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Jun 12

56 Responses to “The Artichoke Dip”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Expert mode: carving out the heart from a steamed artichoke.

  2. Theresa Says:

    I LOVE artichoke dip!! I cant wait to try out your recipe this weekend. And congrats on your book deal!!

  3. Wilson Says:

    Have you seen the article on Prometheus some guy wrote about where he “explained the mysteries” from his view? It has the whole space Jesus thing. It made me think of the whole movie in a different way, and I went from indifferent to pretty impressed. I know some people think it’s just as dumb after they read it, but I figure if it changed my view on it this much, I should share it.

  4. Briggs Says:

    Consider me sold on your book. Made your waffles, enchiladas/burritos and cheesecake in the past. Glorious.

  5. DdCS Says:

    Pffftt…. pre-cut…. I laughed so hard when I read that, I’m trying out this dip tomorrow! Thanks for all your recipes, they’re the best!

  6. Tonya Cinnamon Says:

    I have never tried artichoke dip. Will have to try this now 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Adam Says:

    My mom learned pretty much this exact recipe from a catering friend of hers. Icing on the… artichoke? Smoked paprika on top. Gives it color and a little hint of smoke as well as making the top brown a little more when you bake it. Either way, yes, this recipe is unbelievably amazing and never lasts very long.

    (One more tip, serve in a bread bowl so when it’s mostly gone you get delicious artichoke-y bread to enjoy!)

  8. Kar Says:

    Best served hot? What would you eat it with? Tortilla chips or regular potato chips? Crudités?

    It looks really simple and the health nuts at work will love it.. (We won’t tell them about the mayo!)

  9. Wendy Says:

    Wilson….share the article damnit! 🙂 The movie was ok but it had the possibility to be so much more so if there’s something to help I want to read it

    /making artichoke dip for others—-too much fat for moi

  10. Lori E Says:

    I love this dip. Gotta add some heat for our house because we are addicted to the hot stuff but it is so good either way

  11. Ben Says:

    People will demolish this stuff! Keep one in reserve…why not add bacon!?

  12. Sam Says:

    Not sure if this is the exact article he was talking about but I think it probably is.
    I really enjoyed Prometheus before reading the article, but the article made me really appreciate it.

  13. Lisa Says:

    I add some healthy color with frozen, drained spinach and then de-health it with a liberal covering of colby-jack shredded cheese on top. There’s nothing like a good layer of broiled cheese!

  14. Gatewalker Says:

    Try adding some pico de gallo(did I spell that right?) to artichoke dip, always makes it taste amazing.

  15. Blaine Says:

    Thank you so much for the DJ Freak Nasty reference.

  16. Artemis Says:

    Awww. He looks so sad. I want to make it just to share with him. Thanks so much for the recipe. Congratulations on your book deal.

  17. Nicki Says:

    Oooh, likey! Please be sure to include plenty of yummy vegetarian dishes like this in your book… Are you even taking requests? I hope you do. Anywho.
    (I actually *aaawwwww*ed at the end, feeling sorry for the poor fella. And myself as well, because I didn’t get any, either!)

  18. Justine Says:

    I love artichoke dips! So tasty! If one has a great dislike for Parmesan cheese, what would you recommend as a replacement?

  19. Richie Says:

    I will totally buy the book. I used the Maguffin Muffins, the chili, and the hobo pies on a boy scout camping trip. All of the adults were amazed at my abilities.

  20. Darren Says:

    I’ve made all your recipes to date, I’ll definitely be buying your book.

    Prometheus disappointed me as well.

  21. Sally Says:

    Love your recipes/comics! Will definitely purchase your book in the near future, I love your sense of humor!

  22. Solozaur Says:

    Damn It’s hard to follow some of your recipes here in Romania, a lot of the pre-made stuff you use doesn’t exist.

    Any chance that next you try something with more general ingredients?

    I still think this website is amazing, I just wish I could cook more of your recipes.

  23. Silka Says:

    Out of curiosity, what size baking dish? Or does it particularly matter?

  24. Graham Says:

    Amazing looking dip. My girlfriend will flip her shit when I make this (she’s a big artichoke fan).

    PS: I, too, share your pain. Someone must stop that writer.

  25. Ao Andon Says:

    Hey tyler, what do you think of adding some spinach, and substituting the mayo for baconaise?

  26. jerseygadfly Says:

    @Solozaur. So I just went back through the recipes to be sure not to talk bulls??t. Most of the prepared ingredients are convenience foods, they make life easy? but are not required. Admittedly my skill set may be higher than others in the kitchen, but home made biscuits, tomato sauce etc are easy to find on the net and amazingly easy to make. This also goes for mayo. Stupid easy and so much better than it’s little jarred friend. I know people have issues with raw eggs. I Have been making fresh mayo for thirty years with no problem. Your mileage may vary. Pasteurized eggs are available in many places and solve the food safety issue. Things like pre-grated cheese and types of cheese are easily addressed with local cheeses and um, a grater. If finding canned tomatoes is an issue use fresh but peel them. Google Blanching vegetable. Plum tomatoes work better but any work. the more liquid the longer you have to cook them. Hope this helps a little and and if you have any questions about replicating ingredients take a look for jerseygadfly on stumbleupon and leave me a message

  27. jerseygadfly Says:

    @Tyler, Awesome site dude, as someone who does this (cooking, when I can escape paperwork) it is really amazing the way you break things down so folks are not scared to make there own goodies. Can’t wait for the book, am already recomending it

  28. Taylor Says:

    This seems too easy to be true but I will definitely give it a try. Just made the lasagna for my friends and it was a hit! So I trust you. And I can’t wait for the book!!!

