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Dec 15

16 Responses to “All Week Enchiladas”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    holy shit these look spectacular
    bless you

  2. Ethan Says:

    Oh lord have mercy, I know what I’m going to be eating for the next week! I’m so glad to see you back, I use your cook book all the time, and I was quite sad when you hadn’t posted anything in a year. The world can’t handle losing a chef like you.

  3. Jamey Says:

    What do you call a tiny enchilada?


  4. Honza Says:

    Diced tomatoes with green chilies are not sold around here, how can they be replaced? thanks

  5. Alex Says:

    These were amazing!

    I made a double batch for a dinner that turned into an impromptu party. These go into the recipe book.


  6. Daniel Callahan Says:

    Sweet! Will be making these tonight. Probably gonna sub the chicken with strips of steak, because -steak enchiladas-.

  7. Jim Boelter Says:

    Wonderful column. I just love this format. The enchiladas look great, too, will make this week.

  8. AmyLynn98 Says:

    Hot damn, these were good! I made them for supper tonight and my husband said this recipe is a keeper! 🙂

  9. Shiken Says:

    I’ve never made enchiladas before, since I’m rather picky about what kind I like in restaurants and had no idea how this or that recipe would turn out. I trust all recipes on this site though, and I am so glad I tried this one. I really didn’t expect this to have so MUCH flavor, definitely putting this as one of my favorites.

    My only alterations were: wheat tortillas, green pepper added with the red, a little bit of chipotle pepper with the sauce, and a little more flour than this recipe called for to thicken it up a little more.

    Again, absolutely awesome recipe. and leftovers for daysssssssss.

  10. Robin H Says:

    This recipe is kick ass and can be tweaked so many different ways depending on what I’ve got on hand. The coolest part is the sauce recipe. I now just make my own instead of buying canned. So easy! Thanks!

  11. Nathan F Says:

    I absolutely love this recipe, it was the first one I’ve ever truly made and felt accomplished with. I was staring down the enchilada filling thinking ‘Man, I could just get a bowl and eat this.’ but had to resist the urge.

    Also for anyone who makes this without beans, because either you or your guests do not like them. Reduce the cooktime to 30 minutes, check at 20, then proceed as needed.

  12. Varic Says:

    I made these last week. Not really a fan of tomatoes, so I left those out. I had a can of refried beans and some olives though, so I added the can and a cup of sliced olives. Turned out great. My sauce didn’t reduce down as much as his, but it was still amazing. One tip if you use refried beans, try to curl the top outer edges of the tortillas down, as the beans will expand and try to jump out of the dish if the sides are not tall enough.

  13. John Says:

    I’m not a big fan of the sauce (or maybe I just made a mistake the first time I made it) so I use another recipe, but the filler is fantastic.


    I don’t understand how someone could not be a fan of the sauce. The sauce is spectacular and the best part of this recipe. The enchiladas are very good and can be varied to taste. I have used this recipe many times, with ground beef and chicken. The sauce is always the best part. So much better than canned.

  15. Excludos Says:

    Good recipe. Tho every stage needs salt and pepper, which really should be incorporated into the recipe. The filling will taste somewhat dull otherwise.

  16. Shiken Says:

    Years later and I still make this recipe at least once every couple months. I go for the full medley of red, green, and orange peppers now, and even sneak in a little habanero at times. maybe i go heavy on the sauce, but i tend to need a double batch to cover a full 12 tortillas.

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