aaron Says:

    I found this one on imgur, and just now got around to making it. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. It’s fugging delicious. Found the website off of the Teriyaki Burger one. That’s gonna a good project for this weekend. Keep up the awesome!

  77. Eddie Says:

    Made this a few times, and am making it right now for thanksgiving. Messed up and got a can of tomato puray and one small can of tomato sauce, but honestly it taste fire already, doubled the corn skipped the green beans. doubled the seasonings and browned the beef with the veggies in it. LOVE IT

  78. Eddie Says:

    oh yeah also added two jars of sliced jalapenos

  79. Drisana Says:

    Made this for the release of modern warfare for my husband and I and all our friends since we would be up for at least 12 hours playing. It was perfect!!! And the amount is great for lots of people. Making it with some ground deer I had in the freezer right now, hopefully it will turn out just as good! Thank you!

  80. BG Says:

    SICK RECIPE. I made this the other night for my girlfriend. I kinda fucked up and misread that it needed 4TBSP of chili powder when in reality, it only need 4TSP. It was hot as hell but with a little sour cream it was tasty.

  81. Jessica Says:

    Best chili powder i have ever tasted.

  82. Cooking by ivanstree - Pearltrees Says:

    […]  Leave a Reply Now you're cooking with comics. […]

  83. Michael Says:

    This was the best chili i’ve ever had. I made it for me and a bunch of friends, aside from that one person who says everything is too spicy (we all know that person) I got nothing but “Holy crap this is awesome!” And I must say I agree.

  84. Peter Says:

    Hey this goes great with sweet potato wedges btw, just throw some paprika on it and oil ’em up and throw them in the oven for 20 mins

  85. lauren Says:

    Your comics are so unique!

  86. Kayla Says:

    I dont like chili.
    Then i saw this.
    Making this ASAP!

  87. Ryan Says:

    Made it again. Sooo tasty.

  88. Hyuri Says:

    Made this last night with leftover ham and fresh green beans from Christmas dinner. Substituted red bell for green since my parents don’t like green. Forgot I was using a 1/2 tsp measure and only put in 2 tsp of chili powder, and it was still uncomfortably (but NOT unpleasantly!) hot.

    Currently sitting at my desk and munching on another bowl, and after sitting for another ~20 hours the pepper is a lot smoother. Good stuff!

  89. ZBeebs Says:

    Huge hit at our family Christmas party. Of course, there was that awkward moment when an older member of the family asked for a copy of the recipe…

  90. Joanna Says:

    I just let this puppy simmer for 4 hours. Hands-down the best chili of all time. EXCELLENT! Not to mention, hilarious comic.

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  91. Nicky Says:

    Making this bad boy for the second time next week; it was a hit at my last LAN party and is perfect for feeding the numbers, so planning on giving it an encore performance at my next one.

    I swapped out the tinned beans for fresh, the powdered garlic and onion for more of the real deal, the Nina Simone for Leonard Cohen, and the Fallout for Modern Warfare, but other than that followed it to the letter and it’s super delicious!

    Good cook, amazing eye for detail, manly hands, comedic genius, gamer, artist, and I’m loving the Inara quote, too….

    Have my babies?

  92. Kristy Says:

    You are amazing! I love all your recipesart. Def. going to make all of them soon! ^_^

  93. Courtney Says:

    Made it with my parents and sisters. Didn’t let it simmer for long, but it was still delicious. Now we have a massive pile of chilli for whenever the fuck we feel like it. Thanks for the recipe! 😀

  94. Yury Says:

    Until I read your new FAQ, i totally though the title was ZAM chili not 2 AM chili. I not sure which is better.

  95. Marie Says:

    I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile and I finally got the chance. I poured in a shot (or three) of Session Black and it smells delicious – currently simmering! Thanks for the recipe and the comic relief!

  96. Nate Says:

    Made this for my house tonight. This is the Chili of the Gods. Just saying

  97. Kae Says:

    If you’re using spice-packets, I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems, but Mrs. Dash ain’t one.

