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Sep 11

39 Responses to “Whippersnap”

  1. Jonathon Says:

    Wooo!!! Cant wait for them Pancakes!!!
    Loving the minecraft …

  2. Asmodiel Says:

    Very important thing: don’t hit the whisk against the bowl where you whisk the stuff in (to clean the whisk) because that’ll destroy the consistency!

    // cool stuff, keep it up! //

  3. Meghan Says:

    You totally have to write a book, it would sell at least a zillion copies. Love your style!

  4. Adrian Says:

    Cool Whwip. With a splash of whiskey. This screams awesome. Agree with Meghan, a zillion copies at the least. Reason is some people may buy multiple copies.

  5. Callie Says:

    I love this. Please, please keep doing these. Forever.

  6. Brian Says:

    That intro was totally worth the brief comic. I totally want to be Stick Guy.

  7. Chiapet Says:

    You should make this into a glossy cookbook- it would be amazing!

    Great job as always. How can we help you broaden your audience???

  8. CptNils Says:

    Seen the 2 am chilli on Reddit, tried it and been a fan eversince! You are awesome!

  9. Jaydoggy Says:

    As brief as this one is, it’s important. People don’t realize how easy it is to make good whipped creams. Especially alcohol-infused ones.

  10. Art Says:

    Looking forward to them sexy pancakes….and serve them with the whippersnap.

  11. FlowingChiaki Says:

    I will have to remember this recipe for the holidays…

    Also Minecraft FTW. 😀 Awesome castle!

  12. butt Says:

    post a picture of yourself. i want to see how fat you are

  13. Barkalow Says:

    Dude, I just found these comics recently, and I have to say: They’re awesome. Keep it up.

  14. Rick Says:

    Making this with the Bananarama tonight.

  15. David Says:


    First off: cool stuff you do and i’m loving your humor.

    I do have an (maybe odd) request though.
    Wouldn’t it be possible for you to give weight or volume of ingridients in kg/ml respectively?
    It would be a lot more internationally accessible if it was :). Not wanting to change habits….but as the US is the only country using those measurments i guess you also have stuff to measure ml/kg while getting ounce/pound measuring equipment is almost impossible everywhere else xD

    Thanks anyway 🙂
    A fan

  16. Dave Says:

    Please, please, please! Continue making these awesome comics. They have made cooking so much more fun in my house. Thanks! That is all.

  17. Kika Says:


  18. Cody Says:

    Dude, You gotta come out with more of these! Us starving college kids out here are waiting for more epic culinary concoctions! Made the Super Teriyaki II burgers for my girlfriend, totally got me laid ;). Keep up the good work, Sensei.

  19. Mike Says:

    Dying for the next comic. Keep them coming, I’ve already spread the site among some friends and they enjoyed it as well.

  20. Aleksa Says:

    Totally awesome website and even awesomer recipees!!! Keep it up! 😀

  21. Shifa Says:

    What can I use instead of Bourbon?

  22. Mia Says:

    I made ice cream the other day, and that fire starter technique was brilliant when I whipped the cream (though I’m not sure I needed to). I’ve been doing it wrong for so… long.

    You have inspired me to ingest more whipped cream and/or brandy.

  23. CC-N Says:

    Ahhhhh I think that we could be best friends. You must be the perfect package: Wit, Brains, and YOU CAN COOK.

    Keep up the amazing and hilarious work!!

  24. Alonna Says:

    I’m sure you already know this pro-tip, but just in case, a good way to speed up the process if you’re in a hurry is put the bowl and whisk (or beaters in my case) in the freezer for awhile. 🙂

  25. CELIPPO Says:

    wow definitely gonna try it tonight!!!
    anyway, cool website! keep it up.. i will subscribe for sure!

  26. AZ Says:

    1 – you. are. hot. (hilarious + smart enough to make a brilliant website + creative/artistic + a good cook = HOT)
    2 – You should definitely write a cook book – those things are selling really well right now.
    3 – the stick man is on the same level as Dos Equis “most interesting man in the world” already – run with that & you will never get stale.
    4 – Play your cards right & you will get people trying to get you to push their brands and their recipes in your photos – I really hope you get there – but don’t “sell out” your creativity.
    5 – So many kudos on taking such a simple idea and making so brilliant an output. The photos really help a novice cook too – down to the shopping list. LOVE this site & I will be sharing it every chance I get.
    Keep it up!

  27. zak Says:

    made this with some baileys mint chocolate Irish creme greatest sundae i’ve ever had

  28. Joleen Says:

    I agree completely with AZ! Keep up the good work! I am going to tell everyone 🙂

  29. Shelbs Says:

    Holy hell, dude! Delicious! I can’t wait to make these for my sexy friends!

  30. Jessica Says:

    Some whipped cream variations:
    Chantilly- add 1 or 2 drops of vanilla extract
    Cinnamon- add 3/4 tsp of cinnamon (this goes really well with pumpkin pie!)

  31. NerdyMel Says:

    If you overwhip it, you’ve now got unsalted, sweetened bourbon-infused butter, perfect for holiday treats.

  32. Watson Says:

    please allow me to say, Sir, that i very much enjoy cookingcommically. i think you’ve created a very fine thing, here.

  33. someguy Says:

    Call me anal, but there is one detail here that isn’t correct. Whipped cream’s consistency is not because of foam/air, that’s egg whites. It’s a coagulation of the milk fat that makes it thicken.

  34. Bunnehsfordinner Says:

    HA! i have a whisk SO THERE!

  35. Bunnehsfordinner Says:

    i dont have any burboun though… 🙁

  36. JacquesOlat Says:

    Try putting the bowl in the freezer for an hour before whipping the cream…..makes a big difference

  37. Serin Says:

    I’ve made variants of this with brandy, bourbon ad Fireball whiskey. All of them have been damned amazing.

    Thank you!

  38. RageMaster Says:

    If you have a recipe for it, that’s how I make it. Thanks for making cooking fun again! 🙂

  39. Michela Says:

    Mmmmmm….use Amaretto…

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