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Nov 15

9 Responses to “The Standard”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Not a bad Dutch Apple Pie Recipe. Something else worth trying as part of the recipe is boiling the apples in cider before mixing them with the cinnamon and sugar. Really adds a lot of flavor.

  2. dwimber Says:

    Looks great, and I am SO excited to see you are back. Missed your updates, Tyler!

  3. Randy Says:

    So awesome and simple my kids can make this.

  4. Den Says:

    When I was growing up, Mom would use half Apples and half PEARS. Give it a try.

  5. Jamey Says:

    Wow! Butter! Bla bla Paula Dean!

    Ha ha, Never saw that coming, did ‘ya?

  6. Medros Says:

    I got the cookbook for CC but my ex stole it. -_- Thank you for providing recipes to try on the website without having to buy another cookbook!

  7. Ely Says:

    I wish you had a printed version of these, I have to type them up so I can make them or run across the house. 🙁

  8. Bruno Says:

    Made it, and it was a success last weekend!

  9. Richard Says:

    Okay…. How big of a pie is this supposed to make. Being as I need a lot of pie, I doubled the recipe (Wow.. that is A LOT of butter), however, the two 9″ pie crusts I bought where overflowing, with more apples to go (good thing they are delicious on there own). Then the crumble. They were both crushed with crumble, and I still had a bunch left over, which is not as tasty so just went in the bin.

    So… How big are the pie crusts???

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