  98. Korinne Says:

    I just made this chili tonight! I LOVED IT!!!! I left the Green Beans out and the bell pepper (yuk) but kept everything else the same. I will def be making this again! I can’t wait to see more of your recipes.

  99. Keegan Says:

    We just finished your chili man. Fucking epic. We added jack though.

  100. Carl Says:

    I make this chili about once a month (maybe twice) and I get nothing but rave reviews from everyone that tries it! I have added it to my repertoire of recipes that I fix on a regular basis. Thanks again for such a great meal!

  101. Dan Says:

    I know, it’s not 2 am right now, but that’s okay cuz this chili tastes amazing at 1030 pm too!!

  102. Jessica Says:

    I’ve been a fan of this site for a while. Hubby wanted to make chili for a Super Bowl party and I introduced him. Chili was a hit – thought I’d come and thank you for putting it up.

  103. Shaine Says:

    Currently have the chili simmering behind me… Smells like touchdowns.

  104. Adam Says:

    Made this for a potluck two weeks ago and everyone really enjoyed it! I’m going to make another batch today with some waffle fries. A little heavy on the cumin though, considering cumin is in chili powder, so I’m going to dial that back a bit. I might also leave out the additional smaller can of tomato sauce, adding the diced tomatoes without draining to make up for the lost sauce. All in all, great recipe!

  105. Kat Says:

    after my boyfriend showed this recipe to me i was like omg that’s soo awesome, so i finally decided hey its snowing today lets make some chili…. it was f***ing amazing. thanks soo much

  106. Ian Says:

    Awesomeness! Humorous, informative and (from what I’ve heard), tasty. I’ll definitely have to try it out.

    My one question, though, is where the hell do you have a gas stove and Laura Lynn products? To my knowledge all houses within a hundred mile radius of any Ingles have electric stoves. Lucky bastard!

  107. Kiersten Says:

    Sweet. Baby. Jesus. This IS motherfucking delicious. And everyone thought so. Thanks for making me laugh and my belly smile.

  108. Sarah Says:

    Could I go about crock-potting this? Because that would be awesome.

  109. bigcookingfan Says:

    yeah, this looks okay, few things though, read the packet ingredients on a pre bought spice mix and its very similar to yours, don’t know why its such a big deal when the rest seems so basic.
    why no beef stock ? yes tomato richness is good, but its a meaty dish, and either home made beef stock or stock cubes would help boost this a lot.
    also recommend browning your mince in small batches, until VERY dark brown and almost crispy, i know this seems extreme but it really boosts the mailard sugars (beef flavours) (google for more). and its not my tip its heston blumenthals and he’s one of the greatest chefs ever.
    a few little touches can really lift a dish, colour the hell out of your meat and veg when frying and it makes a big difference.
    P.s. but the comic element is super boss, much love

  110. Darren Says:

    I just made your chili and it’s damn amazing.

    Keep up the good work.

  111. Philip Says:

    Tried your chili man, fucking amazing!

  112. Dan Says:

    Oh yeah, this is gonna happen when I get home from overseas in April.

  113. Cole Says:

    Just made this and topped it with pepper jack cheese. Thank you for showing this, me and my wife are incredibly pleased and stuffed.

  114. D Says:

    I think I’m in love.

  115. Daniel Says:

    Great use of a Firefly reference! A zillion thumbs up!

  116. Squirrel Says:

    *Goes to comments*
    *sees that first comment is at almost exactly 2am*

  117. Andrew Says:

    I’ve been eyefucking this website for a while, and I just made this… You’re right… it is Motherfucking delicious… Thank you.

  118. Brandon Says:

    I made this for my family a few months ago. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! Yep.

  119. Beverly Says:

    This is simmering on my stove right now. Second time I made it. This time though, I added bacon 😀

    You can’t go wrong with bacon.. right? 🙂

  120. Alex Says:

    This chili is incredible.

  121. Jim Says:

    2nd on the eyefucking this site for a while. Made the pineapple chicken burrito last night and just popped this into the slow cooker. Added jalapeños and some bacon chips I made from fresh bacon. Will add shot of beer later and report results. This set is awesome you def need a book which I will buy and wholeheartedly recommend to others.

