May the Food be with you.
Dec 13

7 Responses to “Champagne-Poached Pears”

  1. James Says:

    That is classy. Definitely. Say, do you have any classy entrees that could turn up in the next update? Nothing too classy, though; stay comical, bro.

  2. Tonya Cinnamon Says:

    looks so yummy!!!!!!

  3. Drewsuff Says:

    Man…I hope to lord almighty that you do more comics in the near future. I’ve become addicted to your food and comics. Should I seek medical help?

  4. Asos Says:

    Hey man your food is fantastic and have used heaps of recipes, BTW have you thought of shipping your book to Australia, I know where upside down and all but my drop bear is hungry for some food!

  5. Harry Says:

    This looks good, but I’m wondering why you didn’t peel them. I have only ever seen peeled pears get poached, and it makes sense to me that it would help it absorb the flavor more.

    Does it not matter as much as I thought?

  6. Alejandro Says:

    Pear skins are relatively porous and thin. If it was say, orange, it might be an issue, Harry. But the skin of a pear has a lot of tastiness in it. Call it “Poires provinciaux en Champagne”, and then snobbier foodies will go “Oooh!”

  7. Jeff Says:

    I’ve had these with made with saffron and star anise as well and they were amazing!

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