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Jan 16

8 Responses to “Chicken Cordon d’Or”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Yum. Looks tasty. Glad these are back on a regular basis. Good work.

  2. Rossy Says:

    OMG… THISSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! *drools*

  3. bbbd Says:

    Everything you do looks delicious and I would love to eat it but as a lactose intolerant it’s jsut a pain that everything you do has dairy in it man!

  4. Randy Says:

    Made this tonight, everyone thought it was awesome!

  5. Jean-Séb Says:

    I would just say that Panko would be an awesome alternative to breadcrumbs…. just sayin’

  6. Kaycee Dragon Says:

    I made this last night and all I can say is wow! I have never made chicken cordon bleu before and this was so easy. The photos made the sauce look a little thicker than I prefer and also didn’t have heavy cream so I used milk which worked just fine for the consistency I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  7. Jamey Says:

    This may be random … but … paprika? I see it all the time listed as “added for color.” I ~think~ it is made from bell? peppers but I’m not sure. Why is paprika in almost everything. For real, go read labels in the store one day, you know, when you have time. It is in everything. So, why is that?

  8. cookiaddi Says:

    i’ll try it… for mothers day n_n
    hope she likes it :3

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