  122. Charles Says:

    Simmering this sweet concoction as I type. but I put sweet Italian Sausage and Hamburger and I used NewCastle Brown Ale. Going to make a Pot Roast for dinner tomorrow(sunday) anyone got any awesome ideas? will entertain any.

  123. Callista Says:

    Where are the Anaheim chilies? and the Serrano, jalapeno and habenero?!

    aside from that, try adding an orange as well. squeeze it like a man!

    Love the comic!


  124. Zarlson Says:

    I’m used to eat chili con carne, and this tastes amazing. Gonna try out the rest of your recipes.
    Greetings from Belgium!

  125. Liz Says:

    I found this on Pintrest but the link was to so I googled 2am Chili and there you were! I’ve had so much fun reading your blog and can’t wait to try some of your recipes! I’m excited to try the Hobo Pies on my next trip to the Adirondacks with friends. What’s better after a long hike than throwing something on a fire and forgetting about it for a while? Keep up the great work!

  126. mcshady Says:

    This – coconut oil – brown sugar – regular sugar (Just not a fan of the sweet chilis man, sorry bro) + veg oil + 1 jalapeno + 1 green chile, + 1.5 serrano pepper, + 0.5 habanero = sweet, sweet, everloving slow burn. Serve over rice. You dont have to call it Chili if you’re from TX and the word offends you when applied to this concoction, but god-damnit, is it ever fucking good.

  127. christine Says:

    So I’ve made this 3 times now with ground turkey instead of ground beef, and I just wanted to say the recipe is so freaking delicious. Also I’m super jealous of your drawing skills X) Can’t wait for the cookbook to come out! Keep the awesomeness coming!

  128. romantictoysmq Says:

    stop here for your all your cheap sex toys demands

  129. Mackenzie Says:

    Hahaha I just got the Firefly reference.

  130. Rappy Says:

    Your website is great, the recipes are fantastic.

    I don’t understand you people that say how great the food is.. then follow it up with the modifications you made to the recipe. Don’t insult the man. Cook it as it’s intended to be done or make your own.

  131. Liz Says:

    Mother of Pearl. I just made this and it is fantastic. No alterations, made it as is. Wow.

  132. Guardian A. Says:

    Ive been making chili for a while and I must say, this is one awesome recipe. I made it straight the first time and it was delicious. I will tweak it a bit next time. Perhaps use ground tri-tip, peppered bacon, and some chunks of steak. Id also throw in more onion, bell pepper, and some peppers (cerano or jalapeno). But other than that… Thank you for this amazing dish.

    It was epic.

  133. Becky G. Says:

    Dude 2 nights in a row of awesomeness!! Yesterday I made your teriyaki burgers and now tonight the chili… yeah pretty much I love you and my roommates now love me… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! <3

  134. Chili! « Bites Licks and Tastes Says:

    […] I found the origin of the image above at Cooking Comically, surf over there and you’ll find more fun goodies! Share this:TwitterFacebookDiggEmailLike […]

  135. spazz Says:

    Hey bro, just want you to know that you are absolutely awesome. Thank you for enlightening us with your absolutely amazing and tasty substances. I LOVE YOU MAN!

  136. spazz Says:

    Sorry, I get a little worked up over food….

  137. Spencer Says:

    I made this as recomended as my first chili attempt. AMAZING!!! Once your done cooking it just remember: It only gets better with age so you can’t get tired of the left overs. Can’t wait to see this months recipe! Keep the good food coming.

  138. The Chad Says:

    … Aaaand I’m making this for dinner tonight, for like the 5th time this year.

    When I cook it, I lower the cayenne pepper to 1/2 Tbsp (from 1) and the chili powder to 3 tsp (from 4), and also tend to crumble about 6-8 strips of bacon into the mix. I also use a splash of Coke instead of beer; you’d be surprised at how well it works, and how it adds a very subtle sweetness to everything that really complements the spice.

    You’re alright, Capps. Gonna buy your book when it comes out. 🙂

  139. Marcy Says:

    You, sir, need to come up with MOOORE recipes than you currently have. Please. And Thank You.

