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Nov 15

10 Responses to “The Biscuit Breakdown”

  1. Connie Says:

    Nice. Love me some good biscuits.

  2. Josh L. Says:

    Freezing uncooked biscuits also works well for doling out in smaller batches later. They aren’t quite as good as freshly baked but being able to pop 2-4 in the toaster oven as a side for dinner is great.

    And anyone else, don’t let biscuits intimidate you as he said in the notes! Yes they take practice, yes you are going to have a few crappy batches, but practice makes perfect.

  3. Chad Says:

    This is a definite will try. Aside from the buttermilk, I keep everything on hand–and I’m at altitude too!

  4. Matt Says:

    Pumped you’re back! missed you.

  5. Sior Says:

    Those look so tasty. Must admit I haven’t made fresh biscuits since my college years. And I went to culinary! Just haven’t had a need for it.

    For the record, layered biscuits like these are WAY better (to me) than crumble biscuits. Flaky goodness!

    One thing I will point (to those who read these comments), make sure the butter doesn’t melt. Most won’t have an issue here, but if you’re making it on a hot summer day in the Sonoran desert and the oven is making the kitchen hotter than a TV weather girl, you might get a little too much meltage as you fold and roll the dough. If this happens, just cover it and chill it for 10-15 mins until it cools down a little, then get back to work on making these awesome biscuits!

  6. Sior Says:

    Also, SO glad to have you here in Denver! Altitude adjustments for baking suck… Mostly because I keep forgetting to make them…

  7. Kreistor Says:

    Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

    Re-purposing the sour cream container is not recycling. It’s re-use, which helps more, because it can be recycled later by tossing the wrecked container in the blue bin!

    Making these with claw chowd-ah tonight. Thanks for the idea.

  8. The Chad Says:

    This is pretty much the exact recipe I used last Thanksgiving, and the biscuits turned out fantastic. I LOVE your idea of running the frozen butter through a cheese shredder… I spent damn near 30 min crumbling mine with a knife and fork, and your shredder idea is gonna give the same result for a lot less work. One thing I learned last time, though, is that better ingredients make for better biscuits. I splurged on some finer flour and it was worth it. Another thing is to not overwork the dough after you add the buttermilk… mix until all the ingredients juuust combine and then start folding/rolling as described above. (It also doesn’t hurt to put a dot of butter on top of the biscuits just as they come out of the oven!)

  9. The Chad Says:

    Also, what Josh L commented above. You can freeze the uncooked dough for about a month and bake them as you need them… great for Thanksgiving leftovers or weekend breakfasts!

  10. Coolgeek Says:

    I just made these and they came out amazing. I’ve been making biscuits for a while, but have always used a pastry blender to cut in the butter – NEVER AGAIN! Shredding the buffer made it so much easier and uniform (and a time saver in the morning, since you can do it the night before).

    The one thing I would like to point out is that the weight is wrong for the flour – 120g is the weight of a single cup, so you you really need ~240g of flour. Other than that, everything else was spot on.

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