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Apr 13

51 Responses to “Happy Little Hash Browns”

  1. Gloria Says:

    This makes me so happy. Thanks for the recipe, I’ll be here for the upcoming ones!

  2. Adam W Says:

    Hahha, you almost got me there.

  3. Yohsua Says:

    Might take more than a week for my body to be ready.
    Definitely fell for the April Fool’s joke.

  4. Nicki Says:

    Oh man, you got me good LOL
    Nice recipe though.

  5. Arlene @ Don't Eat Dirt Says:

    That’s awesome. I love Bob Ross and his “happy-little-everythings”.

  6. Slava Says:

    Thank you,

    Best April Fools i’ve ever had, good food and you made me look like a fool. Can’t wish for more.

  7. Frimmy Says:

    I checked the date right after I read the words “he has been retired”. Whew! I’m looking forward to the cookbook!

  8. Kelly Hinna Says:

    OH MY GOSH – that was great! You so got me! I so love your site/recipes. Cannot wait for the cookbook!! Thanks for keeping it fun!

  9. Charlie Says:

    Woah! For us unaware of what does this date means (I’m not from U.S.) this was an interesting surprise – good one! -> also looking forward to the cookbook!

  10. Flor Arg Says:

    I LOVE YOU!! I wish you the best of lucks on your book. Lots of love from Argentina.

  11. Justin Says:

    My body is ready.

  12. Nick Says:


  13. Thomas Says:

    Jeebus did that scare me! Good one 🙂

  14. Ryan Says:

    I remembered the date by the 2nd panel. You had me extremely disappointed for a whole 10 seconds. Good luck with your book!

  15. DRE Says:

    Got me on that one. So glad it was April Fools. Love your regular stick guy.

  16. Meredith Says:

    Oh man I was almost disappointed there for a minute…the vulgarity is what keeps me interested! (along with the great recipes)…that was a good one.

  17. EvilRSA Says:

    Oh my god…I was all sad at first, but then I was like….oh shit, I got punk’ed on Aprils fools!

  18. Piper Says:

    I’ve missed you! *hug*

  19. totodedum Says:

    just found your site through pinterest. wacky, zany, bad-assery…with food to boot! i’m gonna love reading/trying your recipes!

  20. Megs Says:

    You totally got me!

    Can’t wait to try them– who doesn’t love hash browns?

  21. Kyla Says:

    aw yooou, ya got me! I got, got. Thank gawd yer alright brother, we were worried about you being gone so long. I miseth thee in the off months. & I sure wuv deem appy’lil hash browns, thank you for the courage and guidance to make them in the comfort of my kitchen. I’m looking forward to mah spiffy apron and shaking your hand when you sign the eight cook books I get for Christmas presents. Book signing tour! Come to California and we’ll take you up and down and across it for as long as you like.

  22. fonte Says:

    Well played, sir, well played.

    And that looks like soon to be well served food on my table, too.

    Thanks, man.

  23. Amber Says:

    I’m so glad I was right and that Bob boss was an April fool’s thing. I love the normal guy. 🙂

  24. Chris Vincent Says:

    I’m going to make this right now. By the way, the onion is missing from the “full shopping list” at the end.

    Looking forward to the book!

  25. Kittish Says:

    Almost got me with the Rob Boss, but was funny too. And I just made happy little hashbrowns for breakfast along with ham and fontina mini omelettes. Om nom nom nom. Happy little hashbrowns indeed! Russet potatoes work almost as well as reds, just be sure to rinse them really well. And toss in just a dash or two of seasoned salt and garlic powder.

  26. Stacey Says:

    Omg I’m SO happy this was a joke. You could just see my disappointed face, reaching a sad gloom until the end.

  27. James Says:

    I can’t believe you got me! I’m sitting there reading the recipe while trying to think of a tactful way to tell you to “fuck a wide audience.” And this after a day of waiting for pranks, and then “oh look, a new Cooking Comically! What? Say it ain’t so? It ain’t. I’m stupid. You rock.”

  28. Dave Says:

    Man oh man so funny. Recipe was great, made them actually.

    April Fool’s Motherfuckers!!!


  29. BC Says:

    Read the whole thing hearing Bob’s voice in my head….the mother fuckers at the end may have caused something to rupture. Worth it.

  30. Dev Says:

    I believe… I believe… everyday is a good day when you cook…

  31. Steve Says:

    In my mind, I read this entire post with Bob Ross’s voice. I was thoroughly happy with this decision at the end.

  32. Riah Says:

    i was soooooo sad for a minute there. no offence Mr Boss, But you are not allowed to be on this site ever again.

  33. flowerpoop Says:

    man i just made these with a rasher of bacon. Awesome.

  34. wintercoat Says:

    Wooo! A new Cooking Comically!!! I’ve missed you man! You’re one of my few weekly sites I check for new content, and it always made me a bit sad when there was nothing new.

  35. Angie by the Lake Says:

    Whadaya NUTZ?! You totally got me. I love the little stick guy, Hey, I think I’m a little bit in love with you cause he’s so hot. Oh, and the food, I like the food too.

  36. Pete Says:

    just made these for dinner tonight. so delicious. used vidalia onions, added garlic and seasoned salt, tons of black pepper… off the hook delicious.

  37. Chris Says:

    I realized this was an April Fools joke after checking the comments. Prior to that, I fully intended to stop reading this blog, cancel my preorder on Amazon for the book, and actively discourage anyone I referred to this blog from checking it again. Glad nothing is changing!

  38. Tara Says:

    OMG I was soo sad when I started reading this!!! You got me good for sure!

  39. Jonathan Says:

    I was waiting for the last slide to be stick man ripping off the Bob mask… maybe screaming “April Fools” when he did. And not some latex mask… think Hannibal Lector wearing the cop’s face kind of mask. Yeah…

  40. Grymmarie Says:

    Sooo… no book?

  41. Marcia Says:

    Wow I was so upset that stick man will be retiring! Thank GOD it was a joke 🙂 LOVE your recipes!

  42. montuos Says:

    Hashbrowns my ass! Nice latke recipe, though…

    And it was amazing how much Bob Ross suddenly looked like Samuel Jackson in that last frame! ;D

  43. Andrew Says:

    Hahahaha, too funny, Rob Boss, anyway the next week recipe is super exciting, Im gonna go pre order your cookbook now

  44. Brittany Says:

    ….I read the whole thing in his voice…

  45. Aarón Says:

    wow, you got me and today isn’t even april fool’s, anyway, i love your site

  46. Ian Says:

    Love it. Keep it up!

  47. Chelsea Says:

    I’m reading this slightly later than everyone else, and after seeing previous comics, I nearly started to cry when I read ‘has been retired’. Fab joke, keep it up (:

  48. Nick Says:

    Awesome recipe!
    Does anybody know how long can i keep this potato-onion-egg-flour mix UNCOOKED in the fridge or freezer? I’d like to prepare a whole lot at once and use it whenever i want.

  49. Lucia Says:

    Just discovered your blog. I am smiling like crazy. This is so refreshing from the usual food blogs I read. LOVE IT!
    Damn I can’t stop smiling…

  50. Hillary Says:

    perfect and simple looking recipe for some yummy food for my hubby. He will love these!

  51. April Fools 2013 around the web Says:

    […] Cooking Comically becomes family friendly – The stick figure is replace with Rob Boss, a Bob Ross knock-off. […]

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