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Mar 14

Chicken Bacon Bites

Just a quick note: I’ve been making rolling changes to the recipe based on errors that people have found. Fixed one thing, broke another (missing pineapple juice)… Should be good to go now.



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53 Responses to “Chicken Bacon Bites”

  1. Iz Says:

    Where ya been???

  2. Iz Says:

    Also you said to have published this on march 25 but today is the 24th my good friend

  3. Rev Says:

    Not gonna lie…I’m leaking clear stuff over here.

  4. Amra Says:

    As much as I like bacon man, you have 45kg down there. Fucking great recipe though.

  5. Bob Says:

    I used to make these with just pineapples no chicken, this looks much more better.

  6. christine Says:

    this is great ! for any occasion ! yust finish watching with my mom and she got motivated! <3

  7. Not Charlie Says:

    That ending! Nice job, I really liked the “top gear” style “some say, it might melt your brain”beginning 🙂

  8. somedude Says:

    Where’d that pineapple juice come from?

  9. olie Says:

    How about some bbq or hot sauce on the side for dipping pleasure

  10. What Says:

    Amra, 450g is not 45kg.

  11. zzzzBov Says:

    “Combine the chicken with the pineapple juice”


    You never told me there was pineapple juice? How much pineapple juice? How can I enjoy Odin’s savory delights without knowing how much pineapple juice to use?!

  12. Haley Says:

    It says as the last ingredient, 1 cup of pineapple juice! 🙂

  13. Richard Says:

    Where have you been! We’ve gone through the cookbook and all the recipes on the site and are now starving!

  14. Robert Says:

    Looks awesome. Quick question: do you think those would be good eaten cold, too? I’ve got something coming up where I would have to prepare them the day before, keep them in the fridge and serve them cold the day after, and I won’t have any way to reheat them.

  15. robert Says:


    Check it again, under the section in bold large font “Everything You Need” right most box, clearly says “Pineapple Juice: 1 cup”

  16. SamuraiMujuru Says:

    This is kind of like a heart-stopping creation I made a while back. Wrapped sliced bites of a pineapple brat in bacon and dropped ’em in a deep fryer.

  17. Slava Says:

    would want to use a substitute for the bacon, coz… gross.

  18. Capitol X Says:

    How is this with other juices? Namely orange. I’m not a big pineapple fan but this sounds dope otherwise.

  19. Bryan Says:

    Sounds awesome!

  20. Kittish Says:

    Gross?! Bacon, gross?!? Um… right. *backs away slowly*

    Actually I think I may make these for dinner tomorrow. I’d make them tonight but I’ve already got bbq pulled pork and mac n cheese.

  21. Ashley Says:

    Just made this and I figured I’d immediately share the love it received by everyone. Damned good.

  22. tonya cinnamon Says:

    omg these look so good. Drools.

    Will be making these this weekend 🙂

  23. Kittish Says:

    I made them last night for dinner. Wish I’d taken a pic, they came out so pretty. And yummy! One tip, though. Use thin sliced bacon to wrap your chicken pieces. I used thick sliced and the bacon kind of overwhelmed everything else.

  24. Meaghan Says:

    I have tried this recipe with quail, and it worked wonderfully. Also, people are always impressed with substitutes to chicken (as if it makes anything more difficult).

  25. DrDemenz Says:

    So awesome, made ’em tonight and they came out great. Drizzled the drippings on my pasta salad, so good.

  26. Martin Says:

    These are delicious! Here are my tips.

    1. If you don’t have pineapple juice, mix some lemon juice with water and add some sugar in till it doesn’t taste too sour.

    2. If you don’t have tooth picks, just try to place them seam-side down, so they stay put.

    3. PAY attention to the cooking picture, that wire rack is a must, or else they will get soggy bottoms.

  27. Victoria Says:

    I made these last night and they were very delicious. Thank you!
    I used cheap fatty bacon which fell apart, making wrapping the chicken slightly difficult.

