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Sep 12

73 Responses to “Trust Fall Chicken”

  1. kasiana Says:

    I missed you! So happy you are starting to add crock pots. I have no time for cooking but you inspire me ^.^

  2. denver Says:

    FIRST! to get my ass of the internet and try and cook this dish! thanks man keep up the recipes!

  3. michael Says:

    bout to try this and make buffalo chicken.

  4. Dennis Says:

    I’m going to try this as soon as I stop dieting.

    Not that I think it would be particularly bad for my diet, but I would eat ALL THE CHICKEN AT ONE SITTING.

  5. Ross Says:

    I spread the good word of your cooking as often as I can! This looks great as always, and I can’t wait to try it!

    You, sir, are awesome.

  6. Joey Says:

    Dude, Sweet. It’s more simple than your normal posts, but looks great, with plenty of room to customize! +1 for the old-as-hell joker reference! Honestly, though… I refuse to believe that Michael Keaton was EVER a good choice to be batman. Your thoughts???

  7. tonya cinnamon Says:

    drools this looks so good 🙂

  8. Ashley Says:

    I work nights, so I will frequently get home in the morning, throw something in the crockpot, then let it cook while I sleep. Then when I wake up, dinner (..breakfast?) is ready. I’ll definitely try this out. Keep the crockpot recipes coming!

  9. Belly Says:

    I love your site… crock pots are awesome, I hope to see more slow cooker recipes in the future!

  10. Dan Says:

    I’ll have to go get a new slow cooker, I’ve been meaning to replace the broken one for a while….this looks way easier than establishing orbit. Jeb approves.

  11. Kaarvani Says:

    Does anybody knows a good alternative to a crock pot for this one ? I never saw one in Europe, be it in a house or in appliance stores.

  12. fourthords Says:

    Why do we remove the skin? /curious

  13. Cirrat Says:

    Nice recipe!

    @Kaarvani: have a look under “slow pot” too – for example Bionaire makes them and you can even get them here, in the Czech Republic… Means there have to be in other parts of Europe too

  14. James Says:

    Yay! I haven’t used my crockpot in ages (or for anything besides chili… yet). I love your recipes, man; it’s not just about cooking–you give me something to anticipate. I TRUST YOU!

  15. James Says:

    Another thing: how long would you cook 8 drumsticks for?

  16. henrique Says:

    very nice man =D hey guys from blog, can you help me? is there anyway to do this without the crock pot? ty

  17. Eddie Says:

    I will be making some of your recipes during a trip down to Maryland from New York. I am absolutely positive that my friends will enjoy them ! Keep it up ! Looking forward to your book !

  18. Falck Says:

    Glad you’re back you kind sir, all your recipes rock my face!

  19. Freshenstein Says:

    Just an FYI but they do sell boneless chicken thighs. I like using them instead of chicken breasts and most can’t tell the difference.

  20. Aaron Says:

    You have impeccable taste, in both food and games.

  21. Doug Says:

    I do hope the chicken brand pictured was random and not PPP (paid product placement). Because Tyson is teh evil.

  22. nittoai Says:

    This was amazing! I just finished making this dish after checking to see if there was an update. Epic man! Epic! 🙂

  23. Vonstapler Says:

    Fantastic chicken AND a kerbal space program reference? You sir, are truly amazing!

  24. Jessica Says:

    Great crock pot recipe. I use mine all the time so I don’t heat up the house here in the summer, and so I have time to game on the computer. As to removing the skin that someone asked. Because the crock pot cooks so slow and long meat generally won’t get dried out (hence the reason it’s actually better to use cheaper cuts of meat). So the skin on there will usually just render off and leave a layer of gunk on top of that lovely sauce. Not so attractive I think.

  25. Nicole Says:

    @Henrique, you could try placing chicken and sauce in a 9×13 and baking it at 350-400 degrees F until done.

    LOVE this site. I’ve been showing it to everyone I know who either cooks or has a sense of humor 🙂

  26. Jefferson Says:

    I wish my crock pot wasn’t making bbq pulled pork right now…

    @James: Same time, just double the sauce.

  27. Mee Says:

    I love your recipes. I just wanted to let you know I turned off Adblock for your site. I hope this’ll help a bit. Keep rocking^^

  28. Ari Says:

    You gotta try making “Chulent”, its Jewish Stew. It’s a super filling meal, all in one pot, and it takes minutes to prepare.