  29. myotherpants Says:

    This was one of my favorites growing up. It might have been my first baked dip. For a touch of heat, try using a 4oz can of green chilies.

  30. Liz Says:

    This looks awesome! I’ve always wanted a good dip recipe! I’m definitely going to take your advice and substitute in spinach!
    Ps. If your book comes to Canada consider one more copy sold.

  31. Travis Says:

    I’m going to try this recipe tonight for a dinner party. I’ve made your bolognese and your burrito/fajitas in the past and have loved both of them. Congratulations on the book deal!

  32. Er Says:

    Love this site, love the recipes, can’t wait for the book. Keep it up!!!

  33. Cris Edington Says:

    Delicious. Made it for a party this weekend, two batches. Fantastic!

  34. LDwy Says:

    I love artichoke dip! Consider greek yogurt or sour cream options instead of mayo for a healthier dip.

  35. Flora Says:

    I love reading these comics sometime I read the, just for fun, congratulations on the book deal.

  36. zacoda Says:

    For extra creamy, add a package of cream cheese and a cup of sour cream with extra half cup of fresh shredded parm on top. bake for 45 minutes with a lid, then 15 minutes without a lid. Best served with either cut up baguette bread, or my personal favorite, Ruffles plain potato chips 🙂

  37. lauren Says:

    this is pretty much the exact same recipe that has circulated in my family for a while, and yes it goes very fast. i just wanted to mention it can be served hot or cold, and cold is best when it is mixed up in the food processor. and we like to serve it with that cocktail sized pumpernickel bread.

  38. Monday Monday « Neanderthal, Dark & Handsome Says:

    […] Artichoke Dip – If you use some homemade mayo, fresh garlic and some good quality parmesan (maybe even fresh artichokes?) you could make this into a high-quality primal dip for veggies. Or a topping for burgers/steaks/chicken? Sounds crazy tasty to me. […]

  39. Marielle Says:

    I added a can of spinach, switched bottled Parmesan with parmigiano reggiano, and switched real mayo with Miracle Whip. My boyfriend freaked out when he found out I used “salad dressing” instead of regular mayo, but hey, it still tasted delicious.

    Next time I will use much cheaper Parmesan and real mayo. Parmigiano reggiano was very expensive ($10 for a little over 2 cups of grated cheese), but possibly spending the extra cash is worth it sometimes. Thank you for the amazing recipe paired with an equally amazing comic!

  40. ELBSeattle Says:

    I’ve made this very dip for years. You’re right: it never lasts long. At all.
    A few things I do when I make mine:
    1) I add about 2 tsp of tarragon and about 1/2 tsp freshly ground nutmeg. Trust me.
    2) I cut up some jalapenos and toss ’em in.
    3) I always, always buy good parmesan and grate it myself. It takes a very good dip and makes it into an unbelievably screamingly awesome dip. Yes it’s more expensive but it’s TOTALLY worth it.

  41. Eternal Says:

    If you don’t like mayo, you might also consider swapping it for cream cheese or neufchatel. They take a little time to soften, but hold up a little better and can take on more varied flavors. Also spinach, garlic, omnomnomnom.

  42. sarah Says:

    please tell me there is a book of these recipes or you are making one… would love to buy one or two or five lol!!!

  43. Blog Obsession: Cooking Comically | Shes and Apostrophes Says:

    […] blogs; I even have it saved on my bookmarks bar for Safari! Nothing looks more delicious than his artichoke dip or hobo pies. And let me tell you, I would be fat and happy if I could eat his cheesecake every […]

  44. Sean Says:

    Prometheus disappointed me too. The instant they gave the planet a designation other than LV426, I gave up. Thanks for the recipe too!

  45. Carrero007 Says:

    I add a small can of chopped fire roasted mild green chilies, and a dash (or two, or three) of habanero hot sauce to this same recipe, but I microwave it in a bowl u til bubbly instead of baking and serve with naked pita chips. My friends call it artichoke crack and it doesn’t last long enough to cool off.

  46. Jack Says:

    I’m gonna make this for thanksgiving. I’ll time how long it lasts.

  47. Samantha Says:

    I made this for a New Years Eve party and everyone loved it! I also mixed in a package of chopped spinach and topped with some cheddar cheese. Delicious!

  48. Andrew Says:

    I made this for a get together and everyone loved it. Very easy to make and tastes great! I also was disappointed by Prometheus.

  49. Gary Says:

    I make a double batch using a pound of frozen spinach instead of two more cans of artichokes…that, and some nice crispy bacon chunks in it. I like to serve it with toasted rye bread.

    I also found Prometheus to be rather disappointing.

  50. Buffy871 Says:

    I just made this, and if it’s wrong that I ate some straight from the pan with a spoon, then I don’t want to be right! I added some cayenne pepper and used light mayo, and it was amazing. I’m going to have to get your book. I love your site.

  51. Chung Champlain Says:

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  52. Madeline Says:

    I made this for my best friend and I on Friday night. It took more than 20 minutes (there were only two of us, after all), but there certainly weren’t any leftovers. And it was amazing. And cheap. And easy. Basically, everything fun in life.

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    […] […]

  54. Bob Purdy Says:

    I love this recipe with some added red pepper flakes and frozen chopped up spinach. Also top with some tasty cheese the last 5 minutes it’s baking. And dude, don’t be a pussy! Instead of garlic powder chop up 4-5 cloves of fresh garlic! BAMMMM! This shit has spoiled many holiday appetites in my house…pisses my wife off but let’s face it, this shit tastes better than turkey!

  55. Macho Man Andy Sandwich Says:

    Am I the only one that noticed he opened a pull-tab can of artichokes upside-down?

  56. Rain Says:

    I made this the other day and it came out so well! Thanks for the recipe!

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