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Aug 13

23 Responses to “BBQ Sauce”

  1. Aerobird Says:

    Barbecue sauce! Win. And the good brown stuff too, not that red crap Dairy Queen insists (insisted? I dunno if they even still have the things) on slopping all over their “barbecue sandwiches” in quantities that reach “a little meat in your sauce” proportions and which still give me ‘Nom flashbacks. The horror, the horror…

    You know, I bet a shot of molasses might work in this instead of the beer, for just a little extra sweet. This shall be tried.

  2. Charles Says:

    Awesome recipe is awesome!

  3. Tonya Cinnamon Says:

    oh mah gawd….. drools

  4. Ashley Says:

    The most interesting recipe in the world.

  5. Alex Says:

    Already pre-ordered the book, looking forward to the pulled pork recipe!!!

  6. James Says:

    I had no idea BBQ had to be simmered. Thanks for that, otherwise I’d have given up on BBQ sauce, since the store-bought variety always blows and I don’t feel like making something up. I’ve been using a very good rib rub, though, that actually has quite a few of these ingredients, so I’ll definitely try this when I get that book in the mail. Thanks again man!

  7. bakeca Magione Says:

    nice idea

  8. Adrian Says:

    Bro-vo, Bro-vo.
    I always winged it with my BBQ sauce. I use the beer marinade that I marinade my meats in, bring it to a simmer, then add all that stuff in (or whatever is in my kitchen at the time…) plus some Jack. But this, this will help me remember what I need to keep stock in my kitchen.


  9. Joel Says:

    Awesome looking recipe. My question though, what game is that?

  10. Dan Cameron Says:

    I got more than 15 oz. out of this. Was it supposed to reduce? I had the heat on low to simmer, should it have been higher?
    Very tasty,just the same!

  11. Jerad Says:

    This looks and sounds amazing. I’m going to give this a go soon, but i wanted every ones thoughts on beer choice. Is there a specific kind of beer that would work best? I would imagine you could try several and get a different taste each time. Plain ol domestic or something like a woodchuck for a sweet apple flavor, or perhaps something more exotic? Post some suggestions please! 😀

  12. Dan Cameron Says:

    Okay, my bad!
    I realized I used *twice* the amount of ketchup as called for. That’s why it made so much! (What I get for trying to convert cups to oz. in my head!)
    It still tastes good. I’m gonna make the sauce the *right way* and see how they compare.

  13. rolando Says:

    I took your advice and paused blocking JUST FOR YOU!
    and I will try your sauc recipe! Thanks. Rolando

  14. Jo Says:

    This is very similar to my recipe minus the beer. I’ll add that next time. Try adding a chopped onion
    and a can of Rotel tomatoes. I made pulled pork earlier this week, and my husband said it was the best I’ve ever made. I can’t wait for my book to get here!

  15. Roman Says:

    What’s the shelf life on the sauce? a couple of weeks? months? should it be refrigerated?
    thanks and keep up the great work!!!

  16. Jenna Says:

    I always add molasses to my BBQ sauce

  17. Cooking Comically Archive | Gags Area Says:

    […] […]

  18. Matthew Says:

    Can anyone tell me if this is a sweeter or a spicier BBQ sauce? Just curious I want to make it but I prefer more zing to my sauce then sweetness

  19. Extra-Titanian Says:

    Ok, I’ll bite, where can I get an awesome cookingcomically label like that? 😀

  20. Shaine Says:

    This BBQ Sauce smells amazing, sat next to it simmering away. What’s even better is one of my housemates is getting me the book for xmas, so I can try more awesome recipes.

  21. Brisket Whisperer Says:

    Made it this weekend. Awesome. Think next time I will cut the cayenne pepper down to 1 tsp. A little too much kick for the wifey.

    Also, I think the shot of beer is just so you have a beer to drink while making the sauce. Which is fine by me. Who would throw away a beer with only one shot used? 🙂

  22. Lord_Snow Says:


    Just wondering if the honey needs to be the liquid kind, as I do currently have “hard” honey.

    Seeing as it will ‘melt’ during the simmering anyways, but its best to be sure 🙂

  23. Joel Says:

    Another WIN for CookingComically!

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