  140. Sarah Risinger Says:

    I loves some chili. I basically do the same thing. I don’t do the tomato sauce I go for a little V8 or spicy V8 if you’re getting real.

  141. Corinna Says:

    Thanks so much for the recipe! I put the kids to bed, popped open a beer, put some music on and started preparing. Can’t wait to eat it for lunch tomorrow, it already tastes amazing!!

  142. Daniel Says:

    Yummy stuff. Note to self: ancho chili powder has a lot more body than just plain chili powder so if that’s all ya got, cut that in half.

    Being from Texas I cock an eyebrow at green beans in chili. Beans of any kind are questionable as it is…

  143. Mellisa W Says:

    No prepackage chili seasoning, ok. But pre-shredded cheese. tsk tsk.

  144. SugarBrat Says:

    Okay, I made this and it was fucking delicious. I mean people were scraping their bowls wanting more. Although I didn’t have half the spices like Basil so I added some italian seasoning and I left out the white sugar and replaced it with more brown sugar. I also didn’t include the beer; used root beer. I bow down to the fact that you’re awesome at this shit. Keep it up.

  145. C.J. Says:

    Currently busying myself with more important things…aka plyaing somy skyrim with the GF…bitch better like this chili XD

  146. code geass akito download Says:

    Honestly it seems pretty legit I make this every day at 2 am.

  147. ActionScripter9109 Says:

    Holy shit, man. This is the most awesome cooking guide I’ve ever seen. Looks tasty too.

  148. Dan Says:

    The wife wanted chili for dinner and wanted the same chili I made last time. I couldn’t find the recipe so I decided to try this one. NEVER GOING BACK. This shit is delicious! Wasn’t sure about the corn and green beans but wow, they blend in so well! Thanks man. We are also making your Nutella pumpkin cheesecake to take to family for thanksgiving. It better be GOOD! haha

  149. James Says:

    Probably going to be living off of this once I’ve moved out! This is gold!

  150. Moonburst Says:

    This was probably the most delicious thing I have made this past year. I didn’t have any beer, so I added 1 shot of bacardi rum and most likely will add less cayenne pepper so my nephews can eat it. I bow down to your website! I decided to make it at 2 a.m., but didn’t get back from the store until nearly 4 a.m. My hat tips off to you!

  151. MrM Says:

    Love the original recipe but I started experimenting recently with both the method and ingredients. First, I browned the beef and added some smoked sausage, then transferred the meat to the pot and sauteed the vegetables on the fat. After adding the vegetables to the pot I deglazed the skillet with some Snow Day Winter Ale and poured all the flavorful bits in with the meat and veggies. I then added all the other ingredients and the seasoning plus one ingredient – oregano (just a teaspoon). It was delicious. Anyone else like to try it let me know what you think!

  152. queenpetunia Says:

    Since you used a Firefly quote from my favorite episode, I shall make this recipe this weekend. It’ll make for a mighty fine shindig dish!

  153. TheManEric Says:

    I love this chili. I was skeptical about the green beans and corn at first, but then… My tastebuds told me the exact same thing I tell people who shared that misconstrued criticism, “Shut the hell up, and don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!”. Obviously I added the second part, but you know what I’m talking about; mouth watering, mucho caliente, delizioso, two a-god damn m chili. Made with extra fuck yeah. Mmmmm.
    PS: I doubled that recipe so I could last until the apocolypse.

  154. Dionne Says:

    Just finished making this. Holy crap its delicious. A bit more spicy than I’m used too but soooooo good. Its going in the favorite recipe box. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

  155. zackmann Says:

    my college kid made this and once we substituted Frozen corn for the canned corn we liked it.

  156. Alisha B Says:

    1) It cracks me right the heck up that you busying yourself while cooking is EXACTLY my husband’s busying himself while cooking.
    2) Guinness……not just any beer, Guinness rocks that socks off of any chili…..(?)

  157. CAKES Says:

    This is the most amazing cooking guide ever! Mad props! <3

  158. Jess Says:

    I made this today and it is AWESOME!!!!!