  29. Kaarvani Says:

    Finally found how the heck a crock pot is called in my country. As soon as people let me use the kitchen, this chicken is MINE.

  30. Travis Says:

    This chicken was fantastic, i ended up forgetting to buy brown sugar while I was out so I went with a spicy direction and added a bit of hot sauce. It was still good, but im definitely going to try your sauce recipe. Slowly I’m learning to cook from your site.

  31. Lolwhat Says:

    8 hours??

  32. Jason Says:

    I used frozen chicken breasts and dropped them in that way. I ended up with a 15oz can of tomato sauce so just under half went down the sink. The can in your picture really looks like a 15oz can.

    The flavor was fantastic but the sauce came out water and chicken was dry. I’m wondering if it was the frozenness, a tomato sauce mismatch or something else.

  33. Connie Says:

    Well done, grasshopper. Well done.

  34. Britt Renee Says:

    My boyfriend made this for me… I’m a very picky eater….. I LOVED IT!!!! PLEASE POST MORE RECIPES!!!! : )

  35. Drew Says:

    just tried it yesterday. i added a bit of apple cider vinegar so i got a a more “bbq”est sauce… and it was delicious.

  36. Kara Says:

    Love your recipes and your site! Publish more. You crack me up and make cooking more fun.

  37. Banco Popular e Says:

    all i can say is OMG

  38. Matt C. Says:

    Tried this out, probably the first recipe here I won’t make again without some experimentation. Nothing wrong with it – it’s just chicken slow-cooked in a sauce – but found the sauce a bit underwhelming. Nothing wrong, but nothing that made me say “oh man this is amazing I have to make this again.” Need to think about what other sauces would be good.

    Also, I had one hell of a time trying to get the skin off the chicken. Putting it under cold water helped separate it from the thick part of the drumstick, but the skin was really stuck on the “ankle”. Any tips there? I ended up using scissors and even then it was pain. Don’t really like tugging on chicken skin as hard as I can while holding an uncooked chicken leg in my other hand, worrying it’ll slip and shoot across the room.

  39. ParanoidBillionaire Says:

    I enjoy the fact that the chicken says “sell by June” and this is your September recipe. Very nice!

  40. Mogane Says:

    Almost seems like chicken adobo.

    @Matt C. Have you tried using some balsamic vinaigrette with the sauce? or just regular vinegar? I feel like it’d give it a sharp kick but also a good taste.

  41. bebe Says:

    I let the chicken sit in the mixture overnight.

  42. FirstTimer Says:

    I’m currently cooking this recipe right now….and it smells glorious.

  43. Candace Says:

    I was just curious, if you substituted thighs for drumsticks, how long do you suppose it would need to cook?

  44. Karyn S. Says:

    I liked the ease of the recipe – and the “Fuck Yeah Chicken Sale” – but I added a bunch more brown sugar (I was expecting/wanting something a little sweeter).

  45. Jamie Says:

    Excellent recipe, also recommend trying the above with peanut putter in place of the tomato sauce…

  46. MagistrateDelta Says:

    Candace, I used a mixture of thighs and drumsticks, 8 hours is plenty of time for everything. Meat literally fell off the bone, it was superb.

  47. Natalie Says:

    @Mogane: I have used balsamic vinaigrette and I loved it, but then I have an unhealthy affinity for vinegar.

  48. WhiteZero Says:

    Extra Tip: Sprinkle some kosher salt on dat chicken before adding to the crock. Chicken loves salt.

  49. WhiteZero Says:

    Also, temp dat chicken, make sure it’s hit 165 at some point.

  50. isaac Says:

    Can I use chicken breasts instead of drumsticks?

  51. Trolle Rolle Says:

    No wonder the chicken was cheap; the sell by date was june and your post is in september.

  52. Greg Says:

    Oh where, Oh where
    Has my Tyler gone?
    Oh where, Oh where
    can he be?
    With his easy Meals
    and his Tasty Food
    Oh where, Oh where
    can he be?

  53. Dave Says:

    The skin is the best part! Also chicken thighs (sorry but drumsticks take a backseat to thighs) work well too!

  54. PwnageHobo Says:

    Awesome recipe. I’ll have to give this one a go. I was just wondering… what game is that?