  28. Kylie Says:

    Just had these for dinner – they were AMAZING. They did blow our faces off tho – if you’re not so keen on the spicy I’d recommend dialing back the chilli powder

  29. Zaklog the Great Says:

    I would suggest one small change if you’re still updating this. Add 1 Tbsp table salt (2 if kosher) to the pineapple juice & stir to dissolve. This turns the juice into a brine and makes the chicken juicier & more tender when you cook it.

  30. Gamberino Says:

    How spicy does the chili powder make these?

    I’m wanting to make them and my girlfriend is EXTREMELY sensitive to spicy foods. I would assume the brown sugar nullifies a lot of the spiciness, but I also love spicy foods and have trouble recognizing when something might be too spicy for someone who doesn’t.

  31. Pardryll Says:

    Hate to say this, but the images seem broken

  32. Tingeltangel Tom Says:

    40 minutes is way too long, unless you like your chicken drier than Arica (Chile). You’re making chicken, not baking a cake.

  33. Kittish Says:

    I use 1 or 2 teaspoons of the chili powder when I make them for gaming group, since a couple of folks can’t handle spicy. You can taste the chili powder at that point, but there’s no burn at all. I kick it up when I make them at home, we LIKE spicy.

  34. Raven Says:

    Holy guacamole! I just made these for my family for dinner, and everyone loved them!

  35. Kylie Says:

    Just wondering if these would be suitable to freeze? I’d love to be able to get them all set up and then pop em in the freezer to cook later

  36. Brandon Says:

    Thank you!

  37. Bo Says:

    Stoked to try these!

    You should totally do some buffalo chicken bites or stuffed jalapenos next! Spice things up a bit.

  38. ExtraTitanian Says:

    Just made these. Had a bit of bacon left over so I combined it with the left over pineapple juice and the brown sugar/chili mixture and threw it in a frying pan and fried it. It was a good snack while the rest of it cooked. 😀

  39. Shawna Says:

    Dude…. FYI, WE MISS YOU!

  40. Laura Says:

    I love your comic (and cookbook). Are you going to make another book?

  41. SuperBigMac Says:

    While the recipe is awesome, and I’m gonna try it soon, is there a sub I can put in instead of pineapple juice? (I’m kiiiinda allergic ^^;;)

    Also, you spelled MacGyver wrong. There’s no “u” in MacGyver, only a “y,” as in “why not?”.

  42. Maarten Says:

    You have an amazing skill. It was deelish!

    This is how you get people to cook. Bought the book just to support.

  43. Chicken Bacon Bites | The Om Nom Mom Says:

    […] to do a recipe from Specifically, he begged me to review this recipe of Chicken Bacon Bites aka Heaven on a stick. Personally, I’m a little wary, as I’m not a fan of pineapple, but chicken and bacon […]

  44. Chris Says:

    Hi there! Your recipies are real good/funny/tasty/badass and I have been a viewer for about a 2 years and enjoyed it every strip. I still check for your recipes every two days to see if there is a new one. I am just wondering if you will ever really come back/do more since you stopped after March last year?

    PS Screw the chumps up there telling you your shits not the most mindblowing food since Nutella Sandwiches.

  45. Joel Says:

    Friggin’ awesome! Tried this, -felt my penis move! It was that great!!

  46. RyanP Says:


  47. Thiago Says:

    1 year without a new recipe….. everithing is ok?

  48. Matt Says:

    Come back.. Post more of these, this concept is absolutely awesome.

  49. Rachel Says:

    I made these with mango juice rather than pineapple juice (because it’s what I had on hand) and it’s amazing!

  50. bob my face is burning Says:

    WAAAAAY to much chilli powder otherwise awesome

  51. Abiturab Says:

    Over a year since your last post. Hope everything is ok and you start putting up more fun stuff to do in the kitchen.

  52. Lizrr Says:

    Too much chili powder? I add a little more!

  53. Aiden Says:

    I was somewhat forced to use turkey as a substitute for the chicken, but it was just as awesome.

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