    I never learned how to cook growing up. I’ve always relied on chili kits like the one you threw away — I just didn’t know any better I guess.

    well no longer! lol THANK YOU!! 🙂

  159. Anonymous Says:

    Hey thanks for making these comics!

  160. Ashley Says:

    Do you use the entire box of brown sugar? I’ve just never made this chili before.

  161. Buck Says:

    My roommate and I just made a triple recipe of this. We did a little substituting since I have made this before. We used a tablespoon of homemade ground red pepper and a tablespoon of crushed red pepper. We then added two Habanero peppers and sauteed them with the rest of the vegetables and it is really awesome!

  162. Curt Says:

    Hey man. Thanks for this recipe.
    I stumbled on it a few months back and finally got around to making a -huge- amount of it for all my friends this past cold winters weekend.
    I used your recipe to the exact, and then tweeked it for hotness (Sriracha overload) and health (used half ground turkey half extra lean beef, low sodium etc). Finally I also added a shit-ton of sauteed mushrooms. Can’t go wrong. Also, half can beer. Fuck yes.
    Slow cooked that mother for approx 14 hours or so.

    This was the single greatest chili I have ever eaten anywhere in my whole life.

    Thank you.

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  164. jarvis Says:

    tried this today. but instead of the corn and green beans I ADDED MORE MEAT! and it was AWESOME!!

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  168. Rebecca Says:

    I love this recipe. I remember the first time I stumbled upon it and made. This is the only chili recipe that my boyfriend and I use. It is amazing. I’m loving the rest of the site as well. Thank you.

  169. Ashley Says:

    I never eat chili, but this is damn good. We didn’t have all of the things required for the recipe so we substituted some stuff and then added bacon just to make it even more manly.

    10/10 would recommend. 🙂

  170. Michael Says:

    I just used your recipe as a rough guide, my chili tastes great, big ups.

  171. Jen Says:

    I saw this a long time ago, but finally made it tonight. I was a little hesitant about the green beans, but I threw them in anyway. And I am so glad I did. This chili is AMAZING!! And so simple to make! I made some cornbread waffles, topped it with the chili, then topped that with cheese. WOW. I will definitely be making this again!

  172. Nate Says:

    I turned off ad-block for you. That’s how awesome you are.

  173. Jade Says:

    I used this recipe for a chili cook off(omitted the green beans and corn…i’m sure it’s delicious, just didn’t look right)and WON!! I tweaked a little. I used a slow roasted pork butt roast for the meat, and added a few chili’s in adobo sauce(secret tip if you like the smokey flavors) I also sauteed diced mangos in with the veggies. My go to every time now!

  174. Henry G Says:

    Im making this again tomorrow. This is a great recipe. I only make one little change. I use venison instead of beef. Tis specfuckintacular.

  175. Nafte Says:

    Just made this for my family. It was so damn goooood. I didn’t use green beans or corn (I put in another type of bean though). The mixture of spices works extremely well. There was plenty left, so I might use it to make some #SWAGhetti #YOLOgnese tomorrow.

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  177. Katie Says:

    Whilst I don’t eat chili, I love your comics and the Firefly reference was outstanding.

    Job well done.

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  179. Paula Says:

    love your recipes 🙂 book already pre-ordered on amazon 🙂 But, seriously, Firefly quotes? You rock!!!!! 🙂

  180. Ben & Tiki Says:

    making this shit right now!!!

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  183. Jamie Weston Says:

    Friggin’ epic. I’ve used this multiple times (tonight being the most recent) and it always turns out perfect!

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  188. Jim Naybers Says:

    A basic, boring chili recipe (that uses too many pots/pans) with stick figure drawings and swear words. What are you, about 14?

  189. Benjamin Says:

    Hey Jim Naybers, how about you fuck off?

  190. Angie B Says:

    Made this for dinner, my hubby and son loved it. The only thing I changed was put it in the crockpot on low for six hours. Has a nice kick to it, will definitely make again.

  191. Angie B Says:

    Made this for dinner, my hubby and son loved it. The only thing I changed was put it in the crockpot on low for six hours. Has a nice kick to it, will definitely make again.

