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Feb 13

57 Responses to “Dem Wedges”

  1. Mago C Says:

    I LOVE POTATOES!!! This recipe is awesome. Gonna try it out soon. Kudos to Frederick the Great.

  2. William Says:

    Screw what they taught me in school. I much prefer this history. Going to try these bad boys out tonight.

    PS: The trustfall chicken was delicious.

  3. Ao_Andon Says:

    A tad simple, even for you, but tasty nonetheless. Been making a variant of these quite often lately.

  4. coffeebot Says:

    This is something that everyone should know how to make. Mixing up the spices is easy as ever and I don’t know anyone (non-peasants at least) who doesn’t like taters. Thanks for all your great work.

  5. Tonya Cinnamon Says:

    These look soooo yummy 🙂

  6. Meg Says:

    Those look amazing, havent tried adding parmesan to wedges. Thanks for the history lesson.

  7. Joe Says:

    Clearly you need your own animated show on the Food Network.

  8. Bob_PHR Says:

    I agree with Joe! An animated cooking show would be AMAZING.

  9. Willy Says:

    Now every time I rinse something under the faucet now, I’m going to imagine myself Shawshank Redemption-ing, food ingredient in hand. Thanks a lot. I CAN’T UNSEE THAT.

  10. Bryan Says:

    Excellent, again. Looking forward to the next one.

  11. Jacob Says:

    I have to ask, why do I always see this recipe with red potatoes? Any reason I couldn’t use regular run of the mill brown potatoes for this?

  12. Sean Says:

    Another great recipe, can’t wait to try this! Even though it’s one of the most simple, this may become one of my favorites here…

  13. Danny Says:

    I love these comics, keep up the great work dude. Looking forward to your book too. I’m going to go flash kick some potatoes for lunch 😀

  14. Moon-Cookie Says:

    Jacob, red potatoes are less starchy and more sugary, so they are sweeter when cooked, which would blend better with the flavors. They also have thinner skin for easier nomming while including the fiber. Being smaller they are also good for finger foods because you can spend less time cutting them up. Your browns hold up better as mashed, stewed and fried. You can still use them, I’ve done recipes like this with browns, but you’ll get different results depending on the spud.

    Hope that helps.

  15. James Says:

    I can’t say this enough, even considering your theme, but I love the drawings that accompany your recipes. As for this one, this is probably one of the most impressive snacks I’ll make. I’m going to do this for guests just so they think I’m that cool that I can whip something up like that. Then, I’ll tell them my bro Tyler showed me how to do it!

  16. Darcyblue Says:

    since my girlfriend doesn’t like spicy foods, i exchanged the cayenne for a paprika in hopes to lighten the heat. its in the oven as i type.

    also for valentines I’m using your maple bacon recipe to make maple bacon roses!
    i know once your book is published, I’m buying myself a copy. ive used alot of your recpies and love every single one!

    thanks for being AWESOME!

  17. Suzan @ The Lazy Suzan Says:

    Awesome! Love the originality of pairing a comic with the recipe. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  18. maria Says:

    i feel like i owe you a feedback for a long time now. love your recepices and love those comics.
    just a little addition to your story about frederick – the people did not wanted to eat them because they ate that little green fruit on the top of the plant and got sick. so they thought potatoes are evil.
    they did not had the idea of digging out the actual potatoes. that is why he guarded them – he hoped the people would steal the full grown plants and see that here are actual and edible potatoes.
    so they did and germany was saved once again. yay.

  19. Melissa Says:

    I’m a History major, and historical accuracy aside (lots of these amusing antidotes are bogus mythhistory, but fun, I LOVED this episode of “Cooking Historicaly”!

  20. Micah Says:

    (Thank goodness there is no way to downvote comments, because I’m sure this is going to get some flak…)

    I wanted to offer an opinion on two ingredients in this dish.

    Dried Basil. Personally, I think it is a waste of money. Since most dried herbs/spices lose a lot of their potency after 6 months (more or less), you have to be using a lot of dried basil before it’ll be less than great. And since you don’t know when that bottle of basil was packed at the factory or how long it may have been on the shelves of the supermarket, you really have no good idea of how long your dried basil will last.

    Olive Oil. I’m a convert from the major brands available in the supermarket to the premium stuff you get at an olive oil specialty store. This happened after reading “Extra Virginity” by Tom Mueller and a subsequent visit to a olive oil store. The difference in taste between the premium oil and the supermarket oil is astounding. You’ll never go back to the major brands once you have a taste of the real thing.

    Aside from those opinions, I am a big fan of your recipes and your art. I’m really looking forward to your book and hope that you recognize these opinions as just that, opinions. Thanks!

  21. Dan Says:

    Yawn. Time to unbookmark this website.

  22. likefunbutnot Says:

    Fun potato wedges secret that I picked up from Chris Onstead, who writes Achewood and some associated media like the Achewood Cookbook:

    After you’ve given your wedges their 45 minutes at 350, flip ’em on another side, baste them with a little more olive oil and then stick them back into a 500 degree oven for maybe five extra minutes. You’ll get something that manages to be both crispy and chewy.

  23. Cresca Says:

    I tried them yesterday and can just say: AMAZING!
    Bookmarking your page has definitely helped improve my cooking 🙂

  24. Bounce Says:

    Tyler, I’m sure I’ve asked this before, but are you sure you don’t want to move to England and live with me? I could cook for you if that’s something you’d like 🙂

  25. atypicaloracle Says:

    I am sure we will all miss Dan and care a great deal that he has passive-aggressively flounced.

    These things look crazy good, I’m making them soon.