  55. dave Says:

    I don’t have a crock pot. I have this in the oven right now at 250F for 6hrs. Been in for 3.5hrs and is at a very very low simmer. Might need to turn down the oven in a bit to make sure it doesn’t boil. Smells great, super excited.

    I doubled the recipe and used 1 package of drumsticks and 1 pack of thighs. I also threw in a splash of liquid smoke and I had 1/2 cup of salsa left so I threw that in for some heat.

  56. Robin Says:

    Honest to God…that was some of the best chicken ever! I’m so glad I made a double batch. We ate it last night and again tonight! AWESOME!

  57. Andrew Says:

    I just finished cooking this and the sauce is super watery. I used bone in chicken thighs instead of drum sticks and the texture is good, but the taste isn’t very concentrated. My chicken was thawed when I put it into the crock pot also. So, I don’t think the chicken was holding water when I placed it into the crock pot. I’m not exactly sure what went wrong. I doubt that you prefer bland chicken. Oh well, I am going to put the sauce on a pan and reduce it and drizzle over the chicken. I’ll definitely try this recipe again, but switch it up a bit to see if I get better results.

  58. easy recipes Says:

    Wonderful chicken recipe. Tasted really great and these ingredients are staples I have in my kitchen.

  59. Kate Says:

    I cooked this last night! It was amazing and so tender it was hard to keep it on the bone. lol

  60. Katie Says:

    This is a super easy recipe, the hardest part was pulling off the skins on the chicken. I added balsamic vinegar, hoisin, mirin sweet rice seasoning, and a tiny splash of sherry and fish sauce. it smelled good when i put it in the pot so im hoping it comes out pretty yummy. there wasn’t a whole lot of sauce so i added about a can of water just to cover the chicken with liquid. 8 hours till chicken goodness

  61. nbasil Says:

    making this tonight! i was wondering, what is a good side dish to go with this

  62. Cody hop Says:

    Just put it in the crockpot. I’ll let you know how it turns out

  63. Tony Says:

    I don’t own a crockpot, can anyone give me some advice on how long to bake it in the the oven for and at what temperature? Also, I’m feeding six people, is this recipe going to be enough or should I add more ingredients? Thanks in advance guys.

  64. Marc Says:

    Love the chicken. I made it with legs and thighs. I’m going to experiment to get the sauce just they way I like it. Thank you so much for your awesome website. I’m going to try the potato wedges next.

  65. Sior Says:

    Assembled this tonight, will cook while wife is at work. We’ve got some oriental vegetables and noodles to go with it. The sauce smelled so good, I took strong heed of the tip to not drool in the pot. Had to leave, haha.

  66. Traci Says:

    Easy to make and really good. I think next time I will use less tomato sauce. Paired it with Dem Wedges and such an easy meal. I have cooked something from your site all week long!

  67. Maya H.U. Says:

    I am going to attempt to do this with chicken wings.

  68. J Says:

    Made the chicken a while back … But just went a new direction with it tonight, felt like sharing.

    I doubled the sauce part, added a couple extra drumsticks, then tossed in a handful of sliced carrots, celery, light red kidney beans, and onion. Towards the end of the 8 hours, whipped up some basic rice … Chicken was still amazing, and I tossed the veggie stew on the rice.

    Big winner!

  69. GH Says:

    I have made this numerous times now, and even though I never make it the same way twice, it always tastes DELICIOUS… plus a little sri racha never hurt anyone!!! An amazing recipe and I have shared it with tons of friends. Always turns out perfectly in both crock pot and oven! THANK YOU! 😀

  70. Melissa Says:

    I have made this twice now and it is EPIC! I don’t like chicken but I even like this…we serve it on hamburger buns with a slice of cheese almost like a pulled-pork DELICIOUS!

  71. Post Pictures of what your cooking!!! - S-10 Forum Says:

    […] new love is slow cookers), and a handful of oyster crackers waiting for microwave to get done lol. pretty good, kinda teryaki style. Goes great with zanarans spanish […]

  72. Marianne Says:

    wow, do NOT use passata… it was notsotasty. I will try again with actual tomato sauce like the pic BECAUSE I TRUST YOU BRO.

  73. Josh Says:

    If one ends up halfing the amount of meat, what should I do with the cooking time?

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