  192. Eric Says:

    Apparently to Jim, one pot and one pan is too many to use. I guess the realm outside of canned soup, ramen and pancake mix is pretty scary huh?

    Since it’s boring and basic, I assume that means you’ve got something amazing to compare it too, right? I mean, who makes a statement like that without a basis for comparison, or someone who can’t count to two.

  193. RageMaster Says:

    And thus the legend was born.

  194. Heather Says:

    Love the recipe and presentation! Found on Pinterest and then googled to find you! Got it stewing now! So pumped to try this recipe! I only had to reg cans of sauce so I added a can of V8, I’ll see how it goes, also used pork and beans instead of kidney and used red, orange, yellow peppers and threw in some fresh mushrooms to the sautéed veggies. Hope it turns out!!

  195. Asheville illustrator Tyler Capps in American Express ad Says:

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  196. Cassierooh Says:

    I am making this right now. I found this recipe a long time ago and tried it. Now my husband asks me every other week when Im making it again. So thank you!It goes great with a little sour cream. Drool Worthy!

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  198. Anonymous Says:


  199. B Says:

    Awesome recipe, man. Making this for the 2nd time in a week.

  200. bv Says:

    this is good, nice effort.

  201. Devra Says:

    The presentation is hilarious! This is now my go to receipe for chili. Everytime I make it, my husband and bonus daughter love it. Can’t wait until my son gets leave from the military and comes home so I can make it for him!

    Thanks so much!

  202. Oriental Styling Says:

    I used worchestershire sauce and beer, and I used it while baking the vegetables. It was delicious!!!!! Gave it something extra.
    I used worchestershire sauce because someone told me vinegar was also very good in chili, and wsc is vinegar made of beer.

  203. Bob Says:

    Holy shit! I just made a batch and this is so damn good. I’ve never had chile that even comes close. Get up off your ass and make this now. You won’t be disappointed. I’m buying the cookbook based off this recipe alone.

  204. Snack Says:

    I’ve made this about half a dozen times now, and as I’m cooking it today I decided I should take a moment to say “Thanks a lot.”

    This recipe actually got me started down the road of “Wow, cooking isn’t THAT hard” and I’ve got two cheesecakes in oven to emphasis the point.
    (You’ll NEVER guess where I got the recipe)

    It’s a given that I’m going to buy your book.
    I honestly can’t wait to try the rest of your recipes.

    Once my cheesecakes are done cooking I have a pan of Artichoke dip that needs to get thrown in. We’re having something like a party, and your food is the guest of honor. Once again, many thanks for the way too easy recipes.

  205. Chevy Says:

    So amaze! First two pots made standard and delicious, gotta cut the flour and sugar in the batch today due to parental allergies and diabetus…

  206. Dave Says:

    This is one epic recipe that’s been presented in an even more epic manner! Hat’s off buddy, loved it and I’m going to try a batch of my own now

  207. Trust Says:

    I remember seeing this shit on 4chan Many Moons Ago. Just found your blog again with the chic-fil-a recipe.
    Sweet baby Jesus, thank you for the amazing recipes. Gotta pick up a copy of your book soon.

  208. Tony Says:

    Dude…your chili is amazing. I made it, didn’t change a thing, and my boss called it the best chili he’s ever had. Said he didn’t need to add cheese or crackers, that it was perfect the way it was.

    This is going into my cookbook from now on. (With your permission, of course.

  209. Giovani Says:

    Dude, I saw this recipe years ago, probably when you made it, at 9gag. I’ve been doing it since then, changing some stuff here and there, adding my touch if you may, and it’s simply amazing. I just came by to thank you for it ^^

  210. Bo Says:

    PLEASE! Please keep doing these. Crank as many out as you can. You have amazing taste in food and possibly and even better sense of humor. I would love to see any recipe YOU want.

    If you are taking requests, I would be happy to see you make anything on my Pinterest page. (I’m not lake I just needed something to organize my recipes) If you wanna check it out its

    I’ve got a few of my favorites from your site on there now. Hope to see more coming!