  26. sgbrown Says:

    These sound great! Quick and easy too. I love your characters and sense of humor here! 🙂

  27. Erin Says:

    Micah, I think you’re forgetting that Tyler has ALWAYS said you can use whatever quality of ingredients you please. He makes it with stuff he has around and what he thinks is easily accessible for a lot of people. You wanna upgrade your spices or oils, go for it. It’s not an opinion based thing. If it floats your boat, carry on, but it’s not a reflection on the quality of his recipes or anything else.

  28. Mac Says:

    I have been using this site for a while now, I think I started when you posted the chicken burrito’s. (I use that spice mixture for everything) you have some wonderful tips. keep up the good work.
    ooh, and I agree with some posters above, I would watch an animated cooking show on the food network =)

  29. BennyBean Says:

    Deliciousness. I’ve been making a similar recipe for years, but I’ve found a quick shortcut: sub ALL dem spices for a packet of Italian salad dressing mix. From there, you can add the heat in the form of cayenne if so desired. You won’t be sorry.

  30. Lizzie Says:

    PLEASE make a macaroni and cheese recipe! I flipping love that stuff and want to see your take on it, since so far you haven’t let me down with any of you recipes that I’ve tried!

  31. rb Says:

    You can also do this with yams (not sweet potatoes), just slice them into big fat steak fries instead of wedges. I’m considered the Queen of the Cooking Universe when I serve this “sweet potato fries”.

    Yams are better than sweet potatoes because sweet potatoes, like baking potatoes, are starchier.

    Great comics & recipes. I can cook, but will be buying your book for my offspring.

  32. Julie Says:

    This is just great! I’m glad to see that you kept doing these comical recipes. Keep up the great work!

  33. Silka Says:

    You know, I bet these would be great with that meatloaf you have another recipe here for. XD

  34. Kristin Says:

    these are in the oven right now and they smell fantastic. i used paprika instead of cayenne because i cant handle spicy things. they are going along side bbq pork that has been in the slow cooker all day. ^_^

  35. Fafnoir Says:

    :O Is that a Princess Bride reference I see there?

  36. Greg Says:

    That looks delicious! Wish I had time to cook it, but I will try when I am less busy, I love food!Panoramy

  37. Janice Says:

    Ridiculously delicious!

  38. Art Vandelay Says:

    How well would this work with Yukon Golds rather than red taters?

  39. Traci Says:

    Made them tonight – so good. Easy to make – less than 10 minute prep time. My 17 year old son asked if we could have them tomorrow night as well. 🙂

  40. BlackSun Says:

    Did…he…he just did a Flash Kick didn’t he? O__O

  41. Travis Says:

    Made this twice already, with some different variants of potatoes. It takes a lot to get me out of my room, but I moved my butt from here to the kitchen to make this. It’s super easy, and turns out great every time. Excellent work Mr. Capps. Keep em coming, I love how fun you make cooking.

  42. Valerie Says:

    Just gotta say, I love this site more than taylor swift loves writing break up songs. I’m trying this recipe out tonight with the trustfall chicken. i’m pretty positive it will be amazing.

  43. WallaWallaWanda Says:

    And if you’re feeding people who don’t like cheese, just leave it out. The recipe still works.

  44. Allison Says:

    I love this recipe! It has become the go to potato recipe for my fiance and I!

  45. Adam Says:

    Made these for a potluck. Came out exactly like they look in the picture, and they were a HUGE hit with the guests. (Even after they got cold, people were still snacking on them.)

    For the record, Parmesan cheese is what pushes the flavor over the edge, but the seasoning blend makes it or breaks it. If you can’t put your own blend together, Mrs. Dash does a good job without making stuff too salty.

  46. Todd Says:

    Just put these in the oven!! Hopefully they come out amazing

  47. Tyler Says:

    Just made these with gold potatoes…. I am in heaven….

  48. Tina Says:

    made these last night!! they were soooo good with ranch!

  49. Meredith Burger Says:

    I just made these and they were amazing! I used ground thyme instead of oregano since they make everything taste pizza. 😉

  50. Tristan Says:

    Nice recipe and a fun little story from history. A couple of tips that will improve the potatoes without making things much harder.
    1. Precook the potatoes in the microwave about 4 or 5 minutes, until fork tender, or just use the baked potato setting if you have one. This causes changes in the structure of the starches, increasing surface area and thus crispiness.
    2. Stick your pan in the oven when you turn it on to preheat so it will be hot when you add the potatoes. If you follow this method your potatoes will get crisper and will be done in 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

  51. Dem Wedges from Cooking Comically Says:

    […] check out his website for this recipe in all its glory, with the comics and whatnot! You will love it! OK, I loved […]

  52. Awww yisss Says:


    Few hints for people though.

    -Pre-boil your potato wedges, 10-15min should be enough. That way they get soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

    -Splash lemon juice on top of the wedges before putting them in the oven. Trust me.

    -Make equal sized wedges. That way none of them get burned or under cooked.

  53. Quix Says:

    This recipe is both so good and so easy I feel like it should have been obvious to me for years. Why have I been buying frozen wedges when I can just make these for a fraction of the price? You can even make a bunch, cook them half-way and freeze them and finish them off whenever.

    P.S. Hopefully McCain (the frozen fry people, not John McCain) doesn’t find out or you might find yourself in a shallow grave down by the river.

  54. Alan Says:

    Nice recipe! Simple yet delicious!

  55. Food Smok'r Says:

    This is an awesome recipe and definitely a super creative website. Enjoyed reading this recipe!

  56. Lili Says:

    These potato wedges never disappoint!!!

  57. Damon Says:

    These are now a staple in my kitchen. Thank you!

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