  211. Samantha Says:

    You are SO awesome! I LOVE your cookbook! I bought it as soon as it was out and everything in there is amazing. Thank you!

  212. Kari Says:

    I haven’t made the chili yet, but I plan on it soon…. But I saw the Laura Lynn…. Reminds me of back home 🙂 (A North Carolina gal living in Ohio now)

  213. Lianne Says:

    This turned out to be one of my favorite dishes ever! I have made it so many times and it basically feeds my freezer for instant yummy meals. Thank you so much for posting this back in the day!

  214. AndrevWa Says:

    OMG, after trying 4 different breakfast sausage recipes, I found this one. It is the best and only one I will ever us. My husband who has chf though he was never going to have breakfast sausage again.Thanks the keep up with all the great recipes

  215. Evan Says:

    This recipe is absolutely amazing. I have made it three times now. This past time with my own added touches (different types of peppers, spices, and alcohol primarily).

    I ended up winning a local chili cook off with it!

    Thank You!

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  217. Stephen Says:

    Great article and recipe altogether. Thanks for sharing looks very delicious and entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  218. Jenny Says:

    This continues to be a family favorite!!! Thank you!

  219. Philip Says:

    Making this RIGHT NOW
    – beer
    – corn
    – green beans
    – bell pepper
    Because I’m feeding picky eaters. when I make it for myself, I’ll try it your way!
    But it SMELLS amazing. I hope it’s ready soon!

  220. Brian Says:

    Cook the spices with the beef instead of dumping them in at the end. It will release the flavor of the spices and you won’t have a grainy texture in your chili.

  221. KK Says:

    It is simmering on the stove right now, already delicious and Im just asking myself- why did you wait 3 years to cook it?

  222. Jeremiah R. Davis Says:

    Great post. I like the photos.The food looks delicious. I’ll try the recipes at on next weekend. I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise for my kids.Thanks for sharing.

  223. P.E.F. Says:

    Honestly, this recipe is amazingly delicious and simple to do. I have been doing this since I left my parents’ place and it feeds me FOREVER.

  224. Stephani Says:

    I saw this recipe on IMGUR a few times and decided to try it. Absolutely delicious! Saw another post today about the Apple Cinnamon Buns and found your site. I can’t wait to buy the book and try more of your recipes. Definitely fun to cook and laugh!

  225. Kerberos Says:

    For a European, what is a large can of tomato sauce? 15 or 28 ounces? What is a normal 8 oz?

  226. Sarelint Says:

    Great Job.
    I really like this recipe. I book your website and share to my friend. I think we can learn a lot about cooking.

  227. Hannah Says:

    I halved the recipe and ate the gravy over whole wheat toast. The next day I heated up the gravey to go over a plain egg omelette. Tasted great both ways. Thanks 

  228. Will Says:

    Normally I eat my chilli with rice or tortilla chips. Never tried it with crackers. might do that next time. Cheers!

  229. Sexy Bacon Man Says:

    Years later, this is still sexy chili. Props to you, good sir.

  230. Best Pellet Smoker Says:

    Great post. I like the photos.The food looks delicious. I’ll try the recipes at on next weekend. I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise for my kids.Thanks for sharing.

  231. Geraldine Says:

    Nice post so far, i found the font a little bit annoying to read but the rest its funny and entertaining !

  232. Asheltots Says:

    I am not a ‘chili’ person. I don’t like it. I think it is usually just a conduit for too much hot sauce so people can act tough for eating tomato beef that makes their eyes water.

    But this…THIS was freaking delicious. I’m converted. This has won a permanent place on my menu. Thanks for showing me the light.

  233. Bob Says:

    Love this recipe, I mainly use the spice mix and sauce then go rogue from there as I do an all meat chili, usually do about 4-5 pounds ground beef and another 2 pounds of cut up chuck steak.

  234. Shan Says:

    My boyfriend made this last night, and I know now more than ever that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. This recipe is amazing! It’s a good thing my Mom left a couple of days ago, because if she was her after my first bite, I would have slapped her.

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